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Published by Donald Robinson

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Published by: Donald Robinson on Apr 10, 2010
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Channelling Spirits.

I wouldn’t call this a strange album; just because I haven’t entirely seen a modern one like it before. It just makes it unusual; possibly a little eclectic, that’s all. It calls my drawing skills at trying to depict people who aren’t alive now; but whose souls are still around here in the essence of what they’ve left for us to enjoy. The first stage in each face is to depict the three dimensional proportions; catch the essence of the expression shown in the pictures I work from (which is like a paint by numbers for shadow since this album is all pencil drawings, only I have to make the template to shade); and then the shadows and light intersperse with one another to show the three dimensional planes (through deep shadows, sub shadows, scattered surface shadows, highlights, sub-lights, and lowlights – since my intrinsic belief is that the balance of the war between light and shadows [like the darkness and light of the Universe with stars and the void] and only between the two indivisible are the lines of comprehension of form understood better), which tells us a tiny bit about how complex the artistic process works (the outline is the crystallisation of the external framework; the proportioning of features is the crystallisation of expression – the outward expressing of the emotive spirit; and the shadows and lights are the crystallisation of dimension). But it only tells us a little. Here we go then:

This is my dedication page; for my dad who gave me genetically many gifts. Through him, I experienced a love of music that made me pick up the habit myself first; and eventually, I realise that the musings of the musical and artistic and scientific and mathematical and geographical and constructional minds are no different, they all create the same feelings, even if they don’t seem related.


This is Billie Holiday.

And Louis Armstrong. – Ol’ Satchmo himself (what a wonderful world).


Barry White - The Lurve Doctor.

Jimi Hendrix – I guessing he was just partaking of some Purple Haze!


Elvis Aaron Presley – The King of Rock’n’Roll.

Jim Morrison – American Poet and Rider on The Storm.


Michael Jackson – as he originally was and I prefer to remember him.

[Bob] Robert Nestor Marley – Buffalo Soldier (hope he’s still skankin’ it easy).


Gene Roddenberry – The Great Bird of the Galaxy.

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry – Who else could you possibly seat with him?


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