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The simplest way to calculate the numbers of blocks you need for your fence

assume you are fencing a land of 120 ft by 60 ft a standard plot

The land in question is 120 ft length and since we have two length that is multiply
by 2 which is 240 ft
the breadth is 60 ft and also since we have 2 breadth that equal 120 ft plus 240 that
is 320 ft perimeter line fencing.
the calculation
(we are to convert this 320 ft to inches) since a foot is 12 inches, now let us multiply
12 inches x 320 ft which is 3840 inches, so now to get the line numbers of blocks
that will go around this perimeters of 3840 inches which is still 320 ft, we would
need to divide 3840 by 18 inches is the length of any block be it 6 inches or 9
inches now 3840 inches divide by 18 inches is approximately 214 line of blocks,
then will must multiply that by the numbers of coaches of blocks you want for your
height, assuming 7 ft which is 9 coaches that means 214 multiply by 9 which is
1926 blocks and that is all you need anything aside from this is fake and fraud, this
calculation is derive by me professionally and i have been using it without any
mistake, but always remember to add 10 percent of blocks to it because of broken
blocks, and for this work, you only need 27 bags of cements, one bag of cement to
70 blocks is standard.
for your pillars between the fencing, let assume 6 blocks apart before the next
pillar, that means 6 divide by 214 which is 35 pillars, 1 bag of cement to 2 pillars
standard, that is 17 bags plus 27 bags that is 44 bags is need by me to do this
fence, if i'm in position and you should also to add 15 bags for floor blinding of the
fence making 59 bags of cement.
Thanks for the opportunity to giving to explain this simple arithmetic.
observation please, 120ft plus 240ft=360 ft
360ft x12 inches= 4320 inches/18inches= 240 lines of blocks
240 x 9 coaches=2160 blocks
as for the cement it is 2160/60=36 bags for 6 inches while
for 9 inches it is 2160/50=43 bags of cement for 9 inches.
please cross check, i stand to be corrected.

2 blocks = 3 ft
120ft X 2sides + 60ft X 2sides= 360ft / 3 ft= 120X2blocks=240blocks X 9 coaches=
2160 blocks.