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AMA computer college, INC. Amable R. Aguiluz,et al. Vs.

Zenaida Garay
G.R No. 162468, January 23, 2007
1. What are the components of an individual’s attitude?
Zenaida R. Garay - that hired as a college instructor in 1994. Promoted principal of
the high school department with a monthly salary of 10,000. But they loss of trust
and confidence because of that incident.
Sarah Pechardo – is a cashier in AMACC that her responsible replaced or missed
placed the brown enveloped that containing 47,299.34.
Carmelita R. Condenuevo – the petitioner she is immediately ordered the
investigation of pechardo and garay.
2. What is the case and the problem?
Garay was brought to the barangay office and the incident was entered in its blotter.
Petitioner served on respondent several notices enjoining her to appear during the
hearings and to submit her written explanation.
The problem is garay complied but the hearings were always cancelled.