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RS Notes: Declaration of Independence (1st Hour)

Paragraph 1:
Sometimes it becomes necessary for people to end the relationship with the government, in
order to make a new one.
Paragraph 2:
Everyone is the same and should be treated as such. We all have rights that we are born with,
life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. The govt should have consent of the people and should
protect these rights. The people should revolt if the govt isnt doing what its supposed to and
make one that will.
27 Abuses of King George III
1. He refused to agree to laws that are good for the public.
2. Until the king agrees, Parliament cant make laws.
3. He wont pass laws that are good for the people, unless they give up their representation.
4. He calls Parliament to uncomfortable places, so they will more easily agree to his terms.
5. He dismisses Parliament when they disagree with him.
6. He wont let others get elected.
7. No immigration.
8. He obstructed the Administration of Justice to establish his judiciary power.
9. Judges have no say, unless they agree with him. Or else they will lose their job.
10.He sent large groups of troops to harass the people.
11.He keeps the army ready in times of peace w/o permission from Parliament.
12.He lets the military be in charge of themselves.
13.He has abandoned the Constitution.
14.He keeps the army among the people.
15.He protects his troops by putting them above the law.
16.He cut off our trade with the rest of the world.
17.He taxes us without our consent.
18.He gives unfair trials by denying a jury.
19.He sends citizens overseas to be tried for a crime they didnt commit.
20.He established absolute power in Canada and is trying to impose it on us.
21.He took away our system of government.
22.We cant make our own legislatures.
23.He abandoned us and waged war on us.
24.He has destroyed our seas, coasts, towns and our lives.
25.He has sent soldiers to kill us.
26.He takes our friends and families away to be soldiers or he will kill them.
27.He wants the colonies to war with the Native Americans.
Paragraph 3:
Every time he has hurt us, we have asked him to change, modestly. But, he has only hurt us
more. A ruler who is like this is a tyrant and cant rule free people.
Paragraph 4:
We have warned our British brothers about him, many times about the king trying to control us.
We have reminded them about our deal when we came here. We have appealed to our common
nationality to try to stop these abuses. Theyve ignored us, so were going to separate from
them. Well consider them enemies in war, but friends in peace.
Paragraph 5:
We the People, asking God, because of the continued abuse, are declaring independence. We
will no longer be allied to Britain. As a new country, we can declare war, negotiate peace, form
allies, trade, and anything else a country does. We have support of the colonists and God for our
new nation.