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P3O Foundation Essentials

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Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O)

Manual Ref 1.5

The decision enabling and support business model for all business change within an organisation. This will
include single or multiple physical or virtual structures, i.e. offices (permanent and/or temporary), providing a
mix of central and localized functions and services, integration with governance arrangements and the wider
business such as other corporate support functions

Portfolio Management

Manual Ref 1.5

Portfolio Management is a coordinated collection of strategic processes and decisions that together enable
the most effective balance of organisational change and Business As Usual/operations


Manual Ref 1.5

Temporary, flexible organisations created to co-ordinate, direct and oversee the implementation of a set of
related projects and activities in order to deliver outcomes and benefits related to the organisation’s strategic
A Project

Manual Ref 1.5

A temporary organization that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products
according to an agreed Business Case

What a P3O is

Manual Ref 1.6, Table 1.2

A decision enabling/delivery support model
May be a single permanent office, e.g.

Portfolio Office (strategically focused)

Strategy or Business Planning Unit

Centre of Excellence

Enterprise/Corporate Programme Office

May be through a linked set of offices e.g.

Portfolio Office

Programme Offices

Project Offices

Permanent or temporary mix of central & localised services

P3O Definitions within model

Manual Ref Table 1.2

P3O Model

P3O Foundation Essentials

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Organization Portfolio Office

Temporary office to support delivery of specific change initiative being delivered as a

Project Office

Permanent office to support definition & delivery of Portfolio of Programmes & Projects
within department, division, geographical region or business unit

Programme Office

Permanent office to support definition & delivery of Portfolio of Change across entire
organization or enterprise

Hub Portfolio/Programme Office

Total structure in place to deliver Functions & Services across organization or enterprise
through single or multiple offices

Temporary office to support delivery of specific change initiative being delivered as a project

Centre of Excellence (COE)

Portfolio, Programme & Project Mgt standards unit which defines standards, skills & training,
knowledge and provide independent assurance. COE may be part of Portfolio Office or exist
as separate independent unit


Manual Ref 1.5.4

An acronym to describe Portfolio, Programme Project and Risk Management together

Business as Usual

Manual Ref 1.5.4

Things done to keep the Business operating day to day

Audiences & Roles managing a P3O

Manual Ref Table 1.1

Corporate, Portfolio & Senior Management

Senior Responsible Owner, Programme Directors & Programme Managers

Portfolio, Programme & Project Manager

P3O Staff

Roles within P3O, Programme and Project Managers.

Objectives and differences

P3O Foundation Essentials

Manual Ref 1.5, Fig 1.3

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6  Primarily concerned with doing right changes. attract acceptable levels of risk.Relationships between offices & high-level factors Manual Ref Fig 1. whereas Programme & Project Management Office are primarily concerned with doing the change right  Define the right changes as those changes align best to the strategic objectives and.6  Establish structures for programme/project selection  Ensure alignment with strategic objectives / targets  Assess organisational capability / capacity / maturity  Allocate appropriate resources to programmes/projects  Ensure scrutiny & challenge  Identify/manage dependencies between programmes & projects  Resolve resourcing conflicts  Assist identification of threats/opportunities & evaluation of aggregate risks  Monitor progress & ensure successful delivery of programmes & projects  Adopt value management  Achieve value-for-money savings & efficiency gains from programmes & project rationalisation  Ensure portfolio balance to minimise disruption to Business as Usual  Link benefits of change to the performance management structure  Ensure investment in Research & Development activities for long-term organisation survival Programme & Project Offices Manual Ref 1.2 Portfolio Offices Manual Ref 1. at that particular time. complexity. cost & impact on Business as Usual  Usually permanent and align with corporate financial governance structures and decisions o Ideally they should have direct contact with the Senior Management Board P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 3 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 .

1. 1.6.1 Note which questions asked goes with Audience/Roles How Responsibilities evolve with Increasing Maturity  Manual Ref Fig 1. 1. 1.6.8. Manual Ref 1.8.9 Formal decision enablement rules: o Who? o When? o What? To drive appropriate decisions to Main Board level.9 Organizations with mature P3O’s characterised by: P3O & Governance and Control  Manual Ref Table 1. P3O ensures appropriate information: o Escalation o Cascade Decision Enabling via Multiple Offices  Manual Ref 1.9 Establish rules for: o Levels of Plans o Dependency Tracking o Examination & Escalation of: P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 4 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 .1 Examine Table 1.Relationship between Business as Usual & P3RM Interests in P3O     o Effective sponsorship o Accountability o Competent & motivated staff o Quality of leadership o Demonstrated value Organizations with low maturity in P3M3 stand to gain much from a good P3O Model. 1. Manual Ref 1.

1.8.6.o   Risks  Issues  Changes Roll up of Progress Information “One Source of the Truth Right Decision Right Person Right Information” Restraining Decisions  Manual Ref 1.9 Ensure: o o Stage Gates: appropriate  Authority  Sign Off Management Boards have:  Progress Reports  Exception Reports  Options P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 5 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 . 1.

2 Provides : o Assurance.Why Have a P3O? The value of a P3O  Maintains ‘big picture’ understanding of business change  Ensures: Manual Ref 2. understands.2. & manages multiple & cross-cutting risks & issues  Protects revenue & spend  Enhances Value-for-Money  Perhaps an opportunity to define effectively and efficiently  Improves organisational programme & project delivery  Protects reputation & stakeholder confidence Business change Governance support & enablement V&V  Manual Ref 2. coaching & mentoring (of progr. Fig 2. workforce) o Single source reporting function (management dashboards)  Reduces likelihood & impact of events that have negative consequences  Increases likelihood & impact of events that have positive consequences  Improves: o Organisational accountability o Decision-making o Transparency o Visibility  Identifies.1 o Right programmes & projects are launched (decision support) o Consistency of delivery (standards & processes) o Things done well/right 1st time (independent oversight. & proj.2.1 Manual Ref 2. Fig 2. scrutiny & challenge) P3O…  Manual Ref 2.2 Verification o Doing the thing right P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 6 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 .

timely & accurate data  Amalgamating & analysing data to enable quality decision making Holding People to Account  Providing standard role descriptions & Terms of Reference for boards  Providing support.3  Programme & Project success rates relative to capital cost.1 Page 7 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 . Programme & Project life-cycle stages.g.1 Manual Ref Table 2.5. duration. Does the product meet the specification? Validation o Doing the right thing o E. Are we building the right product? Principles for Extracting Value from P3M  Govern effectively  Hold people to account  Prioritise investment. operating cost & benefit realisation  Improved portfolio balance (overall risk. align and adjust to business strategy  Safeguard value  Invest in people and process  Track progress through highlight and exception based reporting P3O Value Matrix Principles for Measuring P3O Success Manual Ref Table 2.o  E.g.2 Manual Ref 2. coaching & training for all levels of role P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Manual Ref Table 2. risks & changes escalated to right level  Providing Stage Gate Review coordination & assurance  Collecting complete.1 Manual Ref Fig 2. strategic alignment & investment type)  Enhanced contribution to strategic objectives Effective Governance  Supporting Senior Responsible Owners & Senior Management  Ensuring issues.

1.5.1 Investing in People & Process Manual Ref Table 2.1. Fig 2. Fig 2.2 Manual Ref 2.1 Manual Ref 2.1  Providing decision support to Senior Management (analysis of options & consequences)  Maintaining portfolio register of all programmes & projects (including ideas in ‘the pipeline’)  Facilitating & supporting pre-programme & pre-project scoping workshops  Providing ‘fast-track’ mobilisation service ensuring scope & plans are aligned to strategic & Business as Usual priorities  Maintaining awareness of upcoming strategy changes. coaching & mentoring approaches for all P3RM roles  Advising on skills & capability assessments and training plans (using OGC P3RM Skills model) Tracking Progress  Providing reporting & exception management service for all levels  Developing management dashboards  Ensuring data collection processes operate correctly Purpose of P3O Matrix Manual Ref Table 2. Providing decision support to Senior Mgt.1  Developing tailored approaches based on OGC guidance  Developing training.1.5.2  Simple tool to assist Senior Managers in determining their core problems and agreeing Value & Scope of the P3O Model  The Matrix considers the three levels of Change Managers How to Assess a P3O  Interview Senior Managers: o Individuals o Groups  Structured Interviews & Workshops  Gather data on Performance  Use Value Matrix  Gather Requirements from Stakeholder Groups. Users with differing Requirements  Manual Ref 2.5. delayed decisions and their impact Safeguarding Value  Supporting the Business Case process  Providing benefits tracking service to programmes & projects  Ensuring a robust & useable measurement process  Ensuring benefits aren’t double-counted Manual Ref Table 2. Fig 2. business issues.2 Programme & Project Managers o Practical hands-on help o Start up support P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 8 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 . (analysis of options & consequences)  Ensuring right decisions escalated to the right people Prioritising Investment Manual Ref Table 2.

3 Portfolio returns right mix of strategically aligned benefits Maintain alignment of P & P with Strategic objectives & targets o P&P stopped when misaligned o Improved decision making Resolve resource contentions & Conflicts o Reduces management overheads o Scarce resources better used Identify & management interdependencies o Reduces delay o Helps prioritise activities Evaluate aggregate level of p & p risk o Influences decisions to start/not start programmes or projects o Informs re-scoping to reduce overall exposure P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 9 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 . “business as usual” happy & functioning Enable maximisation of returns from investment o     Manual Ref 2. increased confidence in investment o “Pet” or rogue projects stopped at initial investment stage gate o Business strategy proved or disproved quickly & cheaply before major investment committed Enable optimisation of organisational investment o Money spent on right P&P. quicker to market. Table 2.3  Reduced benefits loss. 2. Other Support Business Units o   Information flows may be necessary Customer/User Community o Need to be reassured change will happen with least disruption to Business As Usual o Delivered capability will generate benefits they require Suppliers o Provide a central point of contact for supplier relationship o Manage forward view of requirements to ensure timely provision of external staff & services.% decrease in cost overruns on programmes and projects % increase in actual portfolio benefits delivered (rather than planned Capability and Linked Benefits    Enable selection of right programmes & projects (P&P) o Reduced risk.6. Example of Key Performance Indicators for Measuring P3O Success Manual Ref 2.5. focus on strategic returns & regulatory or “must do” P&P o Balanced portfolio.% increase in number of programmes and projects delivering to time  Predictability of cost . benefits)  Fewer programmes and projects started for the wrong reasons – number of projects stopped  Organisational P3RM Maturity level of 3 (or more) by target date  Predictability of delivery .  o Consistent standards & language o Deliver resources Senior Managers o Prudent investment & strategy realisation at Portfolio level o Timely & concise information to make investment decisions. growth ensured.6.1. quicker starts.

 Monitor progress of p & p against key outcomes o  Ensure outcomes of one programme or project do not negate outcomes of another o  Ensure successful delivery Achieve value for money & efficiency gains from programme rationalization Able to co-ordinate change control o Offers opportunity to ‘bundle’ related Requests for Change P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 10 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 .

3. Fig 3.3. Table 3.1 Organization Portfolio Office model Manual Ref 3.1 Specific divisions P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 11 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 .1  Organisation Portfolio Office Model  Hub and Spoke Model  Temporary Office Model  Virtual Office Model  Small Organisation Model Organisation Portfolio Office Model  Single permanent organisation level  Focussed on:  o Strategic portfolio support o Planning o Delivery support o COE functions Manual Ref Table 3.Models and Tailoring Functional Areas  Strategic Planning or Portfolio Support functions/services  Delivery Support functions/services  Centre of Excellence (COE) functions/services Manual Ref 3.2.1 Temporary programme and project offices set up for new initiatives Hub and Spoke Model  Large organisation  Multiple Decentralised Permanent Hub Portfolio Offices.1 P3O Models Manual Ref 3. serving o Manual Ref Table 3.2.

issues.2 Fig 3.2 Fig 3.4 Supporting delivery of change. or o Internal programme or project consultants.1.2 Fig 3.1.1 Manual Ref 3. 3. 3. or  Single individual  Usually focussed on: o Consistency of methods o Training Manual Ref Table 3.1  No Permanent Office exists  Temporary Programme and Project Offices (or individuals with support skills) set up for new initiatives Virtual Office Model  No physical Central Office  Functions carried out by business or functional units Manual Ref Table 3. 3.o Geographical regions o Business units. changes & information  Provision of oversight.4 Development of: o Standard methods o Processes o Consistent working practices o Ensuring their appropriate deployment P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 12 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 . scrutiny & challenge Delivery Support Functions/Services  Manual Ref 3. departments or functions Temporary Office Model Manual Ref Table 3.4 Manual Ref 3.5. or o Professional programme or project managers temporarily deployed COE Functions/Services  Manual Ref 3.1 Information Assurance (IA)  Main Concepts: o Confidentiality (access based on need & authority) o Integrity (only changed by correct authority) o Availability (when & where needed by the business) Strategic Planning/Portfolio Support Functions or Services  Supporting management decision making  Alignment with strategy  Prioritisation  Benefits realisation management  Management dashboards reporting  Support for escalated risks. using o Central flexible staff resource pool (permanent or contracted) o Programme or project support personnel.1.1 Small Organisation Model  Very small office.

3.g.4. 3.2.3  Greatest value added by reporting to a main board director.5. Capability Support through o Training and coaching o Internal consultancy o Knowledge management o Tools support o Independent assurance Key Features to Consider  Centralised vs De-centralised  Permanent vs Temporary  Physical vs Virtual Manual Ref 3. size & value?  Size & capabilities of the organisation?  Permanent or temporary facility?  Business vision & drivers to be serviced? Definition of Assurance Manual Ref 3.7 Manual Ref 3. Fig 3. number of programmes or single programme?  Characteristics of the programme. strategy director or business change director  Portfolio Office should report into:  o Chief Executive Officer (CEO). including Business Planning P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 13 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 .2.4. Definition of Governance  Enabling/challenging programme & project data  Scrutinising impact of programme & project delivery on BAU Manual Ref All the systematic actions necessary to provide confidence that the target is appropriate Appropriateness defined subjectively or objectively in different circumstances Assurance has level of independence.4. decentralised & aligned to a Division/Department. or o Chief Information Officer (CIO) If a Hub. 3.5 Interacts with organisational functions e.4. o Strategy Development and Management. Glossary Functions & Services  Non-P3RM: o Secretariat service to management boards o Travel & accommodation arrangements o Liaison with procurement functions Integrating the P3O in an Organisation  Manual Ref 3. or o Chief Operating Officer (COO). 3.4. or o Chief Financial Officer (CFO).2 P3O Reporting Lines Manual Ref 3. it should report into a Divisional Director Main Sizing & Tailoring Considerations  Servicing a portfolio.5 Manual Ref 3.

including Bid Management o Finance o Corporate Risk Management o Corporate Information Security o Audit o Quality o Business operations Purpose of Information Assurance & application in P3O   Manual Ref 3.4 Page 14 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 . 3. change. establishing policy & standards (e.1 Main Concepts: o Confidentiality (access based on need & authority) o Integrity (only changed by correct authority) o Availability (when & where needed by the business) P3O Role: o Providing IA-related resources & management functions o Assessment of IA requirements at project initiation o At portfolio & programme level. setting IA objectives.5.2.o IT Service Management [Release. Fig 3.g. configuration etc] o HR o Marketing / Public Relations o Procurement / Purchasing / Commercial. ISO 27000 series) Relationships between High-level functions P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Manual Ref 3.1.

3.1 Manual Ref Fig 4.4 Page 15 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 . Fig 4.Implement & Re-energise Processes of Permanent P3O lifecycle P3M3 Perspectives P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Manual Ref 4.

1.3. programme & project organisation/governance decision-making)  Tools & Techniques (to support P3O business processes & information flows)  Information Flows (Reports – names & recipients)  Operational costs and performance levels Defined process to implement Manual Ref 4.2  Recommended the Implementation of P3O Model is run at least as a Project but preferably as a Programme with appropriate governance  P3O Implementation may simply be managed as a series of small business changes.4  Processes (functions & services – app F)  Organisation (align to portfolio.9.8  Implement or transition new or enhanced P3O capability  Conduct periodic reviews and to learn lessons  Integrate with business planning cycles  Formal closure of the Programme to Implement a P3O.4 o Upward – Project or Programme Boards o Inward – Project or programme team members o Outward – Suppliers.P3O Temporary Model Lifecycle  Defined specifically for a finite lifecycle  More focussed set of stakeholders:  Manual Ref 4.1 Risk .5 – 4. Fig 4. being delivered as part of Business as Usual Key Activities in the ‘Definition’ Stage  Team .2.Develop the P3O Blueprint  Benefits – Develop:  o Business Case o Benefits Profiles o Benefits Management Strategy Manual Ref 4. 4. Requirements determined by: o Size o Scale o Complexity of the programme or project to be supported The Blueprint Manual Ref 4. o Stakeholder Engagement Strategy o Communications Plan  Blueprint . and post-implementation/benefits review P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 16 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 .3.Develop: o Risk Register o Risk Management Strategy Key Activities in the ‘Deliver’ Stage Manual Ref 4.Establish the Team  Vision . permanent portfolio office or COE corporate support functions etc.Refine the Vision Statement  Stakeholder – Develop: o Stakeholder Analysis.

1 Report Name Recipient Content Portfolio Level Portfolio Report Management Dashboard with supporting papers. and specifying significant assurance-related risks or issues for programmes and projects within the business unit Business Unit Senior Manager P3O Business Unit Portfolio and Risk Issue Papers Resolving portfolio conflicts within the business unit Business Unit P3O Benefit Reviews Significant assurance related risks or issues for programmes and projects within the business unit Business Unit Senior Manager Senior Manager Project Level Project Mandates P3O Project Business Case Project Executive P3O Highlight and Exception Reports Project Executive P3O End Project Report Project Executive Post -Project Report Business Unit Manager Risk and Issues Project Executive P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 17 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 .4  Closure Activities  Recycling  Temporary Office as a Trial  Building and Redeploying Resources and Competencies Information flows within a P3O Model Manual Ref 4. Table 4.4. including Benefits reviews Senior Manager Portfolio Risk and Issue Papers Resolving Portfolio conflicts across the business units and specifying significant assurance related risks or issues for programmes or projects Senior Manager Escalated Project and Programme Risks and Issue Papers Senior Management Mission Critical Business Cases Portfolio Board (through Portfolio Director) Operational Business Plans Strategy Group P3O Programme Level Business Unit Portfolio Report Management Dashboard supporting papers and Business Unit Senior Manager P3O Business Unit Senior Manager Escalated Project and Programme Business Unit Business Unit Portfolio Risk Issue Papers Resolving portfolio conflicts within the business unit.3. 4.3.Closing a Temporary Office Manual Ref 4. Fig 4.4.

9.9 – 4.5 Designed specifically for a finite lifecycle with a more focused set of Stakeholders consisting of: o Upward – Programme or project Boards o Inward – Programme or Project Team members o Outward – Suppliers. permanent Portfolio Office or COE.9.5 Design and establish the temporary Programme or Project Office team Running a Temporary Office  Manual Ref 4. Developing the Blueprint  Identify current Issues with P3O  Carryout P3M3 Assessment  Review P3O Models  Describe Future State P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Manual Ref 4.9 – 4.9. temporary Programme or Project Offices may be established to support at start-up. corporate support functions etc.9.Transition Level Benefit Profiles Business Unit Programme office P3O Transition Plan Project Executive P3O Organizational Context Manual Ref 4. at delivery & through to closure Definition of Start-up of Temporary Office Manual Ref 4.5 Page 18 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 .9 – 4.5 As new Programmes and Projects are lunched.9 – 4.

)  May be multiple installations across the organisation  Generally one-to-one (i. Mgr. 5.2.5 Enterprise P3RM software distributed across an entire organisation Standard Techniques for the P3O May Exist Manual Ref 5. one business change initiative to one user)  Examples: o Word processing o Spreadsheets o Project planning software Manual Ref 5.2.Tools & Techniques Individual Use  Only one person using the tool (usually the Proj.6.2.5  Multiple people accessing single set of information through a tool  May be multiple installations across the organisation  Generally one-to-many (i.2. 5. one business change initiative to multiple users)  Examples: o Web-based portals o Applications that share information through a centralised server Integrated Use  Multiple people accessing multiple sets of information through a tool  Generally single installation across the organisation  Partitions for business change initiatives  Ability to link information hierarchically  Multiple business change-to-multiple users  Example: o Manual Ref 5.5 Collaborative Use Manual Ref 5.1 Categorises or force-ranks by discussion the programmes & projects within a portfolio on measures such as: o Strategic alignment o Risk o Complexity o Business benefits o Cost o Profit & loss impact o Return on Investment P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 19 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 .e.e. 5.5  Within corporate or P3O standards and policies  As examples of good practice in knowledge repositories  With project and programme resources through skills transfer or coaching by the P3O  Within guides for the use of P3RM templates and standard deliverables  Through communication of approaches at P3RM communities of practice or forums Portfolio Prioritisation and Optimisation  Manual Ref 5. 5.

6.4 Easy access to data by P3RM community Key Benefit o Easier access to key information by all levels  Compared with Policy Guides & Handbooks Facilitated Workshops Manual Ref Links to allow drilling down to detail Key Benefit o Sifts information to show decision-makers where attention & intervention required Knowledge Management Manual Ref 5.6.5 Workshop Name Purpose Stage Business Solution Brainstorm options and consider options for programme or project solution Initiation Portfolio Priorities Identify strategic drivers investment objectives Portfolio Prioritisation Process or Force rank each objective by asking ‘Is strategic objective a more important or less important P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 20 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 .3  Managing knowledge and learning from change are keys to success in a change management culture  Can be embedded in the culture by: o Case studies o Programme & Project Management Forum o Lessons Learned Workshops o Archiving of PPP good practice o External Knowledge Network P3O Information Portal  Objective o  Manual Ref 5.  Key Benefits o Supports investment decisions o Determines how a programme/project aligns with strategic objectives Significance: o  Determines where investment should be directed Failure leads to: o Projects trying to deliver at same time using the same resources o Increased risk of non-delivery Management Dashboards  Objective o  Provide key decision support information across portfolio Composition o Highlights & Exception Reporting o Rolled-up View   Manual Ref 5.

organisation. programme/project manager. timescales. risks. etc. scope.than B?’ Repeat against objectives Programme/ project start-up all strategic Brainstorm programme or project objectives. tools and information Programme Definition stage P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA the Periodically throughout the lifecycle in line with tranches or significant change control Page 21 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 . dependencies. Start Up stage Early Initiation/Definition Attended by Board members. prospective team members Benefits modelling Identification and Involves identifying planned benefits & determining the dependency network Definition Stage – when key benefits are determined Collect input for Benefit Profile Information Stakeholder identification communications planning Risk Identification Assessment and and To identify key stakeholders Understand their influence and impact upon and by the programme or project Risk Any time throughout programme or project the Start – up and Initiation Stages of a project The initial stakeholder identification stage may be followed by planning key communications Definition stage of a programme or tranche To identify threats opportunities to the activities Any time throughout programme or project Assess session those risks in and open Assign owners and actions Planning the Start – up and Initiation Stages of a project Definition stage of a programme or tranche Any time throughout programme or project the Start – up and Initiation Stages of a project Definition stage of a programme or tranche Problem Solving To resolve issues & generate solutions Any time To consider options for assessing change requests or exceptions Lessons Learned To brainstorm all lessons learned from a programme or project At Closure or Stage End Training To maintain the appropriate level of skills required to achieve outputs and outcomes Anytime throughout programme or project Blueprinting To translate the vision into how it will impact the Organisation’s business model in terms of its processes.

6.Managing a view as a programme progresses Skills Development & Maintenance  Objective o Ensure appropriate competencies are available across organisation    Manual Ref 5. programme or portfolio requirements Key Inputs o Skills Assessment Framework o Skills Assessment & Accreditation Process Key Benefits o Ensure resources allocated to P3RM roles  o With appropriate skill Allows individuals to understand  Current Skills  Development Opportunities Business Process Swimlanes   Manual Ref 5.9 To deliver to plans & realize benefits Key benefit o Assures quality of decision support information being provided to the P3O P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 22 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 .6.6. Gated Reviews & Healthchecks  Objective o Check quality of decision support information being provided to P3O for amalgamated reporting o Ensure programmes & projects remain on track   Manual Ref 5.6.6 To match project.7 Objective o Document Business Processes  Appropriate Linkages  Agreed Accountabilities Key Benefits o Provide “repeatable processes”  o For Capability Maturity Set process baselines  Continuous Improvement through Lessons Learned Capacity Planning for Resource Management  Portfolio Objective o Understand:   o  Manual Ref 5.8 Resource capacity & Competency Supply & demand levels Take action to match Key Benefit o Reduces project & programme delivery barriers Assurance.

analysing and reporting information Rationalisation of Legacy systems o Integrated P3O tools may allow rationalisation of a number of disparate systems Critical Success Factors  Manual Ref 5. approvals & governance mechanisms o Integration of business processes with organisation components & information flows Improved timeliness of Decision Support Information o Reduced cycle times for collecting decision support information o Improved response time to potential delivery barriers o Opportunity for higher project throughput o Structured way to gather information Improved quality of Decision Support Information o Automatic validation of information against embedded corporate or P3O standards o Audited business rules around the information compared to manual unaudited processes o Reallocation of manual processing time to assessing and improving information quality o Structured way to gather information and set expectations for decision support information requirements o Automated ways of assessing health of decision support information for centrally stored information Improved Decision Making o Integration of data into central repositories.3 of cross-project or programme information o Ability to automate Highlight & Exception views of information o Structured ways to assess information and make more objective decisions o Improved capability to undertake “what-if” analysis on the decision support information Improved Management across geography o Through connectivity that allows improved collaboration between project or programme team members Improved Staff Competencies o Skills transfer of structured ways of gathering.4 Focus on adding value to the organisation rather than on the features of the tool P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 23 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 .Tailoring of Approaches  Manual Ref 5.5 A single unit. printing and distribution Improved compliance to Business Processes o Automation of workflows.2.7 Objective o Ensure proposed project or programme objectively assessed o So Governance Path & Requirements applied are fit-for-purpose Project Complexity Modelling  Manual Ref 5.7.1 Scaling project & programme Governance Paths & Requirements o Objective  Provide appropriate level of governance to project or programme  Once complexity determined Delivered by   Manual Ref 5. providing higher visibility & analysis     Manual Ref 5. or Distributed across the organisation in a standard way via the P3O model 8 Key Strategic Benefits      Automation of Business Processes o Reduces staff requirements to operate P3O functions and services o Reduces the overhead on project delivery teams for P3O business process requirements o Eliminates or reduces the need for manual data collection. amalgamation. 5.

4 The maturity of the P3O If the P3O is not mature there is a high probability that the software will only complicate the situation and should not be used The software must meet the needs of P3O business processes and not vice versa P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 24 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 .      Match the sophistication of the tools and techniques to the capability maturity of the organisation Need for project and programme standardisation and data quality Understand the intent of the tool or technique Implement tools as part of an organizational change effort Maximise successful project and programme delivery through incremental implementation of tools Agree tool ownership within the organisation Critical Considerations before Implementation    Manual Ref 5.

3.6 & 7 Enough staff with right skills for programmes & projects used efficiently Risk o Effective processes for PPP management. Table 3. access to risk information. their roll-out and monitoring Programme or Project Officer (or Co-ordinator or Administrator) o Collects & maintains data in a consistent form Functional Roles   o Custodian of all master copies (CM) o Linked to Change Control and Issue roles Consultancy & Performance Management    o Processes to identify.6.Roles Management & Generic Roles  P3O Sponsor o  Facilitates the development and ongoing management of an optimised portfolio Programme or Project Specialist (Internal Consultant) o  Establishes and runs the temporary office Portfolio Analyst o  Establishes and runs the office Head of Programme or Project Office (Temporary Office) o  Directs and champions the establishment and evolving operation of the P3O Head of P3O (Permanent Office) o  Promotes programme and project management methods.6 & 7 Benefits o  Manual Ref App A. Table 3. monitor & deliver changes o Linked to Information Management and Issue roles Planning o Facilitates the development & maintenance of portfolio. programme or project & financial control Issue o  Internal consultancy & P3RM expertise Finance o  Ensures a stakeholder analysis is created & maintained. creates Communication Plan Information Management o  Ensures that practices & decisions meet standards & offer ‘value for money’ Communications & Stakeholder Engagement o  Provides benefits realisation support Commercial o  Manual Ref App A. deals with risks P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 25 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 . programme or project plan Quality Assurance New products or services are fit for purpose & capable of delivering the required benefits Resource Management o  Timely funding for portfolio. monitor & resolve issues o Linked to Information Management and Change Control roles Change Control o Processes to identify.6. 3.

overview & scrutiny. collates data & generates reports PPP administrative support Tools expert o Software tool expert. challenge & agree Management Dashboards Establish access to policy & strategic information Scan horizon for potential policy changes Provide strategic oversight support for Portfolio Board Establish framework agreements for roll-out & maintenance of organization-wide P3RM Act as owner of Programme & Project Frameworks Advise on tailoring templates & procedures Keep abreast & evaluate effectiveness of new Project Mgt Tools & Techniques. ensuring alignment with wider policy & strategic initiatives Manage key strategic risks Ensure evolving business needs & issues are addressed effectively Head of P3O Responsibilities                   Manual Ref App A Develop & Implement terms of reference for COE. Reporting o  Secretariat/Admin o  Service to PPP. Head of Programme (or Project) Office (Temporary Office) Responsibilities              Manual Ref App A Develop & Implement terms of reference Work with Business Lead/SRO and Programme Manager to define & implement Governance Framework Create strategies for effective planning. training & coaching to PPP P3O Sponsor Responsibilities       Manual Ref App A Provide leadership by articulating Outcomes & energising people Secure investment to Implement or Re-energise a P3O Work in partnership with Senior Managers in business areas to identify how P3O could assist in delivery of Change Portfolio Provide strategic challenge. Provide on-going health check of Programme or Project Report progress to Programme (Project) Manager and Board Facilitate end-of-tranche reviews & benefits reviews Set up access to policy & strategic information P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 26 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 . monitoring & delivery Support overall integrity & coherence Support Programme/Project Manager in sanctioning Projects for Programmes Support Programme/Project Manager in ensuring existing initiatives and Projects are effectively adopted Support Programme /Project Manager in agreeing Project closure Maintain close relationships with key Programmes to ensure no overlaps Identify dependencies amongst the Programme. Portfolio Office or Hub Programme Office Ensure Portfolio delivers strategy Ensure Portfolio activities contribute to bottom-line value of organization & delivery of benefits Recruit & develop Work with Senior Business Managers/Directors to implement Create strategies for effective planning Assure overall integrity & coherence Support Strategy Director Maintain close relationships with key business initiatives. Provide an on-going health check of Portfolio /Programmes Design.

Programme or Project Officer Responsibilities        Manual Ref App A Implement guidelines. Portfolio Analyst Responsibilities                      Manual Ref App A Provide strategic overview of all Programmes. procedures & templates Facilitate creation & update of Programme or project plans Implement agreed regular progress-reporting mechanisms for all Projects Establish & maintain Information Management system Establish Risk. one-to-one reviews & evaluation Responsible for workload management of Team & prioritisation of Ad Hoc work requests.    Help to analyse poor Implementation & Ideas Provide strategic oversight to SRO when policy or strategy changes Responsible for team objectives. Review completed Programmes & Projects Evaluate effectiveness of new Programmes & Project Mgt Tools and Techniques Carry Health checks on Programmes or Projects Design & support Governance/Reporting Build & maintain a register of P3RM events Provide central coordination point for change management training Build & maintain repository of good examples of Programme and Project documentation Build & maintain library of resources. Programme or Project Specialist Responsibilities                Manual Ref App A Provide centre of expertise & develop consistent standards and procedures Provide focal point to promote use of benefits Coordinate information about how Programmes & Projects run standard Management method Provide specialist high-level planning skills Provide advice & assistance for appointment of delegated Programme/Project Assurance Provide briefings to Programme/Project Board members & Assurance staff on their Roles and Responsibilities Provide fast-track Programme/Project mobilisation support service through collaborative working. Projects & Interdependencies Analyse Portfolio & make recommendations on Programme/Project mix Balance/Optimise Portfolio Evaluate & help to implement process improvements Develop & manage prioritisation model Develop. Provide strategic overview of all Programmes. maintain & provide expert assistance to commissioning process Facilitate Governance/Portfolio meetings Develop & maintain Management Dashboard Initiate reviews of Post-Programme & Post-Project evaluation reports Develop & maintain Portfolio Plan. Projects & Interdependencies Analyse Portfolio & make recommendations on Programme/Project mix Balance/Optimise Portfolio Evaluate & help to implement process improvements Develop & manage prioritisation model Develop. maintain & provide expert assistance to commissioning process Facilitate Governance/Portfolio meetings Develop & maintain Management Dashboard Initiate reviews of Post-Programme & Post-Project evaluation reports Develop & maintain Portfolio Plan Provide support/information to business planning. Issue & Change Control processes and templates Manage or facilitate quality review process for Programmes or Projects Provide a coordination/administration service to Programme or Project. P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 27 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 .

mentoring.g. & credibility o Investment in high-calibre individuals is required Important to have skilled people to: o o Interpret & challenge data Make necessary recommendations to decision-makers P3O Foundation Essentials © AFA Page 28 Saved: 08/07/2011 14:13:00 . o Functional competencies (finance. e. o Good at detailed work o “People” people o Strong inter-personal & coaching skills o Good P3RM skills and competencies o Generic business skills..1 Match roles to individuals’ strengths. competencies.6.Staffing a P3O Office    Manual Ref 3. o Facilitation & presentation skills o Ability to be pragmatic Other Considerations: o P3O is a career path in its own right o Qualifications need to be encouraged in order to improve skills. commercial) o Generic personal skills such as coaching.