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Custom Cards Against Humanity `s pack (Part 2

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I never fully
understood _______
until I encountered

Why is Shane calling

The most important
thing to have in a
person's life is

What is holding me
back, both physically
and mentally?

What's my inner spirit

The bible and a kama
sutra book have what
in common?

Whats my favourite

Books and
Cleverness! There are
more important

I solemnly swear that
i'm up to____ .

it's just ________. my mom gives me _______. I take _________. ____ Justin Bieber SOMEBODY HELP ME I NEED A __________ IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!! When I feel like a _______. I hate it when there is ____ on my foot. I ____ What else did Anita Hill find on her Coke can? Amanda loves when Brian does ______.Look out it's a ________! Oh wait. . Every time I watch the little mermaid. When I ______.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a _________? . I didn't see that stop sign. Mmmm. All I want for Christmas is _______. I was too busy ________. Jack. Officer. Never.what did I smuggle into Mexico? In Reality. India got freedom because of ________ Justin Bieber got caught with a _______ I'm sorry. I'll never ___________. All this recipe needs now is a big dollop of _____. I often dream of a threesome with _____ and _____. this dish smells great.

. I didn't see that stop sign. ___________ 2: The Electric Boogaloo The latest work from W. Shakespeare: ______ While we were fucking. I solemnly swear that I am up to ________. I imagined _____. I was too busy _______. Why are mummy and daddy ________? What does Marcellus Wallace look like? I'm sorry officer.Life imitates ________. In The Middle Of Difficulty Lies _______.

. What just happened? In the United States about two percent of ______ is made using _______ methods. After I shower.I got fired from my job today. I got found doing ______ with a coworker. _____. That's what she said! What did The Doctor encounter on his latest adventure? On Wednesdays. we practice __________. I _____ next. What is Game of Thrones? Levi’s secret fetish is ______.

It was the best summer EVER! Today's newspaper headline: _______ was found with _________ .000 ________ in the US and that number is growing. ______ is the language of physical intimacy. What is my superpower? Well it's _____ I'm take shit on the toilet and ran out of toilet paper what should I use What team? ________! This one time at band camp ________. -And Hitler would've won the war too. Most researchers agree that words are used to convey information. if it weren't for _____! The world isn't ready for my superpower.Presently there are about 10. while body language is used for communicating _________.

. 911. ________ is better in Japan.. That's what she said. Contrary to popular beliefs._________ is actually motivated by ________. The Aperture Science bring your daughter to work day is the perfect time to have her tested for _______________.The new HBO show _______ features ________. I don't suscribe to ________'s political ideas. Organ trafficking _________ __________. except maybe those concerning ________. what's your emergency? . Historians now agree that the first World War was actually triggered by ________ involving __________ and _________.

. Now available at Tim Horton's: Double Double _______ (Canadian Version) What did Martin Luther King Jr actually dream about? Roses are red. Margaret Atwood's just written a new novel. You can't just go around asking people why they're ________. It's called __________. ________ are too. but hates ________.But first. What/Who is responsible for killing JFK? Over the years. let me take a ______. Sugar is sweet. I've learned my significant other loves _______. Elyse loves Pinky's __________. Karen. Oh my god. Violets are blue.

I like it (uh huh uh huh). Your case is not solved because. featuring _____ and _____. I'm lovin' it! _________. _________. Sugar is sweet. A leaked sex tape. __________. ________ are too. . Sleeping With Sirens Next Album is Called ____________ Happy ______! I am a leaf on the wind.Roses are red. _________. that's the way (uh huh uh huh). The other white meat. Violets are blue. Watch how I ______.

Knowing is half the battle. No _________._________. What's the other half? . Membership has its privileges. stays together. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? If we don't deliver your _________ in 30 minutes. No _________. The family that _________ together. No service. We bring good things to life. You're in good hands with _________. it's free! Is that a _________ in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? _________.

What was Waldo doing when you found him? When I was a kid. John Grisham's new bestseller: _________ What is Disney World's latest attraction? What is the answer to life. my favorite toy was _________. the universe and everything? Take this ________ and shove it! Last night I dreamed about _____. . What will cause the next financial crisis? Woody Allen's latest comedy is about a _________ that struggles with _________.

." On today's episode of Mythbusters. Gregory secretly loves ______ "Look at this ____. it means no ________ for the rest of your ________. . What the Mad Hatter served Alice at his last tea party? Yogi Bear asks. "What's in the pic-anic basket today Boo Boo?" Embrace the smell of _______.." "Hakuna Matata.Last night I dreamed about _____. isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collections complete?" "Hakuna Matata. it means no ____ for the rest of your ____.

. THIS YEAR?? While we were screwing.. What's happening on December 27th. don't leave home without it! My kid was just suspended from school for carrying _______ in his backpack.Damn it Jim. I'm a ____. I was thinking about ___ ___________. not a ____! Courier Slogan: We handle more than your _____. . I secretly dream of ________ Why did the chicken cross the road? Soft ______ Warm ______ Little ball of fur.

What is the 8th deadly sin? How will Sean Bean die next? What the devil's going on heeeeere? What did the latest John Green book severely lack? A world without _____ is not a world I want to be part of. What even are the perks of being a wallflower? Greek yoghurt Why did my father leave me? A smutty Dramione fanfiction .

In a movement to promote gender equality feminists began wearing _______. or else it get's the _________ again! . Rob Ford has gone to rehab after a video surfaced of him _____. What was Mother Teresa's secret obsession? Parents are concerned by the new teen fad of _____. What did I see on my college tour? What did the Internet show me today? These are the voyages of the Starship ________ It rubs the ________ on it's skin.