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Assessment Feedback

Summative Formative

Student Name Student ID

Programme Level 0 in Design and Communication Level 0

Project Title Project Value
Unit Title Specialist Study: Design for Moving Image Unit Code ZERO053
Project Leader Unit Leader

Assessment Criteria Indicative Grading

Excellent V Good Good Satisfactory Basic Fail N/A
Practical project; final design and outcome
1 Demonstration, knowledge and awareness of the basic
design principles in moving image design and its
contemporary practice; (LO1)
2 The quality of the outcomes as a creative response to the
project briefs. (LO2, LO3)
Associated research, development work and sketchbook
3 Clear presentation of the development of the design
projects; (LO4)
4 Sketch development work demonstrating use of a design
process to develop the final design solutions; (LO1, LO3,
5 The application and appropriate use of media. (LO5)
Note 1 - Unless specified in the Project Brief it is assumed that all assessment criteria are equally weighted

Overall comment including strengths and areas for improvement

Grade Banding Brief Grade Descriptor

A+ 90-100 High Excellent all round work or outstanding
A 80-89 Medium performance Grade (where appropriate)
A- 70-79 Low
B+ 67-69 High High level achievement or very good level of
B 64-66 Medium performance
B- 60-63 Low
C+ 57-59 High Good level of achievement or proficient
C 54-56 Medium performance
C- 50-53 Low
D+ 47-49 High Satisfactory level of achievement or competent
D 44-46 Medium performance
D- 40-43 Low
E 35-39 Marginal Elementary achievement or basic level of Note 2 - All summative grades are subject to ratification by the Examination Board
Pass performance
F+ 30-34 Marginal Does not achieve the learning outcomes but
Fail may be some element of understanding or Please contact your Unit Leader about retrieval
competence arrangements (where appropriate)
F < 30 Name:
Fail No evidence of achievement or competence
F- > 10 Poor Fail
0 0 no submission or special circumstances

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