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Global Warming:

A True Concept or Scary Fiction

Garrett Tucker

English 111, Semester 1, Class 2A

Mrs. Erskine
December 20, 2015

Tucker 2
The earth is the planet that we humans live off. Without the earth, humans would be a
race that is either extinct or close to it. The earth is a resource that we must protect in order for
advancement to occur. Now days there is the issue of Global Warming. Global Warming is the
idea that sever climate, weather, and temperature changes could make the earth a lifeless planet
(Merriam-Webster). So the idea of the Global Warming is one of those topics that needs to been
taken seriously. There are many different viewpoints on Global Warming. Some say that the idea
of Global Warming is just a bunch of made up hoopla that is way out of proportion. While some
others sugest the idea that Global Warming is real topic that needs to be treated as a top priority.
The fact of the matter is that Global Warming is an issue that looked at differently depending on
who you listen to or believe.
Now the people on the side of Global Warming, that believe it is a true topic has
compelling arguments that are hard to ignore and deny. The emissions that we humans produce
are increasing every day. As the population gets bigger, the more emissions will be polluted into
the atmosphere (Kerr). Emissions contributes to the Greenhouse Effect. All those emissions
polluted by the cars we drive and the factors we run, day and night rise up into the atmosphere,
and act as a barrier for the heat of the sun to intensify. This intense heat causes an increase in
temperatures that should are not like upon by scientists.
Humans need food and water to survive. The earth is a great resource for providing those
items. The mountain runoff is a great resource to gather the water that we drink to keep us
hydrated and alive. The animals that live on the earth also depend on the fresh water from the
snowmelt to survive. With the earth temperature rising, the timing of the snowmelt would be
altered and could intern have an effect of how much runoff would come due to the increase of

Tucker 3
temperatures making water gathering difficult for both humans and animals (National
Assessment SynThesis Team).
Plants are a resource that is also a holy grail when is come to using it as a resource. Plant
provide us with the oxygen that we use to breathe. If there were no plants to create oxygen,
humans would not exist on planet earth. Since the earth temperatures are increasing, the ocean
temperatures are as well. Africa now gets a majority of its rainfall from the monsoons that occur
throughout the season. These monsoons come over from the Indian Ocean. With the Indian
Oceans temperatures increasing the amount of monsoons decreases. Africa depends on the
water from the monsoons in order for the plants to grow and for them to survive as well. The
African monsoons could be up to 20% percent dryer that usual, heavily affecting the way of life
in Africa (Butler).
The Antarctic may not seem like an important resource for the earth, but indeed, it is.
The Antarctic provides home to the animals that live there like the polar bears and penguins. The
artic also provides us with valuable information collect form ice cores that allow us to see how
climates were back thousands and thousands of years ago. Without the artic information would
be harder to retrieve and would have to be recovered via other more difficult methods. Animals
would be added to the endangered species list because of the losses of their homes. Global
Warming is a serious threat to the Artic, its wildlife and the earths population. If the earth
continues to increase in temperature, the ice covering the Artic will melt away. The melting of
the ice will release loads of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. The release of
those gases would further increase the Greenhouse Effect as well as the problem of Global
Warming itself and the temperature of the earth.

Tucker 4
Money is an object that everyone likes. You can buy anything thing you want with
money. Money can change the way that you live your life. Some people would do anything to
make a quick buck, including some scientist. They would rather sacrifice their pride and good
name to make easy money rather than telling the truth about certain issues. Oil companies make
a lot of money off of their products and will do anything to keep their business alive, including
paying off some scientist to lye for them (Romm). Some scientist get paid to tell the public
misconstrued information to help take the attention off of their companies and make the public
feel like there is nothing to worry about.
Now on the flip side of Global Warming, some people believe that Global Warming is a
bunch of made up malarkey or an exaggerated idea. Computers have a lot to do with Global
Warming. They are the machines that make the predictions based upon certain calculations and
through given parameters. Some of these computers have built-in assumptions on them to assist
in predicting. However, some feel that these computer models are not adequate when it comes to
predicting outcomes, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like Global Warming. Some
say that the computer models have constantly failed due to their limited knowledge and their
ability to account for all factors (Ebell).
The Media is a part of our lives every day. Every time you turn on the television, a new
news report is broadcast. Every time you access the internet a new article will display one the
homepage. This has a heavy influence on our lives. Some of the media however, has a tendency
to be a bit radical. When it comes to Global Warming, some journalists can have a tendency to
stretch the truth. The Washington Post and New York times are prime examples of this. They
have radical journalist who only look at one side of the issue instead of telling the whole story
and both sides of that story (Singer). With the media, hiring journalist to look a certain topics

Tucker 5
like Global Warming one sided, people would have a tendency not believe what they hear from
the news.
Temperature were not always lower than they are today. Back in medieval times,
temperature were at an all-time high. They were higher than they are today. Back before
medieval time there was an ice age that occurred. We are now leveling out from the medieval
times temperatures. The earth has been experiencing temperature swings for thousands of years
(Derr). To some, these swings are just a normal part of the earths cycle.
The earth has lots of mysteries that have no definite answers. One of those secrets is the
Mayan Calendar with the last day of the earth. The conspiracies within out government is
another, and all the secrets that they keep, the list is endless. The issue of Global Warming is one
of Earths special mysteries that does not have a definite answer now. We will all just have to
pick a side and stick with it and see where it takes us. We either believe that Global Warming is
a fact that exists or is fiction that has been made up to cover up information that someone does
not want others to find out. Global Warm, it is a mysterious issue.