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What is CTAE?

Todays cutting-edge, rigorous and relevant CTAE

programs prepare youth for a wide range of highwage, high-skill, and high-demand careers.

CTAE is an abbreviation for Career,

Technical and Agricultural Education-formerly referred to as vocational education
and career/technology education.
Although the national term is Career and
Technical Education, Georgias has formally
incorporated Agricultural Education into the
state-wide department model.
CTAE provides students with academic skills
and real-world experiences for whatever
they choose to do after high school
graduation. The aim of the department is to
show students the relevance of what they
are learning in the classroom, whether they
want to attend a two-year college, a fouryear university, train in a specific trade, or go
straight into the world of work.
In addition to coursework, students are also
encouraged to join Career and Technical
Student Organizations (CTSOs) that align
with their course content. CTSOs provide the
opportunity for students to enhance their
occupational, employability, and leadership
skills through various activities such as
conferences, award programs, service
projects, and competitive events that are
organized on the local, state, and national
Upon completion of a CTAE pathway,
students will be afforded the opportunity to
earn an industry recognized credential that
aligns with their program of study.

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North Atlanta High School CTAE

Atlanta Public Schools CTAE

Career, Technical &

Education (CTAE)

Georgia Department of Education CTAE
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
Skills USA

CTAE Department Staff

Mr. Louis Alfred
Ms. Lorraine Bowen
Mrs. Tiffany Edmond
Mrs. Dwionne Freeman, CTAE Department Chair
Mrs. Shirley Guiteau
Ms. Joelena Moore
Mr. Andre Regan

North Atlanta High School

4111 Northside Parkway, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30327

A/V Technology & Film


Business & Technology


Prepares students to design, produce, exhibit, write,

and publish multi-media content in audio/video
technology, and film production.

Prepares students for careers in planning, organizing,

directing, and evaluating business functions essential
to efficient and productive business operations.

Course Sequence

Course Sequence

10.51810 - Audio-Video Technology and Film

10.51910 - Audio-Video Technology and Film II
10.52010 - Audio-Video Technology and Film III

07.44130 - Introduction to Business & Technology

07.44100 - Business and Technology
07.45100 - Business Communications SY16-17

Potential Careers Broadcast Technicians, Camera

Operators, Sound Engineering Technicians, Technical
Directors/Managers, and many more!

Potential Careers Administrative Services Managers,

Database Administrators, Management Analysts,
Legal or Medical Secretaries, and many more!

Industry Credential: Adobe Certified Associate:


Industry Credential: Microsoft Office Specialist in

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and/or Access.

CTSO: Skills USA

CTSO: Future Business Leaders of America

Graphic Design
Prepares students to design, produce, exhibit, write,
and publish multi-media content
in graphic design

Course Sequence
48.56100 - Introduction to Graphics and Design
48.56200 - Graphic Design and Production SY16-17
48.52800 - Advanced Graphic Design SY17-18
Potential Careers Graphic Designers, Desktop
Publishers, Commercial & Industrial Designers,
Multimedia Artists & Animators, and many more!
Industry Credential: Adobe Certified Associate:
PhotoShop, InDesign, and/or Illustrator
CTSO: Skills USA

Web & Digital Design

Prepares students to design, develop, support and
manage multimedia, and systems
integration services.

Course Sequence
11.41500 - Introduction to Digital Technology
11.45100 - Digital Design SY16-17
11.45200 - Web Design SY17-18
Potential Careers Web Developers,
Computer System Analysts or Engineers, Software
Developers, and many more!
Industry Credential: WC3, and/or Adobe Certified
Associate: Dreamweaver or Flash
CTSO: Future Business Leaders of America

Work-Based Learning
The Work-Based Learning (WBL)
program is a structured experience
that connects the students career
goal and classroom learning with a
productive work environment. Work-Based Learning
includes student placements that may be paid or
unpaid positions. Students in Work-Based Learning are
classified in one of four ways according to the
alignment of their career-tech coursework with job
placement and future postsecondary/ career plans:
Youth Apprenticeship (YAP), Internship, Cooperative
Education (Co-op), and Employability Skills
Development (ESD). Students must be pathway
completers or enrolled in the third course of the
pathway to be eligible for the program. For more
information, please contact the WBL Coordinator at

CTAE Electives

The following courses are CTAE electives that

are not pathway courses:
Accounting I
Using financial information, students will learn how to
make decisions about planning, organizing, and
allocating resources using accounting procedures.
IB Business & Management
This course is designed to develop students knowledge
and understanding of business management theories,
as well as their ability to apply a range of tools and
IB Film
Through the study and analysis of film texts and
exercises in film-making, this course explores film history,
theory and socio-economic background.
Webpage Design
This course will equip students will the skills to plan,
design, and create a professional looking web site.