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Lest Richatd Bolal MODERN RUDIMENTAL SWING SOLOS FOR THE ADVANCED DRUMMER Lo: 10300203 Printed LENG ae CHARLES WILCOXON was born in Newark, Ohio on November 26, 1894. Early in life, he showed his talent and love for the drums, playing for hours on homemade drums made from whatever ‘was at hand, and giving shows. To earn the money for his first drum set, Wilcoxon would deliver papers, run delivery errands for a furniture store, and perform farm yard chores around town. At 14, he joined the show “Spring Maid,” the equivalent to “My Fair Lady” of today on the vaudeville circuit After leaving the vaudeville theatre, Charles opened a drum shop and studio where he had a lathe and turned out custom made drum sticks, and taught percussion studies, his passion. While writing drum parts for each individual student, Charles decided to put his playing experience in book form, which became Modern Rudimental Swing Solos for the Advanced Drummer. The All-American Drummer was done by hand in six weeks. His next book was Drum Method, which he also used for his instructions. He went on to write such books as: Drummer On Parade With Street Beats, The Junior Drummer, Rolling in Rhythm, Drumming! Plus Hummin’ A Tune, and individual contest drum solos. He always said “Don’t copy, be original,” which is exactly what he was. “The ability to teach is the rarest of gifts.” ~ Excerpts from an autobiography written by “Mrs. Charley” RICHARD SAKAL currently resides in Bedford, Ohio. He is an editor and sales manager at Ludwig Music Publishing Company. In his off hours he performs professionally as well as teaches. He has been involved in a wide variety of musical enterprises since 1959. He has played jazz with the Tony Lovano, Jim Orlando and Norm Knuth groups in addition to his work with the “music ministry,” providing polka masses at Cleveland, Columbus and Milwaukee area churches. He also teaches privately and is involved with a Musical Therapy program for Down Syndrome children. Dick regularly plays drums with “The Orcades” and the “Hronek Heritage Band.” The Open Stroke Roll 5 4 ffieees?|| Flam 3 Stroke Rutt High . wast 4 Stroke Ruit 5 Stroke Roll 7 Stroke Roll 9 Stroke Roll 10) Stroke Roll II Stroke Roll 13 Stroke Roll 15 Stroke Roll 17 Stroke Roll Copyright L941 by Chas. S. Wileoxon Copyright renewal 1969 International Copyright Secured ‘Modern Rudimental Swing Solos Copyright assigned 1979 t0 10300203 Ludwig Music Publ. Co,, Cleveland, Oh., U.S.A. Printed in the U.S.A ‘ Closed Stroke Rolls Long Roll Flam 3 Stroke Ruff 4 Stroke Rut? 5 Stroke Roll 7 Stroke Roll 9 Stroke Roll RRELRRLL R LURRELRRE RRLLRRLL RL Lo Srke Rol qa Tn SS 11 Stroke Roll 13 Stroke Roll 15 Stroke Roll Roll RERERERLER CRERERLR Mexler Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Single RL R ERERERERERERERERL U RERURETRIRUERERERLR Single Paradiddle . LOR R For greater variety of beats, add various Flams to above single Paradidile studies. Modder Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 6 Double Paradiddle TRLERTIRUIRERR RERERRERE ROL mite! GEESE , gett. RURURRLRT RLY eURURRURURTI Varaion eeeeatae ewes RERLERRERUERLE “RRUERUERELRERL FEEDER RORY Se joo ipo , gfey RLEUERERERRLR Modem Rudimental Swing Soles 10300203 Flam Double Paradiddle 7 Variation Ef ; 3 SESE SETE. 2 iftewteedeeter] 4 Gfaetanste ay Nore: For greater variety of beats, add Flams to DOUBLE PARADIDDLES (single) Flam Tap ee Variation 1 TR Ree CIR RRL “TR RaL LCR RREL deetpelpetee | 4 Wp tS tte 7: q RReRE LIR Re OL Ree TIR Ret CCR v TR RER IRE vuinins 2 fata ReLRELR TERERR Modern Rudimental Swin 10300203 8 Flam Accent No. | Variation 1 Example | =] Example 2 RLERL RRL Apply examples as in ‘Two bar combinations > > > > > > so > > >> ERERRUERURRLR LERLRRERE RLURER REREERERRL Modern Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Flam Accent No. 2 ° palpate ates | TR ReL CIR RRL ao s 7 = Variation 1 ss == is ates Daate Tost, Exercises kL otrR R el Modem Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Single Drag Version No. 1 open E jee - ; RLLRL RRURLL | RURAL RULRL TR RLRTL OR LRRL closed JEREfE open closed veeiim hick tl aee Rook Ueee oR 3 Stroke Ruff Var.2 ‘Modern Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Double e Drag " Fool Fool - Ce ee Written Ei ea = = ae half Variation 1 yt HE tao =] Seon eR i Complete 3 = B ae =A] ttRURUL retRtR | TERERE eet RL R Double Ratamacue =e TRUGRURL vat eat RER Variation 1 ae peer Tatoare 2 3 Modern Rudimental Swing Solo 10300203 Variation 1 $f Sa TLeLOtRt®RL® RRLTREROCRIT RT > so BS a 2 3 4 - — LER ERLE aebert R reL RER trRiR L Drag Paradiddle No. 1 RitR CURR Leet REL. Variation 1 Ss EE = t : ans va yieegesigeraigs Pee Pk t 5 2 r ~r= Drag Paradiddle No. RccRccRERR Lear TL ReeRCTRUERR Lemceac RU Variation 1 2 eee = = RRLERRLRERL RL LR eeteeteal RLL R a aa ae ver.2 a Var.3 fee eed re a) rear Modern Rudimental Swing Solo 10300203 The Flam Paradiddle - Diddle 3 Variation | 2 3 25th Rudiment Version 1 3 See TRELRLITRL ReRL RL se “> Sa 8 eee wee | Leet RLitR L Reel Rt Variation 1 2 pi = Reel OR R Reet OR 3 HEE Modern Rudimental 10300203 14 Dedicated to “Joe” Morello Rolling In Rhythm C. $. Wileoxo: Drum Solo Seer Sa ee 5 Single Drag ee TS R LERRLL RRLLR wRLTLR®LTi RRTIRRIL RRLtRRLI RRTLR oS A SS ae fas Sepoeerr pa So RRLCRRLLE RRLTRRLL RRTTR TT RT RRO Single Drag = 2S Sa LoR Single Dra SSeS = fede =a ae TTR Single Drag . 5 Single Brag. 3 3 Modem Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Drum - High hat Bass Drum Alternating Flams Dedicated to “Creight” Davies 15 The Flam Stomp CS, Wileoxon os, SS LR RL UR RL URRLERRLIRRLER ok L Pe Ra ee = a poe ee 16 Dedicated to “Vince Mott Rhythmania Drum Solo eres 7 Se C. S. Wilcoxon RERLERURUR > == = en FS - lp tate lea ile ale ete dad RebiR ell R Re LI ” q : ===. Et ee REL iR Ret PR Ret | FRriRERwALRE OR mn a (5S ore es =a = Rt a RERT RURERERT RERL RUERURERD RI Modern Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Dedicated to “Joe” Sorace Paradiddle Johnnie Drum Solo C.S. Wilcoxon _ fn So RERRIRIT RiRRERIRE RUERREREL RUERRERIRI pee | Rt R FS i =. exom peed dala ened lawns eae eee ee | RE RRERT LC RERRERT TL RERREREL RIERERREI RERRERLEL RERREREL » > —— = = . ee ee ee ee eee RVRT®@R R ERE REL t RERR URE RR ike t RLER RLiRLIRL RRL ReLeeL aoe aaaiememeiant 2 R Rk RoR C RE TTILR Modern Rudinental Swing Solos 10300203 sun Gebhardt Accents Dedicated to Wi inging Sw C.S. Wilcoxon Drum Solo Modern Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Dedicated to Olive Gresmer (Cleveland Plain Dealer) 19 Deep Central Two Tom-Toms Small Tom C.S. Wilcoxon, Floor Tom RURT mR RLRLRLR moh eee oe : Baa NOTE: When you feel comfortable with the Tom-Tom Solo only. play the piece through a 1 +2, Then add the High Hat on the + counts. Modern Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 wwain adding Bass Drum on 20 Dedicated to “Louie” Bellson Roughing the Single Drag Drum Solo CS. Wilco» = -_ ae eg a fade fy ee TR LOR TR eR PR TRL RexbLii Reel a = Ee =e ia i Gas rR Leet Rit R Lowel RitR Leet Reel RL F Modem Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Dedicated to American Legion Post No. 12, Elyria, Ohio 2 Elyria Four Stroke Drum Solo C.S. Wilcoxon ve rE TR RURE URL RERU eC i Rat URI eee tesla teeea van = shied eae ite lone 4 Snip aaa a inane eee! RERL RERERLE & RERL VRet RERL RUERERER LRI 3 = > i> n> >: st ==- 5S. FR ia ea a eee aap eae RERE REL Rr OR I R ERLER«L R URERERLE RERERUER LRLE RERL RUERLRI 3 es =) —_-F ye i + = =a R RURL RUERLRLE ReLIReL RERUERLRERE RUERUERE ERE RLER CRUERER Leet RTIR “Modem Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 2 Study In Accents Drum Solo CS. Wileoxo RERERERECR LCRERERUER CRRER L So Ss Ss es 1S RUERERLRE RERERERL RUERER CRE F : tf ee RtRLERLRERE RERUERERO Modern Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Dedicated to American Legion Post No. 30, Lorain, Ohio 23 Lorain Post Dug-Out Drum Solo CS. Wilcoxon eae sae RERE URL RURUERTR CRE RURT RURI ToReURLIR TORU RU R TDR Teel RUiR R CURL REERI R wee Ret RL 1» Rudimental Sw 0300203 4 The Corn Belt Jive Drum Solo C.S. Wileoxon Welk Tom-T. Ta wehigh hat onthe C Bell cym ym pat yn C Bell C Bell Hate A Gime rrr “tT Moder Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Modern Flam Accents 3s Drum Solo C.S. Wilcoxon rR Lo Ree L RL ReE Ret R Lik L Ret R LR t TRE Rel R tiR | R veER tiYR 1 Rete R et Ret R Lik Oo rR oT Re bork CR wt R CUR Tt RT Ret RR Rel tk L RRL Lae AS vase cipteats D TRI RE RRL RR TTRE kal Modern Rudimental Swi 10300203 *6 The Flam Accent Fantasy Drum Solo ow CS, Wileoxon — —_— — ——_ > PT a po 2 SS ee ae Mader Rudinental Swing Solos 10300203 Dedicated to Fred Albright Drum Solo The New Downfall C.S, Wilcoxon Birk 1 Reet RT RU Ral Ral RY RERTR TD RERTR TL RUERI Ret R11 es —= — = ea Saas RER RER RUERTIRERI RUER RLR R RE as SS = ae ae PSSrer rR ORO RI eet RULR L RiiR Teel Reet RERE tC Rk RR wa RE RL RiiRURiewl RT Reet RTR ERT RitRERIRRE RI Ti k Rudimental Swing Solos 110203 28 Dedicated to Ormand Downs Heating The Rudiments Drum Solo C.§, Wilcoxon RoE RL OR LR ed 1R Rub LIR Re Rot Rk = 8 ae Ri RatR L RL tT +R Ret Lik ple Ratmacue Flam Accent 2 RLERL LRUERE Lt RERLRER 1 l RU Rel Ler Modem Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Heating The Rudiments cont. 29 POR TCR TR L wel Single Dr 3Stroke Single Drag Fa ae 7S wae] = | TRRLLTRRTTR RTT Ti RRTLR WTI CL RR RRLURR R ® fiat ae aes RL LR R RtELRREE RR ID weet wei Lo rR L RRL R Double > Flam Accent? Flam Accent | + a ingle Paradiddle Flamacue Modern Rudimental Swing Solas 10300203 rR” : afttesttesteetes PRIROR TR RRL C.S, Wilcoxon a> Mader Rudinmental Swing Soles 10300203 The Rhumba - Bongo-Drums or 2 Tom-Toms C.S. Wilcoxon todern Rudimental Swing Solos 0300203 32 Dedicated to George Way Home Cookin’ Drum Solo C.$. Wileoxon ,— =a q a ye te iivwweliausia 7 R et Rk Reel RLR wi RL OR R > > 3 s Tate . Peaty z ROL ROR RE RoI kRUOR R LR OL = > ae fas ele ote 2a | = ae, Rolo RL RURTR LR Rel tiR Rett R Flan Double Paradidde Modem Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Dedicated 10 GENE KRUPA. (The Dean of “Swing ") Ubangi Serenade Solo for two Tom-Toms CS. Wileoxon Ret et 2pB eee ae RTRUR RORUR RE RURERERRE Bath 1 E: When you feel comfortable with the Tom-Tom through again and add the Bass Drum on all four counts. 7 add the High Hat on the second and fourth beats. Jem Rudimental Swing Solos 200203 M Sweet Susan Drum Solo C.S. Wilcoxon SS = eee ieteem = mk 1 c ck Rt Ret ® LCR L Rel rR LO RRE R LGR RERUCR LRERER LE RURER I R = RLRLEROL SS “Aes Sy cL ocR RE RRL CIR RL c Right Stick on Left Modem Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Dedicated to J. C. MeLeland 35 The Yankee Doodle Stomp Drum Solo C.S. Wilcoxon rR CR RE bet & F LR R Ret t RERER RERLRI | Paradiddle - Diddle TIRE RURI Reet RI se = > > 1 > > > > = oS SS ET = eee ee eee a Rr REREeRE RL Reetir Reet RE R 7_S= “ eee RoreR ii R 1iR Lt com) Rudimental Swing Solos 0300203 36 Mr. J. Edward Heeps Drum Solo C.S. Wilcoxon, 2ST SSS SS TR LR LiR RL RRELERRELRRLELR TURRELRRE RRL ~ y = 3 3 . 2 > Ro ee _ R LURRLELRRLE viRtLRERER tL RVRURERL. fap ee> wal RL Modern Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 The Tiger 37 Drum Solo C. S. Wilcoxon 7 > . >> > > > - >> | RRL eRL R LUR UR > > : pees eee === - m Cob Jern Rudimental Swing Solos 200203 Loosen Up C.$. Wilcoxon [ple Paraldle fra Sapa == RERRERLLER EL LR ER R LiR eb RUERRURL R R = e , TR RE R LL gr RERLER Moudero Raimental Swing Solos 10300203 Dedicated to James Lamb 39 The Scotty Drum Solo C.S. Wilcoxon g > a = => T TR EERE RTO te> 7 RicRiiR ERR LCRLERE L = 32> 2 R LR Ri RRUERIA LF RERARLRL RL RRERTLR >? > =D 3s zs 3 > 3 a> RL R Ral UcRERERERERAL URUERLARLRER RARURE wal RL > z= > > > > > 2 Teeiaat & Lt RULRL RL TL > b> RL RAL RAL > 35> sp > RURRERL RRL RUERLRRERL RE RRERL 35 > 35> > soe > se > RURRERUR RL RRGRT RRL RORLERUE RE RRL RORTRRERT T Pe eS eel pee RL RRORU RRL, RURAL LCR RORERERLE RT kT RRLR AL = 7s] > 6s > 6 ee RERRECRE RALL RERRLLRE CCR Ret LiR Ral CL > 3s >, > b> > 2 TURRGRU AR UREERU REC CRLLERERLEL RURRERERR L TRE R Ret REL RERERER ‘Modem Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 40 Dedicated to “Tommy” Thompson-Boston Orchestra Rudimental Jam C.S. Wilcoxon Drum Solo : Bs Tees z eee RaueR LOL Cree RLR WREREROER LC Riot Rt L RERER Lt t RRRERE RR ROR TS Modern Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 The Spanish Three Eight “ CS. Wilcoxon = = e 1 RitROCRL eal RLRURER Laat RLR UR RR Modem Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Dedicated to Chas. Owen, University of Michigan Swinging the “26” C.S. Wilcoxon Drum Solo -=S=- Rit RiiR LOR R Drag Paradiddle 2 eet R LOL Se == Mes! |e fe Riri RE RL eet RE R RHE CVRiReE Co + RiRet LiRut L Flam Taps. Dot RvR t R R LR LR eeE RER rR tR ET RL 4 Stoke Ruff Single Ratamacue Double Ratamacue 7 Soke Ro wel ii R Rel WR viR vtR LOR R LCR LE RL ULR Drag Paradidle 2 RRL Rest RiTR Leet OR OR ORY 7 Soke. 1DSinke Sinle Drs 10 Stoke Fa - (wile tie Tie : = wat oR VR L wat RR et ear R Single Drag, 10 Stroke Single Drag i Pe L L R L . cece Flames Vike SSimke 9S Modern Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 el TRE OR Rel RTD lam Flam Paradiddle rRetrRel oR 1 LotR RURRL Flams 17 Stroke Y Stoke Single Paradiddle iz 2 LR R Reet § Stroke 9 Stroke 3 Stoke Flam Accent 2 L RRL Swe Flam? Flam Parade Diddle RitR t Reet R RL Reet R 1 RL a REPRE et OR Li Reel 25th Rudiment lam Aecent | 7S =— —= fee peeked PEE tre ree Peter aria. T ReLeRe RttR ERT Kel Double Ratamacue RERRERULR CL ReebitReel itRL RL «RtLR LERRLLRRELR 7Suroke 3 Stroke Single Rat. Single Drag | Stroke Roll TERREURRE R Reet tR wel TeR LOR Leet R eal 9 Stoke Roll 5 Stroke 3 Stroke Single Rat. Single Dray. 3 Dra Optional Modern Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 44 Dedicated to Charles Botterill. (Mantovani Orch.) Three Camps Variations by CS. Wilcoxon Drum Solo R LCERRE RRLLR LERRLERRLL RELRRE RRLER LERRULRRLL = Ss > > SSS ESS ES RCURRUERRELRILRRERREL RELRRERRULRUELRRELRRLL LURRLELRRL R LERRLE RRULR RRL TERRE RREERLLRRLLRRI L ~ RRLLR RRL wl R LL RRECRRER LUERREERRIE R = > 10 > tt R LURRELRRER CUERRELRRE RELRRE RRLEER LERRELRRE RLURRLE RRLLRLURRLLRRL R RLUERRE RRECRLUERRE RRIL fel == ST TE. SE RELRRE RRLERLLRR RRL RRL Modern Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Three Camps In Paradiddles 4s Variation | C_S. Wilcoxon panne Sa TT PeRT RTO RE RR ERT RU RRERT CRT RR ERE aS a aan Feel “RERRUREURL RURULERERRLEREL — > > {ttt a ee RURRIREURDRRERLC RLRRERTLRERTR AI “TTR RT RUT > > __ _ S > iL. > gee a zal ae aa +4 eR RT RG I RU RR Rit ti Rt Rt «et R Modern Rudimental Swing Salo 10300203 46 Three Camps In Ratamacues Wilcoxon ‘ariation 2 RiRERLeeERERIIRUERUERERER LeeLRURiRUERERRERERERUERE Rrerriercerierrer terres TRURERLR Rit RUE RCMRERUERITRERLaRERT RriRUERCARERTRIRIRTRU RRL, nage En eae siieewwtiee ese iis tea we = RLRRL Riv RURLeRLRLR TRURTRERRL, RitR CR LeRERERIRER eet RE R LR LC eet R Modern Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 Dedicated to Robert Matson Cleveland Orchestra 47 Battin Em’ Out Drum Solo C.S. Wilcoxon poo > a> sss TL RUCRCRRL RRL R CiRUERLARERLERIURLARL RRL RRL RULR IRL a ee Ce TORERRGRLEGRUIR RE WRLLRUERRURRLRLEL tR LERLRRRL RRERLL > = > = 2 > > > 2B > B TRU RRL RUCRL RAL RL URLRLURRLRER Rot OL TR OR >——. ¢§ ————— me > Pe ee ee a) 25 RecR | Reet RLGRLE R CRUERTRUERCRERE oR LL TR R a = P gz ; ERERERERE RtcRERRERRER LR RRL LER i> >, 3a > 35 > RURURERUR TR RRL LOR RERCR L RRE RRERURE RRL RRC RRR CRERL iRL RUERER LE RERER RETR tiRiiRLERRiekaL RIL 10 So ee ae TR RAL LUR RRL R LURREERRER LERRUELRRER URL ARRERLIRE RRERL 10 10 >> >, 3 >, 2 RRLEERRLURE RRLLRRLECRE tiRttR LR Leet aRERIR = > > => > TURE RLURRRERLERUL CiRERURRLUCRULRERL Prrer rrerre TRERERRRERERCL i Ret LiR Rel LC 3 = >, a TRRERLR TERLR 3 > UR RRL LER Ree > URRLRR RLRURCRLR TURLEREERERRAE RL L Modern Rudimental Swing Solos 10300203 R LRER LE RERERERCERE