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This is to certify that Mr. RITESH PANDEY student of RAJ SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT AND
SCIENCES has completed her Project report on “INBOUND SERVICES OF COX & KING IN
INDIA” in the year 2014-2015 in 1ST YEAR Of MBA. He has successfully completed the project
under my constant guidance and support.

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We, here by, declare that this mentorship project report on INBOUND SERVICES OF COX &
KING IN INDIA has been written and prepared by me during the academic year 2014-16. This
project was done under the external Mentor Mr. PRADEEP KUMAR MISHRA cox & king (pvt
ltd). In partial fulfilment of the requirement for the MBA course of RAJ SCHOOL OF

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Mr. content inspiration. PRADEEP KUMAR MISHRA always managed to have a regular interaction with me throughout the project. In spite of his busy schedule. I would like to thank Mr. My faculty guide Miss Shiva Singh (HOD)had been very helpful for the successful completion of the project by guiding me throughout the entire phase. Timely guidance and feedback coupled with words of appreciation always helped me keep going and gaining maximum learning from the project. I take this as an ample opportunity to express my heart full thanks and sincere regards to each and every person associated with the completion of this project. I am very much thankful for giving me an opportunity to work under guidance. I express my indebtedness to Miss Shiva Singh methwani for their skilful guidance.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT As I am finishing my training. I would like to extend my gratitude to her for rendering all the support I needed throughout my project. PRADEEP KUMAR MISHRA for allowing me to work o this highly challenging project and guiding me throughout the tenure of the project. suggestion. Cox & king Page 4 . and encouragement and in the initial execution of my experiments which make work smooth and so many things.

Table of contents Cox & king Page 5 .

Land and Cruise Bookings) • Destination Management • Incentive and conference Solutions • Value added NRI services • Trade fairs • Car/Coach/Railway bookings • Foreign Exchange • Business travel (Air Tickets domestic and International) • Private Air charter • Hotel Bookings (Domestic and International) • Visas/Passport/Medical insurance assistance We operate in eight countries either directly or through our subsidiaries/branch network and also have representative offices in additional 5 countries. We offer the following services: • Excursions and Leisure Travel (Overseas Holidays. Cox & king Page 6 . Our registered office is situated at Mumbai. Air. Andheri.INTRODUCTION Business Overview We are one of the oldest and most reputed travel organizations in India offering total travel solutions to our customers. India and other branch offices in India are located at New Delhi. We operate as a ONE STOP SHOP for all travel related products. Domestic Holidays.

We intend to further expand our set up by adding more branches and shops as well as franchise outlets to serve more customers and add to our existing base of valued customers. meetings. Sweden and Germany. Conferences. We also have representative offices in Spain. trade fairs for the corporate traveller. MICE (Meetings. Bangalore. Australia. Outbound travel and Domestic travel. Ahmadabad. Hyderabad. Goa and Jaipur giving us a pan India presence. Our Corporate travel verticals aims at making business trips more convenient and cost effective with our enhanced customer service aimed at faster service delivery and more personalized attention. FITs (Free Individual Traveller). Kochi. Kolkata. We were one of the first travel companies to be granted a license as an Authorized Dealer . We serve our customers through our products viz. Japan. Groups and Trade Fairs. exhibitions. Our Inbound segment focuses on providing destination management services that cover all aspects of the ground tour arrangement for tour operators across the world for the tourist visiting the Indian sub-continent. Nagpur. Cox & Kings (Japan) Limited has branches in Maldives and New Caledonia.Chennai. Incentives. Cox and Kings (India) Limited (formerly called Eastern Carrying Company Ltd) was incorporated in India in the Cox & king Page 7 . Our Business is divided into three main verticals of Leisure. UAE and Singapore. Pune. Corporate Travel and Forex. We also have two international branch offices at Moscow and New York and have operating subsidiaries in UK.category II under the new licensing regime on October 19. South Africa. Events). Our global reach and passion for travel uniquely position us to offer multiple travel choices and value for our products. We also provide services related to conference organizing. Our Outbound and Domestic segment includes package holidays in India and overseas. 2006. Within Leisure we have three segments of Inbound travel.

botanists and natural historians. 2007 and the name has now changed to Cox and Kings (India) limited. which later become the Royal Army Service Corps. ABM Good and John Norman Romney Barber from Grindlays by acquiring Cox & Kings (Holdings) Ltd. pay and sundry obligations of the officers stationed overseas. In October 1922. most of the cavalry and infantry regiments. the Royal Artillery. 1950 and thereafter upon the introduction of the Companies Act. became agent and banker to the entire Household Brigade. The 25 Company ultimately converted into a public company pursuant to the special resolution to this effect dated 29th January. and the Royal Wagon Train. an history of 250 years when Lord Ligonier. The name ‘Cox & Kings’ is synonymous with travel business. the business of Henry S.. a small bank with Indian interests was absorbed in the business of Cox and thus the name of Cox & Kings came into existence.year 1939. The name of the Company was initially changed to Cox & Kings (India) Ltd. Ltd. This business interest in the travel business was bought by Mr. In the year 1970 Cox and Kings entered the Grindlays Group pursuant to the acquisition of Cox & Kings (Holdings) Ltd by National Grindlays Bank Ltd. It also branched out into special interest holidays for artists. Cox & king Page 8 . i.e. as his regimental agent for handling the affairs. The evolution of the name of our company as a brand can be traced in history dating back to 1758. King & Co. 1956. By 1878 Cox & Co. Cox and Kings under its present ownership continued to operate as specialized Tour operators. on February 23. Grindlays divested its non-banking activities because of Governmental regulations. In 1923 the banking business of Cox & King’s was taken over by Lloyds Bank Limited. the name of the Company was changed to Cox & Kings (India) Pvt. and increased its focus on the business of travel and tourism In the year 1980. appointed Richard Cox. Colonel of the Foot Guards.

Cox and Kings (India) Limited issued its shares to Cox and Kings (Agents) Limited. we acquired 100% of the share capital of Clearmine Limited. a company incorporated in the United Kingdom to transfer the business operations of its branch offices in Bombay & New Delhi. ETN Services Limited is the wholly owned subsidiary of Clearmine Limited and it carries out destination management services for our tours to Europe and also inbound tours in Europe for other tour Cox & king Page 9 . Cox and Kings (Agents) Limited continued with the business of its head office in London. August 1996. to Cox and Kings (India) Limited.842. 1998 and June 2005. 1980 permitted Cox and Kings (Agents) Limited.450 shares representing 70. A B M Good were collectively holding 3. Liz Investment Private Limited and Mr. August 1996. 1981 and thereafter in a series of rights issue by the Company in March 1990. November. In consideration of the transfer of the business.In the year 1980. Liz Investment Private Limited acquired the shares in Cox and Kings (India) Limited from the existing shareholders for the first time on September 21. Urrshila Kerkar. Ajay Ajit Peter Kerkar and Urrshila Kerkar bought shares of Cox and Kings (India) Limited from the existing shareholders of the Company for the first time on May 09.63% of the outstanding capital of the Company. Reserve Bank of India vide its letter dated May 14. 1988 and similarly consolidated its holding in the rights issue by the Company in March 1990. In March 2006. November. Cox and Kings (India) Limited issued and allotted 60% of the shares to Resident Indians and Staff Gratuity Trust Fund. a company incorporated in the UK. Upon conclusion of the rights issue in June 2005 Peter Kerkar. As a condition of Indianisation imposed by Reserve Bank of India. 1998 and June 2005 consolidated their holding through allotment of additional shares/subscription to renunciation in these rights issue including purchases from the existing shareholder during the said period.

We are in the process of signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.45 million and Rs. UK and 41. Group Structure of Cox and Kings (India) Limited We hope to add more customers each year and better our service standards by providing customers with a wide choice of products and flexibility to meet their changing needs. UK a wholly owned subsidiary of Cox & Kings Limited UK is an outbound specialist tour operator and caters to leisure travel market of Europe. we acquired 100% of the share capital of Cox & Kings Limited. Cox & Kings Travel Limited. Cox & king Page 10 . IRCTC has received an in-principle approval from the Railway Board dated 29/11/2007 for running the Luxury Tourist Train in joint venture with us to manage the onboard/Off board services. Cox & Kings Limited UK holds 100% of Cox & Kings Travel Limited. 2007. marketing. It does not offer it’s own tours. Our restated profit after tax for the same period was Rs. (IRCTC) for running a Luxury Tourist Train in joint Venture with IRCTC.19 million. 92. Cox & Kings (Japan) Limited is a dedicated wholesaler of products and services to other tour operators.17% of the share capital of Cox & Kings (Japan) Limited. In September 2007. 2006 and 2005 our total income was Rs.operators. It also offers ground handling capabilities in select geographies. booking. 210. For the year ended March 31. 455. pricing etc.52 million.18 million. Cox & Kings Travel Limited holds the balance 58. 173. 994.29 million respectively. The in-principle approval of the Railway Board sets out the broad principle and the specific details are being worked out.83% of Cox & Kings (Japan) Limited. 657. Rs. Rs.53 million and Rs.

We believe that our biggest asset is the trust and the comfort that our clients have in us.Our Competitive Strengths Trusted and Respected Brand We believe that our brand is well recognized and respected in the World Tours and Travel Industry. It is also reflected in the repeat business we get from them. Various awards have been conferred upon us over the years and this is testimony to the acknowledgement of our services in the Travel Industry. It is here that we believe our brand which we have built over the years. We believe our business requires people to believe in our capability to provide quality services and products that will lead to an overall satisfied experience even before they have approached us for business or have given us the opportunity to serve them earlier. The brand of Cox & Kings has evolved over a period of 250 years. plays an important role in getting people to trust in our ability to serve them well. Cox & king Page 11 . For details on the awards won by us kindly refer to the section titled “Business – Past Awards and Recognition” on page 111 of this Draft Red Herring Prospectus.

Mr. He was the founder.Operations. Arup Sen. • Cox & Kings Special Interest Holidays Limited • Grand Tours Limited • Cox & Kings Tours Limited • Cox & Kings Investment Limited • Cox & Kings (Agents) Limited • Cox & Kings Finance Limited • Cox & Kings Finance (Mauritius) Ltd. Director .Peter Kerkar has an in-depth understanding of the travel industry. Strong Management We are lead by an experienced management group that has worked and has been associated with the travel industry for many years and has the required skill. has extensive experience in travel Cox & king Page 12 . Our management team includes Mr. expertise and vision to continue to expand our business in new markets. Ms. Urrshila Kerkar is our Head of Operations in India who has been with the company since more than 15 years. Under their direction and guidance the Company has grown at a CAGR of 36. Group CEO who has been with the company for more than 20 years.18 over the past four years. Mr. Peter Kerkar. director of the World Tourism Council for the India sub continent.* DORMANT SUBSIDARIES • Cox & Kings (Shipping) Limited • Cox & Kings Holdings Limited • Cox & Kings Enterprises Limited • C & K Investments Limited.

Geographical Presence We operate in eight countries either directly or through our branches and subsidiary companies and including our representative offices. Product Spectrum We believe in offering complete travel solutions. Goa and Jaipur. we have an exclusive tie – up with them. We believe that our success in branding our products has created more awareness among travellers and has also helped a traveller in distinguishing and identifying our branded products like “Duniya Dekho”. Kochi. Cox & king Page 13 . Pune.industry and the same has been applied to the benefit of the operations of our Company. We believe that our products have been fairly successful in the market. GSA are those agents who sell only our products i. “Flexihols”. Chennai. have presence in thirteen countries across the globe. Nagpur. Further we have an exhaustive network of General Sales Agent (GSA) / Preferred Sales Agent (PSA) all over India. we have branch offices at New Delhi. This also helps us to differentiate our products vis – a – vis the products offered by our competitors. Ahmedabad. We continuously innovate our product offering with the flexibility to meet the changing needs of our customers and to better address their needs. Our wide choice of product offerings caters to all the travel needs of the Indian and International traveller. Kolkata. Bangalore.e. Hyderabad. In India. whereas PSA are those agents who sell travel products of other tour operators as well as ours. “Bharat Deko”.

as well as for human resources. and we believe this structure helps us attract and retain our managerial personnel.640 travel companies around the world and service clients originating through them within India. We also have regular training programs for our staff and management personnel. Besides we have a strong network of dedicated ground operators functioning in different countries that offer better options to customers as per convenience and budget to maximize their travel experience. quality management. They provide the customer interface and are always aligned to the customers’ requirements which reflects our standards of service quality. They are important components in contributing to the productivity of our business.Our representatives who have in depth knowledge of the local market they operate in and we periodically update them in regards to the services and the kind of arrangements and products we have to offer to our customers. This strong network of agents and representatives gives us access to important geographies and markets and help us set our feet firmly in the offline travel industry. Skilled & Quality Staff We attach great importance to our well knit motivated team of committed people. operations. Our branches and sales network coupled with their domain knowledge has assisted us in successfully improving our market share in tourism business. a global travel company. We have built a team of experienced. skilled and efficient personnel having in depth knowledge of the business and unspoken passion to promote our products. we are connected with a network of over 4. We utilize a competitive compensation structure for our managerial personnel and staff. and our international business. as a member of RADIUS Inc. For more information on our managerial personnel see the Cox & king Page 14 . We have dedicated and experienced management teams for the execution of special assignments. Also.

This will enable us to consolidate our sourcing needs. This will fit into our strategy of Cox & king Page 15 . It generates reports identifying areas of opportunity and thereby helps us in customizing to improve the efficiency of our products. corporate and agents world wide to include all products and services which they want on a real time basis. Our booking engine. Our sophisticated CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) is designed to analyze customer needs for better servicing and ensure repeat business for us. We have developed and implemented a comprehensive central reservation engine for all our travel related products. Our strategy will be to focus on up-market long haul tour operators whose product offerings include the Indian subcontinent and complement our existing worldwide product portfolio. giving us better buying power and yield cost savings. built on high performance technology.section on “Our Management” beginning on page 139 of this Draft Red Herring Prospectus. Our web enabled centralized dynamic packaging system enables individual. is quick in delivering real time business information. Our Business Strategy Acquisitions We are looking a inorganic growth and may consider consolidating our market share through acquisition if targets provide strong strategic fit at a reasonable price. We have a 24 X 7 dedicated call center manned by well informed and efficient executives to address to customer requirements including complaints if any. Technology We deploy highest standards of information technology platforms.

The franchisee is branded as a Cox & Kings shop and sells only our products. It is a business arrangement where the franchisee has the licensed right to own and operate the business based on our business concept and use our brand name. These shops will be powered by high-end technology and equipped with trained staff having an in Depth knowledge of our products. Our growth strategy involves gaining new clients and expanding our service offerings. which have expertise in the domain in which they operate and which also have a good client base. Better Reach We are focused on maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure of our existing shops and also setting up new shops in new geographic areas. advertising and marketing support. To penetrate newer regions we are planning to increase our network of PSA / GSA agents with high potential. both organically and through strategic acquisitions of companies. site development. Our endeavor is also to convert PSA agents and GSA agents to franchisees going forward. Cox & king Page 16 . We also plan to open more branch offices abroad. We have also launched a franchisee model. In this we provide start up help in terms of training. which will help us penetrate newer geographies and add to our customer base. It is a one stop travel shop that provides all travel related services under one roof. This would increase the pace of our growth. making travelling more simple for the customers. thereby enabling us to secure a higher volume of business.offering both outbound and inbound services to our clients in each of the destinations that we operate in.

rise in disposable incomes. coupled with rising aspirations ensures this segment is poised for growth. A buoyant economy. we have now created our space in the online arena. hotel accommodation. We have recently launched websites with the name www. Having firmly set foot in the offline market.coxandkingsnri. The website offers complete travel solutions offering the user a choice to purchase any item from an airline ticket. These websites and our existing website and www.coxandkings. We offer various options to the customer giving him the flexibility to customize the holidays as per its choice. we are well positioned to capture a whole new client base.Online Foray The online travel market in India is in a nascent stage and offers tremendous growth potential. We believe we are well positioned to exploit this segment with our flexible products and will continue to offer a comprehensive range of travel contents to the consumer with attractive pricing Cox & king Page 17 . We believe that with the rise in the number of internet users and better acceptability of the internet as a convenient medium for making travel related purchases.coxandkingsinbound. to a complete tour package. Focus on Outbound We believe that there is considerable growth opportunity in the outbound tourism segment. logistic support. Also with travel getting cheaper there will be an increase in the number of people opting to travel outside India. The website also offers users a choice to purchase any combination of the above and also design their own primarily offer an additional channel of reaching out to our existing and potential (users) customers which are updated regularly to feature our products and

2% at the end of the second quarter of Fiscal 2007. religious and business interests. The importance of tourism as an instrument for economic development and employment generation.ABOUT THE COMPANY INDUSTRY OVERVIEW For the purpose of the Industry Overview we have relied for information on the Annual Report 2005-06 and the Tourism Statistics for 2005 and 2006 released by Ministry of Tourism. with a real GDP growth rate of 9. Overall. Government of India. owing to its large consumer market and efforts by the government to position it as one of the front-runners of the rapidly growing Asia Pacific region. adventure.07 billion between Fiscal 2000 and Fiscal 2006. India attracted FDI of around US$ 35. It is motivated by the natural urge for new experience.01 billion). Indian Economy The Indian economy is one of the largest in the world with a gross domestic product (GDP) at current prices of Rs 32. It is one of the largest service industries globally in terms of gross revenue as well as foreign exchange earnings. and the report on Travel and Tourism in India by Euro monitor International September 2006. It is amongst the fastest growing major economies in the world. In recent years. The motivation for tourism also includes social. Cox & king Page 18 .509.32 billion (US$ 737. education and entertainment. India has become a global preferred destination for FDI. has been well recognised the world over. particularly in remote and backward areas. Tourism in General Tourism has been a major social phenomenon of the societies all along. the report of WTTC on India ‘ Travel and Tourism Navigating the path ahead’.

visitor attractions. hotels. Behind these revenue and employment figures is the large and growing number of international travellers. The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) estimates that in 2006 the Travel & Tourism sector contributed 2. HISTORY OF THE COMPANY Cox & king Page 19 . and so on) and indirectly through the supply of many goods and services that are inputs to the tourism industry. restaurants. Tourism has become an extremely important employment and revenue generator internationally. tourist transport.5 million new jobs worldwide.Tourism is one economic sector in India that has the potential to grow at a high rate and can ensure consequential development of the infrastructure of the destinations. It has the capacity to capitalize on the success of the country in the service sector and provide sustainable models of growth. providing jobs directly through the tourism industry itself (for example.

founder of Cox & Kings Cox was born in Yorkshire in 1718. Cox'. He then bought an estate near Quarley in Hampshire. His father.Richard Cox. Cox’s career really took off when Lord Ligonier led the Flanders campaigns of the War of the Austrian Succession. as a clerk in the early 1740s. making him his private secretary in the late 1740s. in turn. Richard Cox makes a demand that “suitable winter provisions and housing should be made available for the three English companies” and he became ever increasingly entwined with the organization of provisions and the general welfare of the troops. There is little documentary evidence of the early life of Richard Cox. although he must have received an excellent education after which he came into the service of the English General. Ligonier. and in 1747 he married Caroline Codington. daughter of Sir William Codington who was an established military figure. thought the world of his 'beloved Mr. He was clearly exceptionally good at making important contacts with all echelons of the army and society. had made a good living as a lawyer and had moved from his birthplace in Clent in Worcestershire to Yorkshire. and rewarded Richard Cox with the Cox & king Page 20 . Lord Ligonier. Ligonier went on to become the Colonel of the First Foot Guards (Grenadier Guards) in 1757. Joshua. In one letter sent back to London. the founder Richard Cox 1718-1803.

Rigid social structures were breaking down and enterprising people could make themselves exceptionally wealthy. leaving his grandson Richard Henry Cox firmly established. There were about a dozen main agents working for the army at the time and each Regimental Colonel chose one to serve their troops. in essence they arranged the payment of officers and men. Greenwood as controlling partner. the forebear of Cox & Kings. becoming the largest military agent for the army. acted as a go between for the buying and selling of officers’ commissions and acted upon any special requests from the regimental adjutant. Cox's longevity as a military agent had made the army dependent on his services for the smooth running and organization of a busy and stretched military serving all around the globe. In 1795 they served 14 regiments of cavalry. ideas and commerce. The 19th century and onwards:Cox & Co grew through the 18th and 19th centuries. organized the provision of clothing. 64 infantry regiments and 17 militia regiments. Richard Cox died in August of 'military agent' after the incumbent died in May 1758. Thus was born Cox & Co. Timely alliances with the great banking families such as the Hammerlseys and Greenwoods secured an Cox & king Page 21 . with Mr. This ranged from the shipment of personal effects to the requisition of weapons or supplies. The company was thriving by the time of the outbreak of war with France in 1793 employing some 35 clerks. There was not a strict code for the role of an agent. Cox lived in a time when Britain was radically changing. He was the epitome of those driving the London economy. Cox had taken on the most prestigious infantry regiment. and the 63rd Regiment and the Royal Artillery soon followed suit. generously investing in a multitude of people.

500 worked for the firm. Cox & Co were still suffering from the downturn in business caused by the surrender of the Germans in 1918. 50. supplementing those in Alexandria and Egypt (1919 and 1920) and Rangoon (1921). By the end of the war some 4. Cox & king Page 22 . Cox & Kings USA came under the umbrella brand of East India Travel Company. The Americas is headed by Centre Head and COO Thomas Stanley. The company set up five branches in India between 1905 and 1911. Cox & Kings. California in May.000 men were on their books. NY. Cox & Co bought Henry S. Cox & Co met the demand for officers to be looked after. King Bank. 1988 in New York. As the empire grew.. 2011. In October 1922. They were forced to sell to Lloyds Bank. When the Great War began Cox & Co employed some 180 staff. In August. Cox & Kings USA has been rebranded Cox & Kings. of which one third joined the army. They also moved into new offices in Pall Mall. Ltd. The Americas. who were had a large network in India.000 cheques were cleared a day and a special department was set up to deal with the influx of American soldiers in 1917. FL. and by the end of the 19th century most Regiments used Cox & Co as their agents. 2009. 2010. 1998 the USA office was moved to Tampa. In 1923..established position in London. and is responsible for all sales for clients in North and South America. In October. The USA office was opened in June. The Americas is relocating from Tampa Florida to Los Angeles. Cox & Kings. Inc. During the Great War some 250. In June. which is a subsidiary of Cox & Kings. the global parent company.

for an undisclosed sum but rumored to be in the vicinity of USD$25 million. Artillery and Cox & king Page 23 . Its distinguished history began when it was appointed as general agents to the regiment of Foot Guards in India under the command of Lord Ligonier and handled the Royal Cavalry.Cox & Kings purchased Tempo Holidays. is the longest established travel company in the world since 1758 and in December 2009 successfully listed on the stock exchange in India. COMPANY PROFILE Cox & Kings Ltd. (CKL). a Melbourne based wholesale travel company in July 2008.

representative offices. In December 2009 it also acquired My Planet Australia Pty Ltd and Bentours International Pty Ltd in Australia. France. Pune and Goa. The company owns Tempo Holidays Australia.(visa processing). Kolkata. & representative offices in Spain. the Household Brigade. employing over 1. branch offices in New York. subsidiaries. Corporate Travel. Moscow. it is a premium brand in all travel related services. Australia. South America. PRINCIPAL SERVICES OFFERED BY THE COMPANY: Cox & king Page 24 .Infantry. the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force came under its wings. UAE. Greece & Germany. Hong Kong. Singapore. MICE. The companys extensive network of 185 GSAs and PSAs covering all major towns and cities of India enhances its reach. ETN in the UK and Quoprro Global Services Pvt Ltd. franchised sales shops as well as through our global network of sales agents. Royal Wagon Train. New Delhi. Italy. OFFICES & REPRESENTATIONS: Cox & Kings operates in 20 countries through branch offices. Chennai. Japan. The company has 12 branch sales offices in India located in Mumbai. Jaipur. Ahmadabad. Maldives & Tahiti. Cox & Kings has subsidiaries in UK.400 professionals and headquartered in India. Visa Processing and foreign exchange. East India Travel Company in North America. Trade Fairs. The business can be broadly categorized as Leisure Travel. Today. USA. The company has appointed over 100 franchisees across 20 states covering 70 cities. Kochi. Bangalore. Germany. Hyderabad. Sweden and South Africa. New Zealand.

 Leisure  Domestic Tourism Cox & Kings is amongst the first travel organizations to brand domestic holidays – 'Bharat Deko'. Bharat Dekho BHARAT DHEKHO INDIVIDUAL HOLIDAYS Cox & king GROUP HOLIDAYS ROMANTIC GATEWAYS Page 25 . spa holidays. budget holidays. Visa Processing and Foreign Exchange. activity holidays. MICE. The Outbound Tours is segregated into Duniya Dekho (escorted tours). Innovative packaging. Inbound & International. Under this brand we market exclusive products that range from religious pilgrimage tours. pricing and marketing have been the hallmarks of its success over the years.Cox & Kings is amongst the largest players with its range of specialist options.Domestic (Bharat Dekho). Among its many products are Leisure Travel. FlexiHols (customized tours). summer and beach retreats. Luxury Escapades (unique & luxurious travel) & NRI (catering to Indians across the world). Trade Fairs. weekend breaks. Corporate Travel. education tours. train vacations. coaching and touring holidays.

The company caters primarily to the high-end segment of the inbound market and conducts a range of group and individual tours throughout India for its clients from across the world. It provide ground related services to international cruise companies touching Indian shores with a provision for shore excursions. air/ rail ticketing. Innovative packaging. ad hoc incentives and exhibitions and cater to domestic conferences and corporate incentives as well. pricing and marketing have been the hallmarks of its success over the years.  Outbound Tourism Cox & Kings is amongst the largest players with its range of specialist options. This segment is growing at close to 25 per cent. conferences. airport transfer. conference management. private air charter. event planning. Inbound Tourism Inbound Travel business promotes India as a tourist destination. meetings and appointments. roundtrip. It provide destination management services and cover all aspects of ground tour management such as hotel bookings. Additionally. etc. excursion planning. meet and greet services. land arrangements. It also provides specialized services to foreign participants visiting India for international meetings. Among its many products are: Cox & king Page 26 .

Europe. South Africa and Mauritius. These group tours cover some of the world's most enchanting places such as Australia.. Latin America.S. “Duniya Dekho” recently launched a series of premium group holidays – “Luxury Escapades” with travel destinations like Europe. The customer chooses a specific tour from the array of choices offered to suit his budget and preferences. USA – 2011 AUSTRALIA- NEWZEALAND EUROPE Cox & king FAR EAST Page 27 . New Zealand. Canada. Middle East. Far East and Africa. These are specially designed for the „value traveler‟.A. These are ready made packages where a group of travelers is escorted by a tour manager. U. Middle East.Duniya Dekho The company design and market escorted tours to group travelers under one of our flagship brand “Duniya Dekho”. Far-East.

USA and Canada. romance or explorer) and sharing his preference of sightseeing. family vacations.e. etc. identifying travel interest (i. explorer. family. Australia and New Zealand.EXOTIC FlexiHols These are targeted at the more discerning Free Individual Traveler (FIT). EUROPE Cox & king FAR EAST Page 28 . FIT can make its “FlexiHol” travel plans by selecting its travel destination and holiday option (ranging from romantic holidays. Far East and South East Asia. airline and hotels. The destinations range from Europe.). where every holiday is customized as per the convenience of the traveler. exotic cruises.

The Cox & king Page 29 .NEW ZEALAND ISLANDS AFRICA AMERICAS  Luxury Escapades This innovative niche caters to the crème de la crème and this concept in holidaying unveils one destination after another.  NRI Division Indians across the world have always yearned to travel with a quality tour operator that understands its diverse needs be it culinary preferences or holiday options.AUS. One can experience the finest luxury hotels and the most exclusive entertainment avenues of the world. laced with sinful indulgences and fine living.

We believe our brand recall is very high amongst over 200 corporate clients. Leveraging the partnership with Radius. Australia. and city tours to technical add-ons such as Cox & king Page 30 . Business Travel The Corporate or Business Travel has witnessed a change from the traditional travel agency mode to total travel management mode. Trade Fairs Cox & Kings Trade Fairs ensures that you make the most of your business trip and that the smallest of details are taken care of. the objective is to minimize the total travel budget for the corporate while maintaining the service standards. It is affiliated with Radius Inc. including major domestic and multinational companies.NRI division caters to such travelers primarily from the Middle East. city centre hotels during the fair period. as their Indian partner. Cox & Kings can offer travel fulfilment services to corporate clients in India and overseas. Sri Lanka and Hong Kong.. right from confirmed accommodation. Europe. The Corporate Travel market is a highly competitive market with presence of both domestic and international travel companies. In this mode. the world's largest conglomerate in business travel. USA.

business meetings. Backed by a phenomenal trail of awards and expertise. gala dinners in fairy tale castles and steam train journeys in princely carriages amongst others. one by providing a holiday that enables an executive to unwind and recharge and the other serving as a reward for excellence that inspires the team. event management. Cox & Kings offers outbound tour management facilities and an array of value-added services that can arrange and handle the most complex and exacting business trips anywhere in the world. buyer-seller meets and much more.factory visits. Cox & king Page 31 . Conferences and Exhibitions (“MICE”) Leisure travel is increasingly being used as an incentive tool by many organizations to convey appreciation for Recognizing achievers. Incentives. seminars. It has dual benefits. Meetings. all at the most attractive prices. exhibitions. Every event is designed to meet specific requirements right from the pre-event preparations. We cater to all aspects of conference organizing. We have been constantly introducing innovative events and making suggestions to make every conference eventful and memorable like elephant polo matches. We were one of the first travel companies to be granted the license as the Authorized Dealer . product launches and incentives. Forex Cox & Kings is amongst the leading retail forex dealers in the country.Category II under the new licensing regime. during the event itself and through to post-event settlements.

salary and wages to crews on ships visiting in India. insurance and other ancillary travel services.Category II opened a wide spectrum of activities which we can undertake.The enhancement of status from FFMC to Authorized Dealer . Cox & king Page 32 . one can complete all processes using just one window. seminars. With the company's online access system. organization’s membership are some of the new businesses which we can undertake in addition to providing foreign exchange service to Leisure Travelers and Corporate / Business Travelers. just one simple booking system. foremost among them is the ability to transact outward remittance requirements. migrant travelers. Cox & Kings Online Cox & Kings has developed an online portal. cars. which is a web enabled dynamic system that includes holidays. The remittances or other exchange facilities for students pursuing studies abroad. This places Cox & Kings in league with Authorized Dealers like Foreign Exchange Nominated Banks to cater to the requirements of a whole host of customers. hotels. transfers. Most of the products and services are available on a real time basis and is backed by a 24x7 call centre. medical treatment overseas. It works with more than 100 corporate clients and caters to its large leisure base. subscriptions for overseas publications. sightseeing.


Cox & king Page 34 . These are ready made packages where a group of travelers is escorted by a tour manager.  Duniya Dekho The company design and market escorted tours to group travelers under one of our flagship brand “Duniya Dekho”. ‘Bharat Dekho’ section. The customer chooses a specific tour from the array of choices offered to suit his budget and preferences. Under this department I also learnt how to fill visa application forms for various destinations. we worked on north east destinations (Gangtok – Pelling – Darjeeling). In This department that is where I learnt how to handle quires of clients under the guidance of Miss Hemlata. where I understood the necessity of travel documents and regulations and the significance of the different types of travel documents and for what purpose they are required. This was the most crucial part of my entire training period. In this section I was taught how itineraries are prepared.  Itinerary preparation This department was domestic that is.JOBS DONE  Visa processing services I worked in visa processing services.

knowing the person has purchased products similar or related to theirs from other vendors or outlets. The purpose of telemarketing is to make a sale. Sometimes telemarketers have personal information when they call a customer. I was given a list of more than hundred clients to make calls. but on the job training is the practical way. Telemarketing is one of the most controversial types of marketing. Tele-marketing Telemarketing is marketing conducted over the telephone. Normally the students are not aware of actual requirement Cox & king Page 35 . LEARNING PART Classroom teaching helps the student by making conceptual base clear. Most telemarketing calls are "cold calls." meaning the recipient of the call has not requested that the telemarketer contact them. which helps the students to get practical knowledge of the concept.

Minaxi Joshi and Miss Hemlata Methwani. It provides ground handling services for inbound tours in the Europe. Business of the operating subsidiaries of the Company ETN Services Limited ETN is one of the fastest growing inbound travel wholesalers in Europe. Taiwan.Working as a summer trainee at Cox & Kings was a wonderful experience. ETN services inbound travel for destinations across Europe and its clients are mainly sourced from India. Cox & king Page 36 . The various departments under which I worked are BHARAT DEKHO. under Sir Ishwar processing services. the person who trained me was Miss Jhanvi Rathore. It is my pleasant duty to express my special thanks to Mr. it gave me immense understanding about how companies are making business through various ways. The other department which I worked in was . DUNIYA DEKHO. Germany and South Korea. Ishwar Das and Miss Jhanvi Rathore for their encouragement throughout my project and their guidance during the compilation of work. this department was undertaken by Mrs.

Greenbee has signed up with Cox & Kings. Japan Arlines. monuments etc. Nova Tourist Bureau Company Limited etc which Cox & king Page 37 . All Nippon Airways Company Limited. tour escorts and specialist guides. It concentrates on the up-market end of the business. This license enables it to sell travel products to the public. to provide an exclusive range of planned group tours and bespoke travel itineraries Cox & Kings Japan Cox & Kings Japan has a tour operator class license from the Government of Japan. Greenbee is targeting to become the destination shop for travellers in 2008. and Interest led packages. It is considered a specialist tour operator which also operates tours around the world like India. The John Lewis Partnership is one of the UK’s top ten retail businesses with 25 John Lewis department stores and 183 Waitrose supermarkets. providing home and travel insurance. Although the business was started as a onecountry product (India). Middle East etc. restaurants and tickets for special events. transportation. Cox & Kings Travel Limited UK Cox & Kings Travel Limited UK is an outbound specialist tour operator and caters to only the leisure travel market. Latin America.The key services offered by ETN across Europe includes hotels. It has official relationships with JTB Corporation. but more importantly to the wholesalers in Japan who control the market. Hokkai Snow Limited. It has launched a new direct services company named Greenbee. The tours are sold via brochures and such brochures are generally of two types: Destination led packages. Far East. the rapid growth over the past three years has been fueled by its increasing portfolio of specialist programmes. theatre tickets and travel services. Africa.

Another focus area would be to target the corporate incentive travel. We have our own branch offices in India. Another focus is in providing exclusive group tours which will cater to the needs of the Indian Expatriates in the region. generates revenues principally from packaging holidays for the public. Cox & Kings Tours LLC. Dubai has plans to start its inbound tours services to Dubai. Dubai’s objective is to tap UAE’s outbound leisure travel market. Cox & Kings Tours LLC. In the first 6 months of its operation in Dubai. Cox & Kings Tours LLC. Dubai serves Expatriates and UAE Nationals for leisure travel across the world. There are very few companies who have this trading relationship and this is a major barrier to enter the Japanese market. This gives it a major advantage in contracting and service delivery. It controls its quality and margins by having its own offices in Maldives and New Caledonia and through the ground handling activities of the Company for its Indian clients. the major wholesaler and societies. We also have a strong agency Cox & king Page 38 . which is growing at a fast pace. Distribution Channel for our Products Currently we use the following distribution channels for better visibility and sale of our products. Cox & Kings Tours LLC. We have marketing representative offices in 5 locations across the globe. It’s main focus will remain to be the leader in leisure travel segments both outbound and inbound. Dubai has already launched many innovative tour programs for the travellers from UAE.enables these companies to use their services as a B2B relationship. Dubai Cox & Kings Tours LLC. Cox & Kings Japan.

promotion and methods of operation to be employed in connection with the Cox & king Page 39 . eurail. ticketing. we plan to open more dedicated shops and pursue the franchisee route to gain depth of reach within India. and visa and documentation. 1 Our Branch Offices Currently we have offices in 12 locations within India and two offices outside India. etc. These branch offices operate as our Travel Shop as well as back office for transactions taking place in that part. hotel booking. We provide the staff of the franchisee with assistance and training to sell our branded products. Franchisee We have developed a franchisee model wherein the franchisee is labeled as a “Cox & Kings” shop and is a “One Stop Travel Shop”. third party products like cruises. As a part of our growth strategy. It sells through advertising with TV and through print media and dedicated readers offer. We also provide the franchisee with guidance relating to the management. We were amongst the first travel Company in India to start a unique marketing initiative called Travel Club. which sells its products either exclusively or with other travel products. Travel Club was a co-branded travel section appearing in major newspapers in India. finance. This was done to create awareness of new destinations. foreign exchange and of GSA/ PSAs within India and world wide. car rentals. These offices give us a pan India presence. The franchisee provides and sells all travel related products and services like leisure holidays. 2. We believe that these shops are very important for our overall growth as this is an interface between the customers and the company which ensures timely service and prompt grievance redressal.

This network of agents and representatives allows us to cater to demand in travel markets where we don’t have our own offices.coxandkingsinbound. the web platform will help the company to capture additional market of those travellers who prefer to do their travel purchase online. Cox & king Page 40 . we cater primarily to the Inbound travellers coming through them including NRI’s and PIO. We believe that application of such state of the art web technology will allow us to capture a whole new client base. We believe that with the number of internet users increasing. 3. Through our PSA / GSA and Representatives outside India. We will support the franchisee with advertising. We also have extensive network of representatives and GSA/PSA across the world. The website will also offer a user the choice to purchase any combination of product.coxandkings. The website will be a complete travel solution offering a user the choice to purchase any item from an airline ticket to a complete tour package. A revenue sharing model along with incentives is in place for these GSA/PSA promotions and other programs with a view to develop the business. Agents We have a network of GSA/PSA spread all over India.coxandkingsnri. Our PSA / GSA network within India sources business for us for our outbound tours and Domestic and www. Internet Sales We have recently launched websites www. These user friendly web sites offer our products on real time in addition to our existing website www. 4. Our representatives have in depth knowledge of the local market they operate in and we periodically update them in regards to our services and product offerings.

00 Competition Unlike mature markets of the world which are organized with deeper penetration the Indian travel market is highly fragmented and there is a potential for major penetration in retail market. 2008 are as follows: Country No of Staff India 929 84. We believe that these attributes of our staff provides us with a significant competitive edge.69 U. Our competitors may / may not offer all services and Cox & king Page 41 . 106 9.73 Total 1097 100. We believe that our management team is well placed to provide strategic leadership and direction to explore new emerging opportunity in these sectors as well as constantly improve our current operations.Human Resource Our management team includes some of the most experienced managers in the travel and leisure industry.92 Dubai 8 0. K. We have witnessed low attrition of key management personnel and have also recruited several professionals with a combination of domain expertise in critical areas and innovative thinking for all areas and services to our organisation.66 Japan 54 4. The brief details of the permanent employees of the Company as on January 15. Most of our senior management have substantial experience in their respective domain areas and have been instrumental in the growth of our organization.

1999-2000. In 2005-06 it also won the award for the Best Technology Programme in the travel industry at the Galileo Express Awards. The Greater New Okhla Industrial Development Authority has issued a notice terminating the lease. 2000-01. 3. Best Domestic Tour Operator at Abacus-TAFI Awards Nite in 2007 8. 4. 7. We are contesting Cox & king Page 42 . 2004-05 and 2005-06. 2003-04. 1998-99. Best Outbound Tour Operator Award at Abacus-TAFI Awards Nite in 2007 Properties We have taken a plot of land on lease at Greater NOIDA from the Greater New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. for three years in a row at the Galileo Express Awards for the years 2003-04. 1995-96.products that we do and their product portfolio may not be directly comparable but we may face competition. Best Domestic Tour Operator award. CNBC Awaaz Travel Award for Most Preferred Tour Operator in 2007. 5.03 at the Galileo Express Awards. Best Outbound Tour Operator in 2002 . Government of India’s National Tourism Award for Conferences. 6. National Tourism Award for the best Domestic Operator since the three years. 2001-02. 2004-05 and 2005-06. for seven years. Past Awards and Recognition 1. 2002-03 and 2003-04 2.

Cox & king Page 43 . neglect actual or alleged in conducting tour services with overseas tour operators. machinery breakdown etc. The owners of the premise have issued us a notice to us asking for vacating the premises and have filed a suit with the Small Causes Court at Mumbai. We also have a office protector policy to protect our offices form natural disasters. We are in possession of tenanted premises at Carnac Bunder. We have taken a group accidental policy covering 10. Insurance We have taken an indemnification policy as per the requirement of IATA. We are required to regularly renew the lease or lease and license arrangement with the owners to peacefully enjoy the property. For details on this litigation see “Outstanding Litigation and Material Developments” on page 262 of the Draft Red Herring Prospectus. We have a comprehensive office package policy for any loss suffered by us in our business that we do due to the dishonesty / fraud committed by our employees.000 passengers covering accidental death and permanent total disablement. We have also taken professional liability policy towards inbound tourists. Mumbai. fire. We also have money policy for loss of money including forex in transit. We also own residential flats at Mumbai and Bangalore. Our registered office at Mumbai and all the branch offices within and outside India are either taken on lease or on leave and license basis. burglary. These flats are primarily used for staff accommodation.the termination in the Allahabad High Court. form lockers of the Company and personal money. For more details on this litigation see “Outstanding Litigation and Material Developments” on page 262 of the Draft Red Herring Prospectus. We also have in place a professional liability insurance for loss or damage due to any error.

register a purchase or obtain product information. make a payment. In addition to this we have made application for registration of 20 trademarks with the Registrar of Trademark. For more details on these trademarks INBOUND SERVICES An inbound customer service facility works best when it provides customers with a single point of contact for all their service questions. For certain marks we have acquired multiple trademarks under different classes. These trademarks are registered for a period of 10 years from the date of application. under various combinations and classes. We have a group mediclaim policy for our employees as and their dependents. We also have a personal accident policy for our employees.personal effect of employees lost or damaged in the course of the business hours. Customers ring a single number to order products. which are currently pending registration. Mumbai. They can also place a support request or make an inquiry about a Cox & king Page 44 . Details of Intellectual Property We currently own 40 trademarks of our branded products and offerings that we offer under brand name.

casinos. shopping malls. such as airlines. such as The Bahamas. The World Tourism Organization defines tourists as people who "travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment for more than twenty-four (24) hours and not more than one consecutive year for leisure. transfer the call to a specialist.9% as compared to 2007. international travel demand suffered a strong slowdown beginning in June 2008.product. cruise ships and taxis. with a growth of 1. such as amusement parks.8%. such as the U. if necessary. The agents handling the incoming calls must have the product and technical knowledge to deal with the call personally or. with growth in international tourism arrivals worldwide falling to 2% during the boreal summer months. These service industries include transportation services. International tourism receipts grew to US$944 billion (euro 642 billion) in 2008. Greece and Thailand. business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited". Tourism has become a popular global leisure activity. Inbound is travel for recreational. provided they receive an appropriate response. Egypt. due to the large intake of money for businesses with their goods and services and the opportunity for employment in the service industries associated with tourism. In 2008. Maldives and the Seychelles. Tourism is vital for many countries. and entertainment venues. and many island nations. Customers appreciate the convenience of a single point of contact. Cox & king Page 45 .A. there were over 922 million international tourist arrivals. such as accommodations.E. hospitality services. Fiji. leisure or business purposes. and this negative trend intensified as international tourist arrivals fell by 8% during the first four months of 2009. various music venues and the theatre. corresponding to an increase in real terms of 1. including hotels and resorts. As a result of the Late-2000s recession.

Inbound tourism. and the service people are plenty and have high contact with the consumers. and therefore on the basis of the end user. in its "Recommendations on Tourism Statistics: Domestic tourism". The consumer interacts with a myriad of service people starting from when he books his ticket and throughout the course of his holiday. Classification Of Services in Inbound Services ON THE BASIS OF THE END USER The end user for Tourism Services is always the CONSUMER. Therefore it cannot be classified as only services. which is purely intangible. Tourism Services fall under the category of “Goods + Services”. tourism is linked to a number of tangible goods such as souvenirs. as people interact with people at virtually EVERY stage of the way. However these consumers may vary. involving non-residents traveling in the given country. SERVICE PRODUCT CONTINUUM As per the Product-Service Continuum. Tourism Services fall under the category of ‘Consumers’. The core product is the destination. PEOPLE BASED SERVICES Tourism Services are high contact services. involving residents traveling in another country. and falls under the category of “Goods + Services”. cuisine. and Outbound tourism. which involves residents of the given country traveling only within this country. which is why Tourism Services also differ.The United Nations classified three forms of tourism in 1994. Cox & king Page 46 . However. etc which constitute an important part of any vacation or holiday any consumer might take. Tourism services are very people-oriented services.

tour guides. etc. The service people include travel agents.EXPERTISE Tourism Services are mostly professional services. tour operators. Almost all of these people are trained and are professionals. They might be trained by professional institutes (IATA. caterers. ORIENTATION TOWARDS PROFIT Cox & king Page 47 . IITM. etc. hoteliers.) or by the agency/company they are working for (COX & KING’s).

Cox & king Page 48 .

one of the first names that comes to mind is Cox & Kings. 3. Cox & Kings have developed comprehensive technology solutions. Easy-to-use One Window bookings: Imagine when you book a ticket you first Cox & king Page 49 . As franchisee. team will be put through comprehensive training provided by Cox & Kings. Cox and Kings become an integral part of Cox & King's 248 year heritage and are in a position to command the same kind of respect in the industry. You'll also be provided with a quick and easy to use online database. Imagine if your child is ill and you need to stay at home or your client calls you late at night after office hours. seven days a week. Well. which can be accessed 24 hours a day. 1. you have the Cox & Kings advantage at your fingertips with our superb online access system. There will also be an online training program in place soon. All thanks to disaster recovery system. now your business can be back on its feet within a matter of minutes. The training program will be constantly updated and will provide with ongoing guidance and assistance at every stage of your progress. and are undertaken with a view to earn profits. Brand Equity & Expertise: When people are looking for travel related solutions. where you might end up losing valuable data/ transaction details.All Inbound Services are commercial. in case of any unfortunate instance. One can access office anywhere anytime. 2. Training: To ensure flawless management and strong before and after sales service. Technology and Total Support: One of the many things Cox & Kings guarantees its franchisees are unmatched technology and technical support. covering everything from an easy access virtual office system to automation support with in-house helpdesk and disaster recovery systems. Also. 4.

Next. expertise and tools to help you succeed. Customer Relationship Management: One require an invaluable business tool for winning and servicing customer. 5. Cox & Kings also ensure that the most comprehensive IT Software is put into place so you have everything you need to manage and run franchise. 24 hour call centre: There's also a 24 x 7 call centre to back up in case of an emergency or urgent queries. then into another system to compare the rates with 'Y' supplier. With the Cox & Kings advantage. 3 It allows you to identify and match opportunities to customers most likely to respond to targeted offers. Finally you have to physically capture all this information and print an excel sheet. 4 The CRM marketing program includes all our own nationally co-ordinated Cox & king Page 50 . And that too from a dedicated franchisee support team that is committed to help franchise increase sales and profitability. One will receive all the advice. Cox & Kings will provide it in the form of a sophisticated Customer Relationshi Management system 1 The CRM is a user-friendly database system that is designed to analyse your customer's needs and wants.go on to a Central Reservation System (CRS). you have to log into another system for a hotel from 'X' supplier.just one simple booking system. life is a lot simpler. 2 The system extracts customer data from your booking system and maintains a complete detailed history of all your customers. Now with online access system. anyone can complete all processes using just one window . 6.

cruises. one can be sure about the fact that all customers will always be in the expert hands of the network and will enjoy a smooth and memorable holiday. National Level as well as Regional Marketing Campaigns will be adopted for creating the Cox & Kings brand awareness. Also. 5 The CRM program is also an invaluable business tool for winning and servicing your business. It even produces reports which aid you in identifying areas of opportunity and increasing your revenue and profitability. 3. TRAVEL INDUSTRY FUTURE Cox & king Page 51 . Marketing Strategy: Online and Offline Medium will be used for the marketing of Cox & Kings Products and to create the brand awareness and reach out to the clients. Enjoying Cox & Kings Purchasing Power: As one of the most established travel company. holiday packages as well as hotel accommodation and car rentals. Cox and Kings have access to preferential deals and a strong competitive advantage to offer them to customers? 2. Extensive Ground Operator Network: Since Cox & Kings also has a strong network of dedicated ground operators functioning in different countries. Which offer mails plus a personalised cover letter written as if it comes from you and displays your shop's contact details. 6 1. One will be able to offer customers a range of options to maximize their holiday experience as per their budget and convenience. Cox and Kings have the leverage to negotiate commissions and overrides on airfares. coach tours.

resulting in the emergence of new sectors like IT. who once simply bought a ticket. mobile phones. now crosses into other travel services like hotel bookings. Domestic numbers are expected to increase by 15 per cent year-on-year. holiday planning. This new scenario has resulted in the Travel Industry growing by leaps and bounds.The last few years have seen the Indian economy grow rapidly. Holidays today have become a necessity. records that outbound travel from India is growing at a rate of 10. evolving cultures. The nation is witnessing a new breed of consumers. Cox & king Page 52 . Even taking more than one holiday a year is not at all unusual. This has not just changed the way we live but also the way we Travel. Outbound Tourism Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). According to IATA India figures the total outbound figure for 2005 stood at 5. ancillary services etc. one with higher purchasing power and with disposable income to fuel their dreams. call centres & BPOs. Also standards of customer demands and expectations have gone up considerably and the customer.5 percent. Hence. internet.5 million tourists and it is expected to touch 7 million by the end of 2006. television etc. Pilgrim tourism still comprise 50 per cent of the total domestic movements. Domestic Tourism According to the ministry of tourism the total number of domestic tourists in 2005 was in the region of 300 million. There are different sub-segments to these such as adventure tourism. what the customer needs now is a one-stop travel shop that can provide him a host of travel-related services under one roof. pilgrim tourism and leisure tourism. Add to it media exposure.

An Eminent Present. one can easily say that the key reasons behind Cox & Kings immense success are: 1 A rich experience of around 248 years 2 3 THE C&K ADVANTAGE 4 • Best Brand for over 250 years and been operational non-stop since 1758.. A PROMISING FUTURE Cox & Kings An Illustrious Past. 5 • One Stop Travel Fulfilment Centre (Online as well as Offline Fulfilment) for all Travel Related Services including a range of third party products 6 • Integrated Information Technology Platform to offer centralized reservation systems for all business units 7 • Excellent Supplier Contracting Terms & Capabilities 8 • Strong online Presence Cox & king Page 53 . Cox & Kings The World's oldest Travel Company 1 Destination management 2 Outbound tourism 3 Domestic holidays 4 Business travel 5 Trade fairs. With a strong presence across the globe. A Promising Future.COX & KINGS..

conferences. ad hoc incentives and exhibitions and also caters for domestic conferences and corporate incentives. OUTBOUND TOURISM Kings began a full-fledged in house tour operating activity by designing its own brochure product under exclusive arrangements with direct suppliers and local Cox & king Page 54 . Cox & Kings operates a range of group and individual tours to destinations throughout the Indian subcontinent for clients from all over the world. with substantial competitive advantage in this business segment. Cox & Kings overseas is a renowned travel brand and an Indian subcontinent tour specialist and been quoted as one of the top 5 premium tour operators by 'Conde' Nast Traveller'.9 • Timely & Accurate MIS 10 • Knowledgeable Staff 11 • Support via BPO & Call Centres 12 • Innovative Products Design and Creative Marketing 13 • Global Shareholder of Radius 14 15 16 DESTINATION MANAGEMENT 17 COX & KINGS is India's market leader in destination management. Ground related services to international cruise companies touching Indian shore with a provision of shore excursions are other leading activities of this division. This division also provides specialist services to foreign participants visiting India for international meetings.

For the "value for money" traveller 'FlexiHols' is a concept in holidaying where the traveller enjoys all the comforts and convenience of a planned holiday but at a pace & price that is set by him. Join us as we unveil country after country laced with sinful indulgence and fine living. Get pampered rotten. Cox and Kings can offer Travel Fulfilment Services to Corporate Clients who are having offices overseas or project teams working on site at their customer’s site.Radius Overseas Travel Fulfilment Solutions through the Radius Brand Leveraging the partnership with Radius. USA.Luxury Escapes. Far East.It takes a travel company that has been round for two hundred years. South Africa. This is targeted at the more discerning Free Individual Traveller Luxury Escapes . Holiday like a king. to know everything about royal treatment. Cox & Kings has been undertaking path-breaking initiatives to reach out to the travellers through innovative products. offering a full range of business travel services to over 200 corporate clients. BUSINESS TRAVEL Cox & Kings are one of the market leaders in business travel services in India. Cox & Kings rolls out a whole new concept in Holidays . C&K . through its Radius Shareholders in the Cox & king Page 55 .Radius the First truly global travel management partnership/consortium with merger of Travel Trust International and Woodside Travel Management Corporation in 1992 selected Cox & Kings as their Indian partner. These include: 'Duniya Dekho' Holidays to Europe. Australia and New Zealand. Mauritius. C&K's strength in this business area is evident when one of the world's largest conglomerate in business travel . Spoil yourself. including major multinational companies.agents across the globe.

DOMESTIC TOURISM India with its large domestic consumer offers Cox & Kings a unique opportunity to launch its portfolio of 'domestic holidays' for people resident in India. 'Bharat Dekho' (see India) is today's leading 'branded' product in the country with a wide range of 'Indian Holidays' from cultural holidays.respective overseas regions. Launched in 2000. A team of handpicked industry specialists committed to handling every aspect of an incentive / conference event are a part of this team. honeymoon tours. All travel requirements will be controlled through the off shore 24 x 7 Travel Centre based in Mumbai. The Incentive Solutions Division of Cox & Kings provides cost effective travel incentive schemes for clients that recognize and reward exceptional effort of its employees. INCENTIVE SOLUTIONS Over 7000 incentives in the last 4 years make Cox and Kings the biggest player in Incentives. wildlife holidays. customers. suppliers or dealers. Bharat Dekho has captured over 50% of the domestic market. weekend getaways. customized FIT Tours to nature trails. pilgrim holidays. MICE Cox & king Page 56 .

The growing importance of MICE - Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and
Exhibitions led to the launch of this division. The division has existing tie ups with
various Chambers of Commerce and National Tourist Offices.
Cox & Kings has a full-fledged money changing division in Cox & Kings Offices
servicing the needs of the corporate traveller and the leisure travel clients. A strong
distributor of American Express Travellers' Cheques, Cox & Kings has been
awarded 'Top Performer' for several years.
Policies for Leisure Domestic as well as International Travel and special Corporate
Deals on Insurance covering an array of specialized travel areas, some of which

Loss of baggage (checked)


Bounced Hotel / Airline Bookings


Missed connections


Personal Accident


Trip Cancellation due to hospitalisation, death or curfew.

Cox & Kings today deploys highest information technology platform in the Indian
Travel Industry. It has developed totally integrated front, mid and back office
solutions. This has brought about huge cost savings for the organisation, thus
managing to offer 'quality' service to its customers at a great cost savings.
Cox & king

Page 57

The Cox and Kings brand has evolved over 250 years and is one of the most
recognized holiday brands today. The company offers services as a 'One-Stop
Shop' for all travel and travel-related products. Its business can broadly be
categorized as Leisure Travel, Corporate Travel, Forex and Visa Processing. C&K
designs travel packages for both individuals and groups, for their domestic and
international leisure travel. The company makes travel arrangements for corporate
clients to cater to their business meetings, conferences, events, and as an incentive
for their employees and business partners. The company also provides value-added
services, such as customizing travel plans for NRI customers, travel arrangements
for Trade Fairs and providing private air charter services. Besides, C&K offers
travel-related foreign exchange and payment solutions. The company is one of the
first travel companies in India to be granted a license as an Authorized Dealer Category II, under the new licensing regime. Within Leisure Travel, the company
has three sub-segments, Outbound Travel, Inbound Travel and Domestic Travel.
The Inbound Travel business represents destination management services that
cover all aspects of ground tour arrangements required by tour operators across the
world. The Domestic and Outbound Travel businesses include the selling of
holiday packages for travel in India and overseas, respectively. Under Corporate
Travel, a full range of business travel services, through a team of dedicated
relationship managers, is offered.
In India, C&K has 255 points of presence, covering 164 locations, through a mix
of branch sales offices, franchised sales shops, General Sales Agents (GSAs) and
Preferred Sales Agents (PSAs). The company has 14 branch sales offices located in
Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad,
Cox & king

Page 58

Jaipur, Kochi, Pune, Nagpur and Goa. Besides, it also operates through 56
franchised sales shops spread across India. The company has a global presence,
with operations in 19 countries (besides India) through subsidiaries, branch offices
and representative offices (in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, US, UAE,
Singapore and Hong Kong).

Over the period of 2006-09, the company has made 6 acquisitions, and it will
continue to explore various opportunities for inorganic growth in the future

IPO Details: C&K proposes to make its IPO in the price band of Rs316-330/share,
at a face value of Rs10 each, and to issue 1.85cr shares, of which 30.5lakh shares
are offered for sale by Lehman Brothers Opportunity, Deutsche Securities
Mauritius and Merrill Lynch Capital Markets Espana. Therefore, the fresh issue by
the company will be to the extent of 1.55cr shares. The company plans to use the
proceeds for debt repayment (Rs129.6cr), acquisitions and other strategic
initiatives (Rs150cr), investment in overseas subsidiaries (Rs62.5cr), and
investment in corporate offices and upgrading its existing operations (Rs60cr).
Cox & king

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In 2008. the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the SARS outbreak. when the industry was hit by the collapse of the high-tech boom. registering a rise of 2.6% over the period of CY1995-08. the growth was the weakest since the recessionary period of 2001-03.3% to 885mn before Cox & king Page 60 . with the growth rate of tourist arrivals likely to decline by 4. The effects of the global meltdown are expected to continue in 2009. the number of tourist arrivals worldwide increased from 904million in 2007 to 925million in 2008.3%. The growth was comparatively lower than the CAGR of 4. as consumer and business confidence collapsed. mainly on account of the global meltdown.Industry Overview Global Tourism Industry As per a WTTC study. but the industry was faced with increasingly difficult global headwinds in the second half of the year. Close to two million jobs were nevertheless created during 2008.

Over the long-term. the Travel & Tourism Industry is expected to resume its growth. Indian Inbound Industry . the declining trend of FTAs (Foreign Tourist Arrivals) seems to have been arrested. In USD terms the same is expected to witness a CAGR of 6. both domestic and international.Recovering During 2008-09. the Indian tourism industry had to cope with terrorism and the global economic downturn.9%. Cox & king Page 61 . with the effects of the meltdown easing out and economic activity picking up. which put a brake on a decade of phenomenal growth in international arrivals (1998-2007). will continue to increase. with emerging economies in particular leading the way by boosting international travel. However. while the popularity of short breaks. In developed countries. WTTC estimates the world Travel and tourism industry to witness a CAGR of 4.3% over 2009-2019. a growing preference for leisure is expected to provide clients for new destinations once consumers regain confidence. driven mainly by the successful 'Incredible India' marketing campaign and steady improvements in the tourism infrastructure.

However. tourism still accounts for just 6% of the economy.The FTAs declined significantly to 13.East and South-East Asia). strong economic fundamentals. According to WTTC estimates. the world travel and tourism industry is expected to clock a CAGR of 4% over 2009-2019. we believe. as it is ideally poised to benefit from a strong growth in demand for outbound and inbound services in these areas. with the FTAs close to that of last year. would bode well for the company. measured in terms of a percentage of GDP. This. Investment Argument C&K derives over half of its earnings from the emerging markets (mainly India) and is focused on increasing its presence in other high growth geographies (mainly the Middle. enabling it to achieve a high growth rate in the future. a continued interest from multinationals and a steady growth in domestic travelers (both business and leisure). but. The growth rate is expected to be much Cox & king Page 62 .8% during 2010. as compared to that in 2008.The expected rise in demand over the next 2-3 years would be largely due to factors such as India's popularity as a tourist destination. much below the world average in 2008.8%). during 2010. the situation improved markedly (a decline of only 1.

higher in the case of emerging markets, mainly India, the Middle-East and SouthEast Asia. According to WTTC estimates, the tourism industry in India, the
Middle-East and South-East Asia is likely to witness a CAGR of 8% over 20092019.
According to the WTTC, developing countries, which until recently have been the
key drivers of growth in the tourism industry, are expected to take a backseat over
the next decade. Although countries like the US, Japan, China and West-European
countries would continue to generate a big chunk of travel and tourism demand, in
terms of growth, the emerging countries in Asia, the Middle-East and Africa are
likely to lead going ahead. The shifting of the trend towards the emerging markets
is evident from the steep decline in the share of the top 15 destinations of
international tourist arrivals (from around 75% in 1970 to around 57% in 2007).
Well-positioned to gain market share on the back of a strong brand franchise and a
presence across the value-chain
The travel market is highly fragmented, with a large number of travel agents
catering to most of the demand. We believe that C&K's strong brand, coupled with
services across the value-chain (inbound and outbound), would act as a key driver
in garnering a higher market share in the future.
Strong Brand Equity: C&K's brand has evolved over a period of 250 years and is
one of the oldest brands in the Travel and Tourism industry. Over the years, the
company has built a strong brand franchise for itself in overseas markets as well as
in India. Cox & Kings was ranked 1st among the Top Brands in India, and ranked
152 amongst the Top 1000 Brands in the Asia-Pacific region. The tour-operator
industry is dependent on brand awareness and recall in the long-run, as customers
need to believe in the capabilities of the operator to provide quality services and
that their products will lead to a satisfied experience, even before they have
approached the service provider.
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Presence across the value-chain; C&K offers complete travel solutions, and serve
as an integrated provider of all travel and travel-related products. The company
provides a 'One-Stop Shop' for all travel requirements, from visa formalities to
ticketing, holidays, insurance and foreign exchange. Besides, the company is in the
process of rolling-out a pan-India, luxury train, under the brand 'Maharajas'
Express', through a joint venture with the Indian Railways.
Wide geographical reach: In India, C&K has 255 points of presence, covering 164
locations, through a mix of branch sales offices, franchised sales shops, General
Sales Agents (GSAs) and Preferred Sales Agents (PSAs). The company has 14
branch sales
offices located in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad,
Ahmadabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Pune, Nagpur and Goa. Besides, it also operates
through 56 franchised sales shops spread across India. Moreover, the company has
a global presence, with operations in 19 countries (besides India) through
subsidiaries, branch offices and representative offices (in the UK, Australia, New
Zealand, Japan, US, UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong).

Concerns for Indian Inbound industry

The Travel and tourism industry is highly cyclical in nature and sensitive to

changes in economic growth.

The industry is highly-fragmented and competitive, and thus faces stiff

competition from other players and also from the unorganized sector

The company is exposed to currency fluctuations in the various countries

that it operates in.
Outlook and Valuation
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Over 2006-09, C&K's Revenues and PAT have witnessed a CAGR of 65.6% and
80.7%, respectively; these, however, have also been aided by the five acquisitions
it has made across the globe since 2006. Going ahead, estimate C&K's Top-line
and PAT to witness a CAGR of 27.4% and 37.7% over 2009-11E, respectively On
the lower and upper end of the price band, the stock would quote at 16.5x and
17.3x its post diluted 2011 estimates, respectively. We believe that the company’s
organic and inorganic growth rates will be sustained, and its core profitability will
remain healthy, going ahead. Hence, on the back of positives like C&K's superior
growth rates, its wide geographical reach, a strong brand franchise and the
improving industry dynamics, we recommend a Subscribe view on the IPO.
Rationale for our Subscribe recommendation
Cox and Kings (C&K) is a global tour operator, deriving around 90% of its
revenues from the leisure segment. The company has a strong presence in the
emerging and developed markets, and offers travel, forex and visa services.
Well-positioned to gain market share on the back of a strong brand franchise and a
presence across the value-chain: C&K has a history of over 250 years, making it
one of the oldest travel brands in the world. Over the years, the company has built
a strong brand franchise for itself in overseas markets as well as in India. The
travel market is highly fragmented, with a large number of travel agents catering to
most of the demand. We believe that C&K's strong brand, coupled with services
across the value-chain (inbound and outbound), would act as a key driver in
garnering a higher market share in the future.

To run the business smoothly it is very important for the company to continuously

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b) Recruitment of skilled employees. 2. BUSINESS SURVEY: Regional/Branch offices shall. The intent to run the business smoothly laydown certain guidelines towards the achievement of this objective. but programmed and structured surveys of market and competitors. either on their own initiative or on instructions from the head office. conduct occasional. They are: 1. c) Occasional publicity for projecting good image of company. ADVERTISEMENTS: Head office/Branch office/Franchise store will whenever deemed necessary and appropriate advertise in the national/local news papers and/ or souvenirs/ magazines for: a) Induction of managerial staff. However.promote and expand its business activities. c) Attractive image representation. before or while conducting these Cox & king Page 66 . d) For procurement of new products and packages While releasing such advertisements under mentioned points should be given due consideration: a) Economy of expenses b) Brief but effective exposure.

following points should be taken into consideration. k) lexibility in packages as per customers requirement STATEMENT OF PROBLEM The study is done to find out the perception o f customers on comparing COX AND KINGS and other competitive brands To find out the additional features and that could added to cox & king to make to it more effective.surveys. KINGS compared to any other competitors. f) Available of customers locally. a) Assessment of business prospect in the area. h) Fire fighting facilities available. Cox & king Page 67 . d) Insurance and Foreign tie-ups should be covered e) Culture environment and language of different countries in packages. b) Whether area is untouched by other competitors especially “THOMAS COOK” c) Employee-customer relationship in the area. g) Assessment of customers need as per the products and services.

Cox & king Page 68 .

Today. at which time the Taj Group of Hotels acquired a substantial interest in the company. The other international branches are located in New York and Tokyo. Cox & Kings stayed and flourished. Cox & Kings India is a branch with its headquarters in London. Cox & king Page 69 . The Taj Group of Companies (40%) and Individuals (20%). Cox & Kings India has its head office in Bombay and regional offices in New Delhi. including the Royal Cavalry. Artillery and Infantry. Cox & Kings India holdings are Cox & Kings Travel Limited (London) 40%. It’s distinguished history began in 1758 when it was appointed general agent to the regiment of Foot Guards in India under the command of Lord Lignier. in its own way. Between the 1750’s and the 1950’s Cox & Kings was witness to an exciting era in Indian history and. the British administration departed. By the 1970’s foreign companies were obliged to limit their investment in India. Madras and Bangalore. In 1947. Cox & Kings India is a premium brand in all travel related services n the subcontinent. Cox & Kings were agents for most British regiments posted overseas. By 1878. The Royal Air Force came under is wings. but bound by strong ties to India. The Royal Navy was next and in 1912. as well as the Royal Wagon Train and the household Brigade.COX & KING’S PROFILE Cox & Kings is the longest established travel company in the world. Cox & Kings India has an annual turnover of US$ 40 million. helped to shape it.

including major multinational companies. (b)INBOUND TOURISM: Cox & Kings operate a wide range of group and individual tours throughout the subcontinent for clients from all over the world. OUTBOUND TOURISM: India is perhaps one of the largest potential outbound tour markets in Asia. Its strength in these areas was evident when the world’s largest conglomerate in travel – Business Travel International (BIT) selected Cox & Kings as their Indian partner. offering a full range of business travel services to over 150 corporate clients. Cox & Kings has a Cox & king Page 70 . are the only integrated global network serving the corporate world. Renowned as an Indian tour specialist. with offices in 60 countries. In a total market segment of 44 million people (5% of India’s population) with the socio-economic profile to travel overseas on leisure tours. Cox & Kings is the only Indian tour operator which understands the European Community directives on holiday products and offers to European tour operators a guarantee to provide client handling standards conforming to the European Community norms.THE PRINCIPAL SERVICES OFFERED BY THE COMPANY ARE: (a) BUSINESS TRAVEL: Cox & Kings are the market leaders in business travel services in India. The Taj Group of Hotels and the Gateway chain of hotels have strengthened company’s position as India’s leading inbound operator. Cox & Kings looks after every aspect of the tour arrangements for over 15. BTI partners have a combined annual turnover of over 15 billion US dollars in airline passenger sales alone and.000 foreign tourists every year. The company’s close corporate association with the leading hotel group in India.

000 foreign participants visiting India to attend international meetings or for incentive purpose. Cox & king Page 71 . Leading leisure product brands including Insight Tours in Europe. Cox & Kings has also become a specialist in the handling of foreign cruise ships. large pharmaceutical companies’ incentive programmes. Cox & Kings are appointed ‘Official Travel Agents’ for several large and prestigious international conferences. Cox & Kings looked after the arrangements for over 40.niche n this fast expanding market. Abercombie & Kent’s African Safaris have accordingly selected Cox & Kings to represent them in India. which include Indian ports as part of their programme. In the year 1993/94. (c) DESTINATION MANAGEMENT: Though a late entrant in this fields. Cox & Kings is today India’s market leader in destination management. Domenico Tours in the USA and Royal Cruise Lines.

and political. Equality of status and opportunities and Fraternity. multi-religious country where the aesthetic sense in Man and his spiritual fervour have combined to produce works of at that are among the most beautiful in the world. people languages. excavations and monuments covering millennia in history to remind the visitor of a multi-faceted. customs and traditions. and forests with a wide range of flora and fauna. There are secluded island resorts with rain forests and coral reefs. To the south are backwaters. On the western and eastern coastlines are virgin beaches with a tropical ambience of coconut palms and white sands and a hinterland of lush green rice-fields and meandering rivers. lagoons and waterways of great beauty.260km with a coast line of abut 6100km. A visit to India can be the holiday of a lifetime. 5000 years of continuing civilization from the Indus Valley to the forests of Sunderbans. offering havens of unmatched beauty against a backdrop of snow-clad mountain. Few destinations in the world cover such a wide spectrum. lagoons and waterways. the mighty Himalayas. A population of 800 million. The outstanding feature of this civilization is that it has come down to us without a break unlike most other ancient civilization. that is the magic of India. A land frontier of over 15. The sub-continent extends 3220km from north to south and 2930km from west to east. the highest peak in the world – Mount Everest. making it the world’s largest embodies the resolve to secure for all citizens Justice social. economic. To the north of India are the world’s highest mountains. It is important for the visiting tourist to know that India is a vast subcontinent with a rare admixture of races. something your clients will never forget. a great experience. making it one of the oldest cultures of the world. Only India and Cox & king Page 72 . The history of India goes back these 5000 years. There are. besides.COX & KINGS – INDIA India is another cultures another world.

a holiday in India is the best compared to any other parts of the worlds. Even today many ‘vedic’ hymns used in daily prayer are nearly 3500 years old and unaltered from the original. acclaimed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. India is not just the Taj Mahal. India goes beyond the Taj Mahal. Cox & Kings’ cultural tours will be an eye opener for even the repeat visitor to India.China can boast of unbroken civilizations reaching back into antiquity.260km and a coastline of about 6100km not to mention islands big and small all under one nation – India. where else can your clients live in old palaces in style like the ‘maharajas’ for just over US$ 100. COX & KINGS’ – INDIA TOURS We mentioned earlier India is a sub continent with a land frontier of over 15. So what ever be the interest of your client. So it is but natural that the choice of India – Tours will be as varied ad wide as the land. to the ‘Boat Festival-Onam in Kerala.  CULTURAL TOURS: India the seat of 5000 years of uninterrupted civilization. from beach holidays to wildlife safaris. from festivals such as the famous ‘Cattle Fair’ – Pushkar in the desert kingdom of Rajasthan. offers to the visitor a wide variety of cultural tours. you are sure to find a tour of his linking in INDIA. from mountain climbing to deep sea diving all in one land – India. All for the best value of money. It is the only destination which offers to the visitor the widest range of choices.  HISTORY & ARCHAEOLOGICAL TOURS: Cox & king Page 73 . Our tours include the ‘off-track highlights’ only to make certain that your clients will have product pluses that only you can offer. from culture to archaeology.

Cox & Kings ensures that while it is adventure that the client buys. From ancient temples to mosques to churches (some of the first ones in Asia) all can be fitted into an exciting holiday. From the food of the sea faring Goans to the food of the Nizams of Hyderabad. Little wonder that when it comes to organizing special tours for the International Wine & Food Society or Jeunes Restaurateur D’ Europe’s 20 th anniversary tour.  ADVENTURE TOURS: Everything about India is not old and ancient. Uncharted skiing in the Himalayas to gently slopes. White River Rafting in the mighty river Ganga where the rapids reach scales suiting the amateur to the professional. excavations. behind the scene is meticulous planning to see to it that there is not ‘mis-adventure’  GOURMET TOURS: Did anyone say all Indian food is curry. Deep water diving in the Andaman Islands. From the food of the warriors of the North West Province to the food of the ‘nabobs’ of Lucknow. the beauty of the Taj Mahal is a never to forget memory. the tour operator is Cox & Kings. Cox & Kings have specialized to be the ‘Indian Gourmet Tours’ experts. covering millennia in history will remind your client of the rich history that is India. Then try the Cox & Kings gourmet tours. Cox & king Page 74 . there exist with the centuries old monuments a young and vibrant India. From the Royal Bengal Tiger. For the first time visitor. India can be a lot of adventure. Cox & Kings operates specialized wildlife tours with leading India naturalists as guest lectures.Monuments. Hand gliding in the base mountains of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh.  WILDLIFE TOURS: At no other destination will your clients have a choice of 49 National Parks & Sanctuaries that are there in India.

the Bay of Bengal or the Arabian Sea. and the best part are virgin beaches. complete with a lounge. On sporting events. the Palace on Wheels is a super luxury train doing an extensive circuit in the desert kingdom of Rajasthan. Miles and miles of the Indian coastline offers unique beaches. Cox & king Page 75 . Indian Beach Holidays are full of sunshine. The Himalayan Car Rally (a early event) has always attracted the motoring enthusiasts worlds over.  ISLAND’ TOURS: Did anyone of your clients want the ‘Robinson Crusoe’ experience.the Asiatic Lion.  RAIL TOURS If Europe has the Orient Express and the Andalus Express. golf holidays are at their best when they are in India. unspoiled uncrowned. Island Tours in India is really an experience.  BEACH HOLIDAYS: Either as a stand alone product or as an add-on to a tour. A choice of small to large islands on the Indian Ocean. befitting its name. Cox & Kings can custom make a wild life tour depending on your clients area of interest. The Palace on Wheels. Send them to India.  SPORTING TOURS: Indian offers some of the world’s best golf courses. old railway carriages of the former Maharajas are now available for the tourist. to the Siberian Crane. all complete with their Man Friday. the ultimate luxury of romancing the rails with a steam locomotive is only in India. designed by famous architects. Where else in the world can your clients play golf with the majestic Himalayas as a back-drop or a golf course with ancient Mughal monuments with peacocks! That’s golfing in India. surf and fun.

and has the old world touch of luxury. Cox & king Page 76 . Cox & Kings can also design exclusive tours around India by train. a few parts of the world where your clients can have the experience of steam traction. many sectors have steam locomotives.dinning room. the sleeping compartment is spacious. bar.

With international time differences.  Cox & Kings is the only Indian company to offer you 24 hours. we were the first Indian Travel Agency to bring into India the Galileo CRS. This software permits Cox & Kings to efficiently process your requirement from pre tour planning to during tour Cox & Kings. just one call to our 24 hours service telephone number will ensure the job is done. Post completion of your tour Cox Cox & king Page 77 . This is the most cost effective international communication. UK the Indian branch has developed a quality of service which will ensure that you do not face any difficulties in mentioning that your ‘tour product’ in India strictly conforms to the stringent European Community standards. quein on the Cox & Kings CRS for error free travel arrangements.  Cox & Kings is the only Indian company which offers you a state of the art electronic communication a GEMS. for example. and the requirement to cater to any emergency situation.  Cox & Kings is the only Indian company which will allow you total computer reservation service compatibility. 400 electronic mail system allows you to dial up Cox & Kings and transmit any of your computer files. Over years of servicing Cox & Kings own international offices in London. 365 days a year service.COX & KINGS – ACHIEVEMENTS:  Cox & Kings is the only Indian company to conform to the European Community standards. let you know on a particular day the movement of your clients. provide you with cost effective pre tour planning for your ad-hoc groups and tailor made FIT programmes. For your groups as well as your FIT’s .  Cox & Kings is the only Indian company to have a highly sophisticated inbound tourism management computer software. For we believe that you or your clients may require to contact us at any time of the day or night.

Cox & king Page 78 . Udaipur. Supplemented by over 40 associated offices all over India. Taj Mahal. Cox & Kings will provide you with vital information no matter how insignificant it may seem to be such as the closing down of a hotels swimming pool for maintenance. So next time you are having a problem with a confirmation at Rambagh Palace. Madras. we will provide you at our cost. So wherever your clients are in India. New innovative tours. for we believe that in order that you keep ahead in your business from your competitors. New Delhi. who will on an on going basis ensure that your ‘product’ is way beyond your competitors. Our transport be it a car or a motor coach. there will always be a professionals friendly Cox & Kings personnel to look after them. and updated product information. Jaipur and Goa. all to ensure your clients get the best and most comfortable travel whether its an airport transfer or an excursion. highly trained drivers. with comprehensive insurance covers on unlimited liability. Bombay. or the Fort Aguada Beach Resort. Goa during Christmas or New Year. Jaipur. all in order to make your operation cost effective and error free. Bombay.  Cox & Kings is the only Indian company which uses quality surface transport.  Cox & Kings is the only Indian company to offer you allocations with the Taj Group and other hotel chains.& Kings can provide you with MIS reports on how each one of your tours fared in terms of hotel nights. a team of ‘Product Development’ professionals.  Six Inbound Tourism locations in key areas such as New Delhi.  Cox & Kings is the only ‘forward thinking’ Indian company. has neat interiors. Bangalore. Taj Mahal. unique selling propositions. just call Cox & Kings. domestic airline mileage’s etc. Lake Place.

COMPENSATION Salaries are paid to all employees on a monthly basis and transferred into the employees’ bank account on or by 7th day of next month. Compensation for the executives includes: Basic + HRA + DVA + Conveyance = Total Where HRA = House rent Allowance VDA = Variable Dearness Allowance Compensation for managers /Head of the department includes: Basic + HRA + Conveyance (against reimbursement) = Total While fixing the pay of an employee the management takes into consideration 4 points: 1) Union management 2) Minimum wages 3) Company’s profit 4) Market i. Arrangement is made by the company to open bank account for all the employees with a specified bank. On receiving the pay slip an employee should check to ensure that the amount paid is correct. where the company transfers the salaries. behavior and attendance of the employee concerned. In Cox & Kings there is an incremental committee consisting of the personal manager. Any discrepancies are to be reported to the personnel department. The increment if any are always subject to continued satisfactory work. pay in the same industry Increments in salaries will be given to employees once in a year (in April) as applicable at the sole discretion of the management.e.. general manager. and the concerned head of the Cox & king Page 79 .

department who takes the final decision for the increment. Increment depends upon the performance appraisal of the executing/managers. Cox & king Page 80 .

250000. GRATUITY: An employee is paid gratuity emoluments which is inclusive of Basic pay + DA at the time of retirement of each completed year of continuous service. TERMINAL BENEFITS: CONTRIBUTORY PROVIDENT FUND: Both the employer and the employee contribute @ of basic + DA to the fund. Company’s contribution is paid to the employee only after the completion of 5 years service. the employees service may be terminated either by the company or by the employee without assigning any reason or salary in lieu there of however. either side on a months notice in writing or salary may terminate the services of a permanent employee thereof. if he/she decides to leave the services of the company. subject to ceiling limit of Rs. EXIT INTERVIEW: The employee leaving the job has to fill in the “Exit interview” form mentioning the reasons for leaving the job. An employee will however be eligible for gratuity only on completion of five years of service except in case of death or retirement. RESIGNATION FROM SERVICE: At any time before the expiry of the probationary period. The management may grant extension to an employee at its discretion. Cox & king Page 81 .RETIREMENT AND RESIGNATION RETIREMENT POLICY: An employee shall retire at the age of 58 or earlier on medical grounds.

Casual leave is untended for urgent business or unforeseen circumstances. Privilege leave can be accumulated up to a maximum of 66 days. Privilege leave can be availed only twice in any calendar year. Any holidays occurring during the leave period is treated as part of that earned leave.LEAVE RULES Each permanent employee who has completed one full year of continuous service is entitled to 22 days privilege leave. THE HRD POLICIES  We visualize creation of cohesive work groups and will foster and reinforce our team identity. MATERNITY LEAVES: Female employees are given 90 days leave as per maternity benefit act. Application for privilege leave should be submitted to the department head atleast tow weeks prior to going on such leave.  We seek to achieve organizational growth and development through our people. CASUAL LEAVE: Casual leave of 12 days is given in every calendar. Normally all requests for casual leaves are applied for in advance. SICKNESS LEAVES: Sickness leave of 12 days for every calendar year is encashable for only those employees not covered under ESI act. Cox & king Page 82 .

AND CONTRIBUTE EFFECTIVELY TO THE ACHIEVEMENT OR ORGANIZATIONAL OBJECTIVES.  We will define roles clearly.  We are always ready to assist our people in overcoming weaknesses and maximizing their strengths. THE MISSION OBJECTIVES: Cox & king Page 83 .  We will always look up to our people for achieving our targets and surpassing them.  We believe that every one of our people always wants to give his best and we will provide the means to enable him to do so. empower people to take decisions and calculated risks.  Creation and sustenance of an informal work environment will help people to do there best and re-effective.  We will facilitate participation of and contribution by each individual. We will maximize opportunities for the self development and career growth of our people.  We are committed to enabling people to achieve their peak potential. THE HRD ROLE CONTRIBUTING TO ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS THE MISSION STATEMENT:TO PLAY IN ACTIVE ROLE IN.

aspirations. clear and effective in human resource management and development.  To foster co-ordination.  To seek fulfillment of the needs. To inculcate a sense of concern and commitment to organizational objectives. which as geared to motivate people and teams to put in their best.  Designing and implementing personnel policies and systems that are simple. and result sensitive environment. co-operation among teams as well as individuals. teams and the organization.  Creating and sustaining a people friendly. Creating and sustaining and organizational design and culture. and objectives of individuals.  To facilitate individuals and teams in their efforts to optimize self and each others capabilities and function effectively as harmonious parts of the organization. Cox & king Page 84 .

THE HRD MISSION INSTRUMENTS FOR ACHIEVING HRD GOALS ACTIVE ROLE IN THE ACHIEVEMENT OF GOALS EFFECTIVE PERSONAL CULTURE SYSTEMS PERSONAL PRACTICES TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT Sense of mission Job design Motivate Base training Respect and trust HR planning Team work Core training Equal treatment Requirement Group think Supplementary training Participative Innovation Quality manpower Performance Open Potential communication assessment Employee relations Career management Work environment Succession management Recognition Job enrichment Discipline Self planning Quality Reward systems development Proactive Industrial relation High responsibility Self actualization Welfare activities Role clarity Growth leadership Positive attitude opportunities Cox & king Page 85 .

Value driven Communication Job satisfaction system Concern & HR data base sensitivity Customer oriented Result oriented Competitive Develop commitment Cox & king Page 86 .

reviews the adequacy or otherwise the available manpower with reference to the tasks and targets in qualitative and quantitative terms to the personal department. 4) On approval by the board. 3) An annual budget is to be board of directors. before the end of the year. plan for the financial year is prepared jointly by the planning and personal department of the department for the division as a whole. 2) Based on the requirements of additional manpower. This manpower plan contains detail of expenditure involved. Cox & king Page 87 . these manpower plans will contribute sanction for creation of posts including pasts of trainees and forms the general basis of recruitment during financial years. which forms as part of the overall manpower budget of the division.HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PROCESS IN COX & KINGS MANPOWER PLANNING AND BUDGETING IN COX & KINGS PROCEDURE FOLLOWED: 1) Every department in the company. giving specific details for each post other than casual post and justification thereof.

Cox & king Page 88 .

OBJECTIVES OF STUDY The objective of the study can be classified as follows: Critically examine the adequacy and completion of the facilities to encourage Customer to select COX AND KINGS SCOPE OF STUDY encountered by COX AND KINGS which is a business that deals solely with  different clients Scope of study is to showcase all the supports. challenges and opportunities  To study the working of each department of COX AND KINGS and to see the problem faced by them and finally to throw light on areas of improvement Cox & king Page 89 .

Diversity of culture i. A wealth of archeological sites and historical monuments. Swot Analysis of Tourism industry in India STRENGTHS a. India's geographical location. Cox & king Page 90 . a culmination of deserts.e. b.  The study captures only Marketing department. LIMITATION OF THE STUDY  Feedbacks of the some clients were not up to the mark. a blend of various civilizations and their traditions. forests.possible. So it is difficult to collect the data from all the department which is not possible in this short time duration. and beaches. mountains.  Due to the peak season customers were busy to give feedbacks for my Questions. c.

This provides better margins for the industry.d. Cox & king Page 91 . Manpower costs in the Indian hotel industry are one of the lowest in the world.

Singapore in promoting tourism. Allowing entry of more multinational companies into the country giving us a global perspective. The road condition in India is very bad. b. b. The airlines in India. THREATS a. c. No proper marketing of India's tourism abroad. The advantage here is that domestic tourism and international tourism can be segregated easily owing to the difference in the period of holidays. OPPORTUNITIES a. and diseases. Growth of domestic tourism. More proactive role from the government of India in terms of framing policies. Lack of adequate infrastructure. The case of Plague in Surat in 1994 led to a decrease of 36% in arrival of foreign tourists in India. superstition. b. A xenophobic attitude among certain sections of people. Aggressive strategies adopted by other countries like Australia. Cox & king Page 92 .WEAKNESS a. c. Political turbulence within India in Kashmir and Gujarat has also reduced tourist traffic. There are many places where the image of India is one of poverty. c. Economic conditions and political turmoil in other countries affects tourism. are inefficient and do not provide basic facilities at airports. Foreigners still think of India as a land of snake charmers. for example.

Illiterate 5. Education: Literate. Region: Rural. Foreign Kids. Teens. Urban 4. 1. Sex: Men. Movie stars 2. Education. Executives. Status: Rich. etc. Women 3. Youths.Cox & King’s Customers Positioning & Segmentation Users of Tourism Services The users of tourism services can be categorized in a number of ways. Artists Politicians. Sex. General: Domestic. Region. Seniors Students. One such way of classifying the users is by dividing them into categories such as General. Poor Cox & king Page 93 .

Users have values.6. Habitual Travelers: They have formed a habit and avail of the services regularly. Need For Segmentation Consumer behavior can be defined in psychological terms as the whole range of the generation of wants and their transformation into buying or using decisions. Potential Users: They have the willingness but the marketing resources have not been used optimally to influence their impulse. There are a number of factors that influence the behavioral profile of consumers. Sportsmen. 1. Non-users: They lack the willingness. Academics. 3. perceptions. Segmentation Cox & king Page 94 . Occasional Users: They have not formed the habit of traveling 5. preferences and expectations which are the result of environmental influences. desire and ability (income & leisure time). Occupation: White collar. Profession: Executives. Artists 7. 2. Blue collar Another method of classifying users of tourism services is on the basis of the frequency of usage of services. Actual Users: They are already using the services generated by the tourist organizations 4.

which is why Tourism Services also differ. etc. BASE OF SEGMENTATION Holiday Mass market Popular market Individual market Demand Primary Secondary Opportunity Classification Of Services in Inbound Services ON THE BASIS OF THE END USER The end user for Tourism Services is always the CONSUMER. However these consumers may vary. SERVICE PRODUCT CONTINUUM Cox & king Page 95 . availability of leisure time.Though there are a number of bases for segmentation of tourists. Traveling decisions CATEGORI ES are fantastically influenced by changing lifestyles. and therefore on the basis of the end user. Tourism Services fall under the category of ‘Consumers’. They are also affected by other factors such as level of income. one of the most important is Lifestyle.

) or by the agency/company they are working for (COX & KING’s). etc which constitute an important part of any vacation or holiday any consumer might take. and falls under the category of “Goods + Services”. etc. They might be trained by professional institutes (IATA. caterers. tourism is linked to a number of tangible goods such as souvenirs. PEOPLE BASED SERVICES Tourism Services are high contact services. The service people include travel agents. and the service people are plenty and have high contact with the consumers.As per the Product-Service Continuum. Therefore it cannot be classified as only services. Tourism services are very people-oriented services. ORIENTATION TOWARDS PROFIT Cox & king Page 96 . The consumer interacts with a myriad of service people starting from when he books his ticket and throughout the course of his holiday. as people interact with people at virtually EVERY stage of the way. Almost all of these people are trained and are professionals. IITM. EXPERTISE Tourism Services are mostly professional services. tour guides. cuisine. which is purely intangible. tour operators. hoteliers. Tourism Services fall under the category of “Goods + Services”. etc. The core product is the destination. However.

they have an extensive network of 185 GSAs and PSAs covering all major towns and cities of India. They have subsidiaries in UK. UAE and Singapore and operates from Moscow (Russia). New Zealand. Recently. franchised sales shops. Chennai.All Inbound Services are commercial. Australia. CKIL’s subsidiary. Kolkata. Further. Besides. Japan.. one of the leading wholesalers in the Australian outbound tourism market. Cox and Kings also operates through 56 franchised sales shops spread across India to have larger access to our customers. Kochi. Jaipur. Cox and Kings has a global presence with its operations in 18 countries besides India through subsidiaries. Taiwan. Quoprro Global Services Pvt. branch offices and representative offices. India with 255 points of presence covering 164 locations through a mix of branch sales offices. Maldives and Tahiti through our branch offices and Spain. The company through its subsidiary in Australia has acquired Tempo Holidays. Italy. Ahmedabad. South America and South Africa through our representative offices. they got further approvals from the diplomatic mission of India in Hong Cox & king Page 97 . France. New Delhi. Cox and Kings’ have 14 branch sales offices located in Mumbai. Nagpur and Goa. Bangalore. and are undertaken with a view to earn profits. Hyderabad. Market Presence of Cox & King’s Cox and Kings’ registered office is situated in Mumbai. Germany. acquired in 2008 accepts and processes visa applications from foreign nationals applying for Indian visas in Greece and Singapore. Pune. US. Ltd. General Sales Agents (GSAs) and Preferred Sales Agents (PSAs). Sweden.

Kong. 1 To know different customer retention. In 2009. Research Methodology Research Design:Conceptual structure with research must be conducted. Cox & king Page 98 . they have presence in overseas markets through a network of GSAs and PSAs covering other countries enhancing our global presence. Research Objectives:. customer acquiring and customer relationship building processes. The preparation of such design facilitates research to be as efficient as possible and yields maximum information. 2 To known the satisfactory level of the customers. one of the top three source markets for the Indian subcontinent Further. CKIL acquired the East India Travel Company in North America.

no analysis of data is made as the data available are already analyzed one and are present in the graphical manner in published reports. 5 To suggest some techniques to improve customer satisfaction. 4 To identify factors. affecting customer satisfaction. So Cox & king Page 99 . In this study.3 To know the influence of services provided by COX AND KINGS on it’s business.

no statistical tools are used in this study. It also includes internal documents like invoices. Secondary data: This refers to information that has been collected earlier by someone else often including printed or published reports. 4 Advantage of implementation of Office Desk Data. Questionnaires through personal contact and telephone call. Cox & king Page 100 . 3 Influence of positive referrals on the customer growth and sales made through new customers added. Source of Data:The task of collecting data begins offer a research problem has been defined and plan in chalked out. Information Required:1 The services provide by franchise store of COX AND KINGS (franchise department). Primary Data:Data are called for the first time for a specific purpose in mind using the questionnaire methods. sales report. This study pertains to collection of data from primary and secondary. But explanatory research has been made where data are interpreted to get some findings. 2 Facilities provided to the Customer of COX AND KINGS. and payment history of customers and dispatch record. news items and company invoices.

Direct / person.Primary & Secondary Research instruments : .Research Plan:Data source : .Interviews Contact method : ./Telephone/e-mail DATA ANA ALYSIS AND IN NTERPR RETATION Table 1-Duration n of custom 35 mers 1-6 month hs 6-12 mon nths 45 12-18 mo nths 15 18-24 mo nths 5 Cox & king Page 101 .

Table 2-Influencing Factors for 15 Clients &Friends Follow ups 5 e-mails 10 Cox a and kings webs site 70 Table 3-Reasons for preferring 75 Cox and Kings Customer relation Attractive packages 10 Service 10 Pricing 5 Cox & king Page 102 .

Table 4-Demand for service es 90 Always Sometime es Cox & king 10 Page 103 .

Table 5-Expectaations from 60 the company Services Pricing 5 Packages 15 Accommodations 5 Excursion 15 Table 6-Satisfaction level 60 Highly Highly satisfied Cox & king Page 104 .

5%of the clients are using the services occasionally. 65% of the clients are using the services frequently. 25% of the clients are using the services very frequently.Satisfied 30 Average 5 Not satisf fied 5 FINDINGS 1. Cox & king Page 105 . 5% are clients since 24 months. 35% are clients since 6 months. 5%of the clients are using the services rarely. 45% are clients since 12 months. 2. 15% are clients since 18 months.

15% of the clients are influenced by Friends. 70% of the clients are influenced by Cox and Kings Website. 5% of the clients are influenced by follow ups. 4. 10% of the clients are using services of Cox and Kings due to attractive packages and excursion. Cox & king Page 106 . 10% of the clients are influenced by e-mails.3. 5. 6. 60 % of the clients emphasizes on the quality of services. 90% of the clients agree that Cox and Kings always fulfill the order according to their need. 75% of the clients are using services of Cox and Kings due to customer relation or treatment. 10% of the clients are using services of Cox and Kings due to good service. 10% of the clients agree that Cox and Kings sometimes fulfill the order according to the need. 5% of the clients are using services of Cox and Kings due to pricing.

Majority of the clients has given satisfactory rate over its competitors. 7.5 % of the clients emphasizes on pricing of services. 15 % of the clients emphasizes on excursion. 10. 5 % of the clients emphasizes on price of packages. 5% are not satisfied with the quality of the services provided. Cox & king Page 107 . 60% of clients are highly satisfied with the quality of the services. 20% of clients are satisfied with the price of the service provided. 8. 15% of clients are highly satisfied with the price of the packages provided. 9. 45% of clients are average with the price of the services provided. Though clients prefer comparing competitors pricing but gets attracted towards quality packaging and services being provided by Cox and Kings. 30% of clients are satisfied with the quality of the services. 5% of clients are average with the quality of the services provided. 15% of the clients emphasizes on accommodations. 20% of clients are not satisfied with the price of the services provided.

SUGGESTIONS 1 Promotional strategies should be followed on mass basis 2 SWOT ANALYSIS should be done on regular basis 3 Employees performance should be monitored 4 Market research should be given priorities to overcome threats 5 Regular surveys should be done in order to estimate customer’s satisfaction level 6 Proper working environment should be provided in order to provide ease to employees as well as customers 7 24*7 facility should be provided to welcome customer at any instant time 8 A good communication channel should be maintained 9 Regular FOLLOW UPS is required to be carried on 10 Group tours should be provided with proper assistance and guide throughout the tour 11 Regular updates of the services and products should be communicated to loyal customers 12 Strong competitive strategies must be followed against the competitors especially “THOMAS COOK” 13 Regular appraisal should be followed for the employees in order to get the maximum output from them 14 Number of days and nights should be increased to optimize the level of experience 15 Franchisee department should emphasize on increasing more number of stores for mass accessibility of customers Cox & king Page 108 .

Cox & king Page 109 .16 Franchisee stores must be monitored and regulated on regular basis for providing greater assistance and documentation.

and MAKE MY TRIP. 1 Middle class people should not be considered as a major customer group who are interested in package tour. 1 In small cities there is more potential of ticketing than package tours. 1 There is less number of people who book their tour ticket through travel agents. 3 COX & KING’S global presence has also strengthened its position in India. KUONI. 1 People are more aware about Cox and Kings than Thomas Cook. Cox & king Page 110 . 2 COX & KING’S is one of the dominant in the industry. SITA.Conclusion 1 COX & KING’S has a very good reputation in the industry.

Cox & king Page 111 . has decided to expand its operations in India. to manage and operate the first pan-India luxury tourist train. 3 The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). the Cox and Kings.. 4 Efforts are being made so that online and offline business models would complement each other in a very effective manner in future 5 Expecting a huge and unprecedented jump in the outflow and inflow of tourists in the country. and Cox and Kings India Ltd. have signed a Joint Venture agreement to set up a company called the Royale Indian Rail Tours Ltd. (CKIL)..Future Plans Of Cox & King’s 1 COX & Kings is set to expand its foreign exchange business to more centres in India 2 Cox & Kings has come out with its package for Europe and packages for the US and Far East on mass basis.

financialexpress.thehindubusinessline.BIBLIOGRAPHY 1 Cox & king Page 112 1 2 3 www.

:- QUESTIONS: 1) Are you loyal customer of Cox and kings? 1)1-6 months 2) 6-12 months 3) 12-18 months 4) 18-24 months more 2) If you are the regular client of Cox and Kings then what was your last package? ………………………………………………………………………………………… … 3) Who influenced you to avail services of Cox and Kings? 1) Friends follow-ups 2) e-mails Cox 3) Kings websites Cox & king Page 113 .QUESTIONNAIRE TITLE: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND THEIR RETENTION Personal Details: Name:Age:Address:Contact no.

4) Many tours and travels companies are there in then why you want to be a regular customer of Cox and Kings? 1) Customer relation 2) attractive packages 3) services pricing 5) Is Cox and Kings fulfilling your demand according to your need? 1) Always 2) Sometimes 3) Rarely 6) What is your expectation from the Cox and Kings while using services? 1) Services 2) pricing 3 packages 4) accommodations 5) Excursion Cox & king Page 114 .

Others if any………………………………………………………………………… 7) Are you satisfied with the Quality of services provided? 1) Highly satisfied 2) Satisfied 3) Average 4) Not satisfied 8) Are you satisfied with the price of packages? 1) Highly satisfied 2) Satisfied 3) Average 4) Not satisfied 9) Why you prefer Cox and Kings over any other tours and Travel Company? 1) Quality 2) Price 3) services 4) Customer treatment 10) How will you rate Cox and Kings over its competitors? 1) Excellent 2) Very good 3) Satisfactory 4) Poor 11) Would you like to continue availing services from Cox and Kings? 1) Yes 2) No 12) Are you satisfied with Cox and Kings packages and services? 1) Highly satisfied 2) Satisfied 3) Average 4) Not satisfied Cox & king Page 115 .

13) Do you recommend this brand to others? 1) Yes 2) No If no then why …………………………………………………………………………………… ………… …………………………………………………………………………………… ………… …………………………………………………………………………………… … 14) What is your opinion about Cox and Kings? ……………………………………………………………………………………… ……… …………………………………………………………………………………… ………… …………………………………………………………………………………… … DATE: PLACE: SIGNATURE Cox & king Page 116 .