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The student is “jointly” enrolled in high school and in college. The student earns college credits as well as high school credits needed for graduation.WHAT IS MOVE ON WHEN READY? The MOWR program is an opportunity for qualified high school students to earn college credits. . The student can be a full time or part time college student.

or technical college in Georgia. . private college.WHERE CAN I ATTEND? A student may apply to attend any participating public college.

WHAT ABOUT TRANSFER CREDIT? It is the student’s responsibility to talk with colleges regarding their policies on accepting transfer credit. .

The grade received on the exam counts 20% of the student's final H.S. A = 95 B = 85 C = 77 D = 72 F = 55  If a state exam is required for a course taken at college (ie. are added to Georgia Tech –Calculus II). it could jeopardize graduation!  No points are added to the final grade (exception – 10 pts. grade. Economics). . the high school will transcribe the letter grade to the midpoint of the grading scale. the student must return to the high school and complete the exam.  If the student fails a class.HOW DOES GRADING WORK?  If colleges provide the high school with letter grades.  All MOWR classes are included on the high school transcript.

They will not count toward fourth science requirement.GRADE CONVERSON 1 . 5 HS credit.0 HS credit.2 semester hour college classes = . .5 semester hour college classes = 1. ► 3 . ► Note: Science labs will receive .5 HS credit and will count toward elective credit.

• Many colleges prefer a different curriculum path (i. CONS • Students must keep up with important Junior/Senior High School information. AP classes). • Colleges will not communicate with parents of MOWR students.WHAT ARE THE PROS AND CONS? PROS • Students get a free head start on college. .e.

.  Students must have all schedule changes approved by the MOWR Coordinator.  Holidays such as Spring Break may be different from the Gwinnett County holidays. The college will not speak with a parent or the MOWR Coordinator regarding the student.BE AWARE!!!  A student must meet the entrance requirements of the college.  The student is responsible for ALL interaction with the college.  It is the student’s responsibility to register for the correct classes as advised by the MOWR Coordinator.

11th or 12th grader No residency or citizenship requirement Must be admitted to postsecondary institution Cannot be graduated already Advisement form signed by student and parent Eligible for summer study .MOWR REQUIREMENTS TO PARTICIPATE All students attending eligible public or private high schools or a home student program Must be classified as a 9th. 10th.

This form must accompany the student’s college application and transcript. ____3. ____4. Attend a Parent/Student Information Meeting. Apply to and be accepted by the college/ university of your choice. . Complete the Advisement/Contact Form & GCPS MOWR Permission Form. ____2.HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE MOWR Policies and Procedures The following steps should be followed if you are planning to participate in the MOWR Program: ____1. Complete the College’s Parent Permission Form.

Policies and Procedures ____5. After receiving your acceptance from the college/university. ____6. . Meet with your college advisor to set your college schedule. ____8. ____7. contact your MOWR Coordinator. Complete Part I of the online MOWR application. Meet with your High School Counselor and complete the Senior Application for Graduation or credit check.

____10. At the end of the semester. provide a copy of your college/university grades and an official transcript to your MOWR Coordinator in a timely manner.Policies and Procedures ____9. . Verify if GA Milestone exam is required for any college course you are taking and report to the high school at the designated time to take the exam(s). *Repeat steps 6 – 10 for all semesters of participation.