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Blanket Approval pertains to Recurring Sales Promotions

(Reference: DTI-DOH Joint Administrative Order No. 01)
Recurring Sales Promotion Campaigns
For recurring sales promotion campaigns involving the same scheme and
mechanics but with different or undetermined promotion periods, a single
application for a permit covering a period of one (1) year is deemed sufficient
compliance with these rules. (Sec. 2 of DAO 2, S. 1993)
No person shall conduct any covered promotional campaign or activity prior
to the issuance of the DTI permit (Reference: Section 5 of DAO 10-02, Series
of 2010)
EXCEPTION: (Reference: Section 10, Rule IX of Chapter VI, Title III of DAO
2, S. 1993 and Section 8 of DAO 10-02, Series of 2010)
1. Competitions which do not require the purchase, lease or payment for
any consumer product or service or availment of consumer credit;
2. Parlor games where the qualification to be a participant and/or a home
partner of the winner does not require the purchase or lease of any
consumer product or service;
3. Door prizes given to patrons of concerts, stage shows, stage plays, film
showing and similar activities;
4. Instant sales promotion campaigns;
5. In-store promotions such as but not limited to price reduction,
special offers, product demonstration, product samples, rebates,
premium-in-pack, expert advise, and other analogous activities.