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RS Notes: Declaration of Independence (6th Hour)

Paragraph 1:

In the history of human events, it is necessary for people sever political ties with another country to create
laws that come from Gods work and to respect the opinions of other countries that led them to this.
Paragraph 2:
These reasons are self-explanatory. Everyone is created equal. They are given irremovable rights by God.
Among these are life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. To secure these rights, govts are created among
men with the consent of the governed. Whenever any govt becomes overpowering, the people have a
right to remove it and create a new one, so will be made in a way that people want. We arent changing
this for small reasons. Our past experiences with the govt have been revealed that have led to our
27 Abuses of King George III:
1. He wont pass laws that are good for the public.
2. He wont let governors pass laws, unless he allows it.
3. He wont pass laws unless they benefit him.
4. He puts people in uncomfortable situations so they agree with him.
5. He dismisses Parliament because they disagreed with him.
6. He wont let anyone who disagrees with him get elected.
7. He wont let immigrants in England.
8. He wont pass laws that establish judiciary powers.
9. He bribed judges.
10. He sent officers to terrorize people.
11. He keeps an army, even during peace.
12. He made the military more powerful than the people.
13. He brought in non-govt officials to pass laws.
14. He forced us to lodge soldiers in our homes.
15. He let the soldiers do whatever they want, even crimes.
16. He cut off our trade with the world.
17. He taxes us without asking.
18. He took away our right to trial by jury.
19. Sent us to England for crimes we didnt commit.
20. He tried to establish absolute power over the colonies.
21. He changed our laws and controlled our govt.
22. He took power from our legislature.
23. He declared war against us.
24. He destroyed our seas, coasts, towns, and our lives.
25. He uses mercenaries against us.
26. He forces citizens taken captive to fight against us.
27. He turned the Native Americans against the colonists.
Paragraph 3:
We are done being nice and we are taking this into our own hands. Our complaints have been met with
more problems. King George III is unfit to rule the colonists.
Paragraph 4:
We dont want attention from the British govt anymore. We warned them not to take advantage of us
several times. We reminded them about the deal we had when we moved here. Were through following
rules that hold us back from our rights. Even British people face unfair treatment. For these reasons, we
will not be a part of Britain, but will be friends until war breaks out.
Paragraph 5:
We, the people, speaking to God, in order to be a free country are declaring independence from Britain. As
an independent country, we can go to war, negotiate peace, make allies, trade, and anything else a
country does. To support the declaration, we pledge our lives, fortunes, and honor.