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Custom Cards Against Humanity `s pack (Part 5

Created by the awesome site
What did Obama do
during his teenage

Why was you late for

The best use for
______ is _______.

I knew I should have
left ______ at home!

What's that down your

If you don't have
_______, ________
and ________ will
work instead.

Shit! I left ______ in
the baby's room!

Christy always says
_________ whilst
riding a large black

What was the last
thing I googled?

with all due respect Mr.It really works! I lost 50 pounds on the __________ diet. they are caused by______.. _____________! My biggest fear! Well. How would I describe my perfect lover? Picture __________. global warming is not caused by human activities. I believe I can fly! I believe I can ____________ Most played game in _______.. applied directly to the head. . What I learned in boating school is. to ever learn anything! ____________. Scientist. Some idiot's are too busy ______.

A biker gang of lesbian gypsies made me _______. Black. I hate it when a _________ likes to _________. What's ___ and ___ and read all over? I found _______ while fisting. Happy Birthday Ben.For Markiplier's next Impossible Let's Play. _____. I like my coffee like I like my _______. Apply directly to the forehead. he will play ____________ while multitasking _________. i hope your day is full of ____________. __________ + ____________ = a dead black kid .

Why is the white man so evil? When seen by a cop you must immediately ______________. Brad likes to take _________________ to bed with him. The best Halloween costume this year goes to ____ as _____ ._______ is only awkward when you're on a plane I've been ________ and _________ in attempts to destroy you. Common side effects include nausea. Gertrude said ____________. Mike Brown at 3C Consultancy can help me with _____ _________. constipation and diarrhea.

I hate it when ______ covers my _______ To become a partner you need to ________________ What happened to me today? Maxine Caprioni Loves _________.What stabbed Steve Irwin's chest? How did you lose your virginity? You know its a slow day when ________. I was at the strip club and all of a sudden ________. . I would rather be stuck with________than___ ______.

. wait for it. Here Lies Rebecca McElligott.When a creepy guy sits down next to you on the train. What is that stain on my bedsheet? Who's fisting Sleeping Beauty? All Peurto Ricans love: Tonight is going to be legen. Dannie's favorite pastime is _______. _________. .. devoted friend. What is the one thing Angelo will not do for money? Nobody expected Nichola's secret to be _______ . 1976-2015. and all youre thinking is. lover of _________________ _.

It means Luca Braci sleeps with the ________ Just when I thought I was ________. Why did the chicken cross the road? The art of ____. How I spent my Summer Holiday? It's a message. I don't ___________ .Only bros _________. which has been passed down the Armstrong line for generations! Sometimes I ____ when I hear the sounds of ____. they pull _________ back in! I'm too old for ________! Frankly my dear.

My mama always said. _________ is like a box of chocolates. you had to walk into mine.Of all the _______ in all the world. can I have some ________? Why do I cry myself to sleep every night? . and beyond! Please Sir. Get these motherfucking _________ off this motherfucking plane! Nothing in the world is as bad as _________ You're only supposed to blow the bloody ___________! Imagine all the _________ To ________.

If only because of it's references to ____! A woman's priority should always be __________ All that she wants is __________ Statistically. 9/10 people enjoy _____________? _____________. That's what she said! .-) Just spray on and BANG! The _________'s gone The greatest threat to humanity and the environment in the 21st century is ____________ .What did little Suzie get for Christmas? I'm the king of the __________! I'm surprised the PC brigade haven't managed to get Cards Against Humanity banned.

What's Victoria's Secret? Girls are made of ____. devoted friend. Who ya gonna call? Someday my headstone will read: "If you're reading this ____" . 1990-2015.I like Walt Disney films too! Have you ever seen "________ and the __________"? The hills are alive with the sound of __________ Sarah Holub smells like _________ Here lies Sagen James. lover of ______. ____ it's what's for dinner.

" Kim Kardashian's ass may have broken the internet. The unspoken 11th commandment of the American Bible Belt: thou shall not forsake ___________. my first name ain't Baby. "_________" three times. you will see Bloody Mary if you look into a mirror and say. but that's where she keeps _________. Los Angeles finally has an NFL football team."No. ________ if you're nasty. but your mom's ass broke _____. a Madea Holiday Special" I'm not saying the Octomom has a giant vagina. it's Janet. . The new Urban Legend is. Meghan Trainor is all "All About That Bass" but I'm all about ________. Ms. Joanie loves Chachi but Chachi loves _________. "_____________. They're called the Los Angeles _____________.

they're now dispensing _______.Here lies Melissa Arias (1982-2015). "All I wanted was _______. . Every ATM in the world is broken. Thnks Fr Th _________. I Write Sins Not _________. Mother always said. She died of ______. the cure to a hangover is ______. and my mom wouldn't give it to me!" If I were one of The Wonder Twins. Panic! At The _________. Instead of money. I'd want to transform into _______. My favorite show really jumped the shark after they introduced ______.

____________. Not saying Hitler was a great guy. . _______ is a good reason to adopt. It's so wet. On today's episode of Niggers vs. but he did have __________. crackers. I'm so glad I bought a ________. I got a blank space baby and ________. I would treat you with _________. the weapon of choice is _________.My _________ Romance. and perfect in every way! You are so beautiful. it helps masks the screams. delicious. When I have kids they will eat ________. and if you were my lady.

___! Our most powerful weapon for the zombie apocalypse will be _____? My battle cry is "____!" Every ___ is sacred. Bill O'Reilly to gay blacks on welfare: "____" . and ___. from the genius of Mel Brooks. and I'll ___ if I want to. me. What's it all about.In order to avoid eye contact. This year. Jill often ________. Best night ever: you. then? It's my birthday.

give ________. I now know that ____s are cool. Here lies Josh Pickard. until I met a man that had no _______. devoted friend. Mom! What's for dinner!? One night Melissa Downs was overly excited because she could not wait to try ___ . lover of ___________.Mixing ____ with tea is a common Wiccan "potion. When you get in trouble and you don't know right from wrong." Where's the ____? Thanks to the Eleventh Doctor. Who Was Phone?!? I cried because I had no shoes. 1988-2015.

.When cruising Scruff i'm often concerned when I see ________.

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