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Movie Clips, Swapping

Flying Saucer Beam


Duplicate Flying Saucer Template

F11 to access library
right click on flying_saucer template
Name: Flying_Saucer_ with Beam


Flying Saucer Hover Up and Down

In Library: Double click the icon next to


flying_saucer Hover. (edit mode)

On Timeline: Place a keyframe (f6) on frame 10
Right click between frames 1 and 10, place a
classic tween.
Place a keyframe (f6) on frame 5
Use the up arrow on keyboard to nudge the saucer
20 spaces

Changing the Lights to Yellow

In Library: Duplicate flying_saucer_light1
Name flying_saucer_light yellow
Double click the icon next to flying_saucer light
yellow (edit mode)
On Timeline: Select frame 11 change the color to
f6 on frame 40
f6 on frame 50
change the color to red > shape tween

Movie Clips, Swapping


Creating The Beam


Scene 1
On Timeline: Label Layer 1 Flying Saucer
Lock layer > Place f6 on frame 50
Add new layer > Label beam
F6 on frame 11
Select Frame 11
On Tool bar: Change stroke to none and fill to
yellow > select rectangle
On Stage: Place a rectangle so it is under the
flying saucer.
F6 on frame 40
F6 on frame 25 > On frame 25
On Tool bar: Select transform tool.
Stretch beam down (hold shift)
Place shape tween between 11-25 and 25 -40

Swapping the Saucers / Lights

Scene 1
Swap Saucers if needed
Unlock Flying Saucer layer
Double click on a light to access edit mode.
(You may have to double click a couple of times)
Select each light: and swap it with Flying
Saucer_light yellow


Check the Animation

Movie Clips, Swapping