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Health Education Lesson Plan

NAME: Caila Bender

Standard addressed: Standard 8 (Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to advocate
for personal, family, and community health)
Lesson Title: Stress-less Stress Management and Techniques.
Rationale/Purpose: For students to comprehend the concept of stress and ways they can manage
conflicts dealing with positive and negative stress. Also, students will learn how to advocate for
others during stressful situations
Essential question: What are some factors that cause stress in your life and how can you help
those close to you manage stress? (Ex. school, sports, friends)
Learning Objectives: What are the specific learning goals for the student in this lesson?
1. Students will be able to identify the difference of good stress (eustress) between bad
stress (distress).
2. Students will be able to comprehend the effects that stress can have on the mental and
emotional health.
3. Students will be able to apply stress management techniques and advocate for others
applying stress management techniques in order to handle stress in a healthy manner.
Students will be able to define stress, stressors,
eustress, and distress
Students will be able to identify the effects of stress
in their mental and emotional health
Students will be able to define effective and
ineffective ways to deal with stress
Students will be able to develop stress management
techniques for managing stress
Students will be able to advocate for others using
ways to help others keep a positive mind set when
dealing with stress

Bell Ringer & White Board Activity
Potholes (activity)
Students compare personal stress
situations and how they deal with it
(classroom discussion)
Worksheet- My Stress Management
You have a friend who

Anticipatory Set: (Bell ringer)- We will begin class by stating that we will have a pop quiz
today. Every student should get out a pen and paper and write their name at the top. Stress to
them the fact that this one quiz will be worth 25% of their grade and begin to ask them questions
related to health they have never heard before. As they begin to stress and worry about the quiz
stop and discuss with them the way their bodies just felt was an example of stress.
Instructional Strategies and Learning Tasks (Procedures & Timelines):

Health Education Lesson Plan

5 min

Instructional Strategies/Learning Tasks

Pop Quiz Bell Ringer

5 min

The class will begin with a PowerPoint created that explains what stress
is, eustress and distress, and different stress management techniques.
Throughout the power point we will discuss and after the eustress slide
and the distress slide we will write examples on the board.
Next the students will have a chance to write something on a piece of
construction paper that is really stressful to them. I will inform them that
this will be something that will be shared with the class so they know
ahead of time. Then we will have two students volunteer for an activity.
One will be blindfolded and the other will be the navigator. I will lay out
the pieces of construction paper on the ground in the center aisle in a
random arrangement. I will have half of the class line up along one edge
of the aisle and the other will line up on the other edge of the aisle. Half
of the students will be yelling encouraging things and the other half of the
students will be yelling discouraging things and the navigator will try to
tell the blindfolded students how to get to the other side without hitting a
pot hole
Next we will move on to the stress management technique slides and then
students will have an opportunity some ways they manage their stress.
After this discussion the students will get a chance to develop a Stress
Management plan by filling out the worksheet.
Lastly, we will refer back to the pieces of construction paper for this next
activity. I will mix up the papers and hand them out to other students in
the class. This activity will be called I have a friend who and the
students will write on the other side of the piece of construction paper
what they would do to help their friend who is struggling with this certain
stressor. When students are done, have a few volunteers stand up and say
I have a friend who __________ (state the stressor) and I want to help
them by _____________ (state how they will advocate for them). We will
discuss these as a class.
I will ask students about aspects of stress we discussed. Like what is good
stress vs. bad stress, also what are some emotions the body may
experience when dealing with stress and some ways they can positively
deal with stress in their lives.
To close the class I will review stress and students will give examples of
stress they are associated with and ways they will deal with that stress.

10 min

10 min

10 min



Materials and Resources (list):

Health Education Lesson Plan

Stress Power Point
Construction Paper
White board markers
Stress Management Worksheets
Candy (as an incentive)
Notebook paper
Pen or pencil