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Description: Funguran is a contact fungicide and bactericide, which has a preventive effect against fungal and bacterial pathogens. The effect is based on the prevention of fungal and bacterial infections. Product Features: + Isboth a fungicide and a bactericide ‘© Effective against a wide range of diseases ‘© Multi-site contact fungicide, making resistance difficult to appear. Mode of Action: Funguran is a protective fungicide. It active ingredient is passively absorbed by the fungi or bacteria spores during growth and accumulate until their concentration becomes lethal for the calls. Direction for Use: Early Blight, Potato, Lettuce : 14 Bacterial Spots, days Vegetable Crops Bacterial Blight, 7508 Septoria Leaf Spot, Other vegetables: 3 Black Rot days ca Fruit Spots, Rimit Drees: Citrs, | Bacterial Spots, 3008 agdays ingoes, Avoca Black Spots ‘Roses & Ornamentals Black Spots, 200 to 300g - ‘Time of application: The active ingredient is more active against spores than mycelium. The product should be applied before or as the disease starts to spread. By Biesterfeld SPIESSQURANIA