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General Assembly

Brazil (Soma Smith)

Israel Palestine Issue
Brazil Israel Palestine Issue Resolution
The General Assembly,
Noting with deep concern Jews and Arabs of Palestine have been fighting for around 100
Fully aware that the Brazilian government recognizes Palestine with the 1967 borders
Noting with regret the Palestinian refugees who live in Shatila, Lebanon where there is
no supply of fresh water, so residents are forced to bathe and clean clothes in salty water,
shortage of electricity for several days during rainy weather and all Palestinian children
are forced to go to one school which is not big enough,
Taking into consideration the millions of Palestinian refugees forced to flee their country
due to Israeli and Palestinian conflicts,
Emphasizing a quote from an article named International law and Israeli settlements says
The international community considers the establishment of Israeli settlements in the
Israeli-occupied territories illegal under international law,
Having heard that the Palestinian refugees do not have the right to return to Palestinian
territory (the West Bank and the Gaza strip),
Fully Aware that Brazil does not support the residency of Israeli settlements in Palestinian
territory, an article called Forty Brazilian diplomats issue statement against Dani Dayan
appointment written by: Moara Crivelente states A group of 40 retired Brazilian
diplomats signed a statement against Israels appointment of Mr. Dani Dayan for the
Israeli Embassy in Brazil, re-stating discontentment with the way Dayan was announced
and with his role in the settlement movement, which they view as an affront to Brazils
positions against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories,
Observing that is issue may be one of the hardest issues the world has to face today, this
conflict needs an immediate solution,
1. Calls upon the General Assembly to keep in mind the millions of
Palestinian refugees who fled their homes to move to a safer country
2. Declares accordingly to cease all current construction of Israeli
settlements until solutions are found,
3. Endorses to cease all Israeli migration to Palestinian territory:

(a) Brazilian military action may be enforced if construction of israeli settlement

(b) Palestine deserves to own the small land they have been left with;
(c) The Brazilian government wants the most subtle and peaceful solution to this
current issue as possible, knowing this we want all current Israeli residence to
remain in Palestine;
4. Draws the attention to the article called Brazil-Palestine relations
states Brazil has firmly stressed its support for a Palestinian state within the
borders of 1967, having Jerusalem as its capital,
5. Proclaims Palestine to be considered as their own independent
state under the 1967 borders,
(a) Under Brazil, we urge to eventually remove all Military checkpoints in
the Gaza strip and West Bank;
6. Authorizes all Palestinian refugees to return to Palestinian
(a) All Palestinians refugees can return to the 1967 borders where they can
live freely in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank;
7. Draws the attention to current Palestinian residents who need to
allow the return of millions of native Palestinians
8. Expresses hope if this resolution is passed there will be reciprocal
respect between Palestine and Israel and this controversial issue will finally end in