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15-second question

1. Quadrilateral ABCD is inscribed in a circle. If


, what is

? [85 degrees]

2. The value of a certain ancient artifact appreciates 10% every year. Two years ago, its values was
set at 500,000 pesos. How much is the artifact now? [P 605,000]
3. Find the real roots of the equation
4. In


? [-1/2,0]

, if


, what is

? [40 degress]

5. If x is 10% o fy, and y is 40% of z, then z is how many percent of x? [2500%]

6. In a class of 40 students, 20 have brothers, 15 have sisters, and 5 have both brothers and sisters.
How many students in the class are single child in the family? [10]
7. In the graph of

, for what values of x is the graph situated above the x-axis? [ x>0]

8. A demograher predicts that the population of a country t years from now can be modeled by the

. Using this model, after how many years will the current population

double? [30]
9. if

, what is

in terms of a? [2a/3]

10. What is the remainder when

is divided by

? [7/4]

30-second questions
1. In a circle centerred at (1,-1), one endpoint of a diameter lies at (4,2). Find the coordinates of the
other endpoint of this diameter? [(-2,4)]
2. Factor completely the expression

over the set of real numbers. [x(2x+1)

3. The first three terms of an arithmetic sequence are

, and

. What is the fifth term

of the sequence? [30]

4. If

, what is

? [17]

5. 5 points are on the coordinate of plane, no three of which are collinear. How many polygons can
be drawn with these points as vertices? [16]

1-minute question
1. Let f be a quadratic function such that f(-1)=0, and f(0)=f(1)=-8. What is f(3)? [16]
2. Find the number of permutations of letters of the word CHALLENGE. Evaluate factorials in your
answer. [90,720]
3. Find all x between 0 degrees and 90 degrees such that

[30 degrees,

45 degrees]
4. Three vertices of a parallelogram are (0,0), (4,0), and (1,3). Find the coordinates of the fourth
vertex so that the resulting parallelogram has the largest possible perimeter. [(-3,3)]
5. If


, find the values of

and . [(2,2,3)]

15-second quesition
1. What is the sum of all multiples of 4 between 10 and 30? [100]
2. Let ABC be an acute triangle inscribed in a circle with center O. If

, what is angle

ABC? [57 degrees]

3. In rolling a pair of dice, what is the probability of getting a sum of 5? [1/9]
4. If 5 arithmetic means are inserted between -15 and 9, what is the largest of such means? [5]
5. Factor completely the expression

. [x(x+1)(2x+3)]

6. If 9^x=10, what is 27^{2x}? [1000]

7. Solve for x in the inequality (2x+5)^2\sqrt{5x}-1\le 0 [-5/2, 1/5]
8. The first term of a geometric sequence is 32, and its common ratio is 2. What is the 5th term? [3]
9. If (x-2) is a factor of

, what is k? [-3]

10. A snail crawls 16 meters on the first hour, 12 meters on the second hour, and every succeeding
hour, it crawls only 3/4 the distance it crawled the previous hour. Can it reach a total distance of 60
meters from where it started after a finite number of hours? [YES]

30-second question
1. In an investment that promises a rate of 10% compounded annually, how much are you going to
invest now in order to receive Php 544,00 in 2 years? [ PhP450,000]
2. If

and 0<x<5, what is the corresponding of values of y? [ y is less than 6 but

greater than or equal to -3]

3. If g(x)=4x-2 and f(g(x))=4-6x, what is f(4)? [-5]
4. In a circle, the chords PQ and RS intersects at X. If PX=4, QX=5, and RX=SX+2, what is RS?
5. A committee of 4 is to be formed from a group of 5 men and 3 women. In how many ways can this
be done if the committee must have at least 1 woman? [ 65]
60-second questions
1. What is the constant term in the expansion of (x+x^-3/2)^10? [210]
2. The first and the last terms of a geometric sequence are 6 and 486, respectively. If the sum of all
terms is 726, find the common ration. [3]
3. A building has a flagpole on top of it. On the ground, 90 meters from the base of the building, the
angle of eleveation of the top of the building is 30 degrees and that of the top of the flagpole is 45
degrees. How high is the flagpole? [90-303 m]
4. When 3x^3+9x^2-28x+10 is divided by a polynomial D(x), the quotient and the remainder are
both (x+5). What is D(x)? [3x^2-6x+1]
5. Solve for x in the equation

. [2, cube root of 2]

Question 8:
How many 5-digit even numbers can be formed out of the digits 2,4,5,8,and 9 (without repetition)?
Consider the 5-digit number as blanks: _ _ _ _ _

The last digit must be even. Since we have three even numbers (2,4,8). The last digit can be filled in
3 ways. Since repetition is not allowed, we can fill out the rest blanks in ways,3 ways,2 ways, and 1
1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 3 = 72 ways.
Question 24:
If a fair coin is tossed five times, find the probability that exactly 3 tosses show heads.
This topic is under probability of repeated trials. Mathematicians often call it Binomial because this
is an application of binomial theorem in probability.
Let H be the Head outcome of a coin
Let T be the Tail outcome of a coin
One way to arrange the given condition is the sequence: H1|H2|H3|T1|T2
But the following sequence also meets the condition: H2|H1|H3|T1|T2 or H2|H3|T1|T2|H1.
Counting all possible outcomes is the same technique used in counting the number of permutations
in the word BOOK.

All possible outcomes can be calculated in

ways. Each coin has 2 ways to land. Thus 5

coins have 2x2x2x2x2=32 ways to land. Hence, the desired probability is

Question 32:
A bookshelf has 8 history books and 10 cooking books. You will select 10 books ( 2 History books and
8 cooking books) to bring on a trip. How many choices are possible?
In the language of combinations, we can select 2 history books out of 8 in 8C2 = 28 ways. Likewise,
we can select 8 cooking books out of 10 cooking books in
there are 2845=1260possible choices.
Question 41:

C8 = 45 ways. By counting principle,


The dial on a combination lock contains three wheels, each of which is labeled with a digit from 0 to
9. How many possible combinations does the lock have if digits may not be repeated?
Let A,B,C stands for digit from 0-9 as a lock combination. A can filled in 10 ways (0-9). B can be filled
in 9 ways, C can be filled in 8 ways. By counting principle, there are 10x9x8=720 to possible
combinations of lock.
Question 46:
If four-number codes are form randomly from the digits 0 to 9, what is the probability that the two
middle digits are the same?
Consider the sequence A-B-B-C. There is no given condition that the digits cant be repeated so we
assume that we can repeat each digit. Each letter can represent 10 numbers (0-9). But 2 Bs is
counted as one. Thus the total possible ways is 10x10x10=1,000.
The total number of possible combinations is 10x10x10x10=10,000. The probability that the two
middle digits are the same is 1,000/10,000=1/10.


What is

in degrees?


Convert 235 to radians.


Evaluate: sin14cos16+cos14sin16


Find the length of an arc subtended by an angle of 60 in a circle if the radius is 5cm.


Evaluate : sin3150


If sinX=2/3 and X is in second quadrant. What is cosX?


The angle of elevation of an object from the top of the tree is 30. If the height of the tree is
15m. How far is the object from the tree?


Twice the supplement of the angle is two more than the compliment of the angle. What is the


The length of the diagonal of the rectangle is 20 cm. If the diagonal makes an angle of 30
with the longer side. What is the area of rectangle?


Solve for X in (0,360): 4cos2X-1=0.


What is the amplitude and period of the y=2sin3x


What is the range of y=3+2sinx?


John walked 20m from point A to B. From B he made a left making an angle of 60 degrees with
his previous path, after reaching 25 m he decided to go back to point A. How long will he need to
walk again?


Two sides of triangle measures 6 cm and 10 cm. What is the area of the smallest triangle with
integral sides that can be made out of these sides?


The angle of elevation of the car from the top tower is 30. The car travelled with a uniform
speed of 20 kph, after 20 minutes the angle of elevation of the car from the top of the tower is
45. What is the height of the tower?


An equilateral triangle is inscribed in a circle, if the radius of the circle is 10cm. What is the
area of the triangle?


Jane has 8 shirts and 9 pants. How many clothing combinations does Jane have, if she doesnt
wear 2 specific shirts with 3 specific pants?


Out of a classroom of 6 boys and 4 girls the teacher picks a president for the student board, a
vice president and a secretary. What is the probability that only girls will be elected?


Two dice are rolled. What is the probability the sum will be greater than 10?


In Manila, the chance for rain on any given day is 40%. What is the probability that it rains on
5 out of 7 consecutive days in Manila?


In how many ways 4 people can be arrange in a circle?


How many diagonals does decagon have?


How many 3-digit numbers can be formed with the digits 1,4,7,8 and 9 if the digits are not


How many permutations does the word CHACHA have?


Given 4 letters and 4 addressed envelopes, in how many ways can the letters be placed in the
envelopes so that no letter is in the correct envelope?