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  .LOCATION Sidney is located in the capital of New South Wales. Australia.

LANGUAGE Australia has a number of different cultures which speak different languages such as french. russian. chinese. italian. japanese. cambodian and thai. but the main language in Australia is english. . german.

Population It has a population in its metropolitan area close to 4 million inhabitants. .

N N I O A I M CT A R T A .

a 15 minute ferry ride from Circular Quay. Located in Mosman.Taronga Zoo Taronga Zoo is the main city zoo. Africa and Australia. it has a complete collection of animals from Asia. .

There are also collections of Asian art. nineteenth and twentieth centuries. international and aboriginal.Art Gallery of New South Wales Art Gallery of New South Wales is the oldest art gallery in Sydney and has an important collection of Australian art from the eighteenth. European. .

There are also concerts and other public events. shops and parks. the National Maritime Museum (National Maritime Museum) and Sydney Aquarium (Sydney Aquarium). Interesting sites include the Chinese Garden. Today it is a popular tourist site. .Darling Harbour Darling Harbour is a port city. bars. with restaurants.

The Sydney Opera house • • • • • • • Was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon Opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 20 October 1973 Presented. the Australian Opera's production of War and Peace Conducts 3000 events each year Has an annual audience of 2 million for its performances Includes 1000 rooms The Sydney Opera House became a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 28 June 2007 . as its first performance.

The Sydney Opera House includes  Concert Hall  Joan Sutherland Theatre  Drama Theatre  Playhouse  Studio  Utzon Room  Recording Studio  Outdoor Forecourt .