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Blocks of Tartarus

* Thebel - confusion (violation of natural/divine order), perversion (in sexual
sin) (Hebrew)
I have absolutely no idea what this has to do with this particular block
of Tartarus. Thebel really just looks like a wrecked-up version of
Gekkoukan High.

* Arqa - briars; also the name of a village in Lebanon (Hebrew)

I don't remember Arqa all that well, but I certainly don't remember any
briars. Or Lebanese villages.

* Yabbashah - dry land, dry ground (Hebrew)

Yabbashah was technically dry, on account of being a tower... but really,
it too just appeared to be an indoor area.

* Tziah - ??
I can't find a definition for Tziah anywhere. It is, however, the first
area of Tartarus to not have a weird green glow - instead, the walls,
floors, and ambient glow are all gold.

* Harabah - war of intimidation (Arabic), dry ground (Hebrew)

There's a region in Libya called 'Al Harabah'. Bet it's dry there.
Can you tell I haven't made it to this block yet? The first definition
is probably not the one intended, since everything up to this point
has been Hebraic; however, a harabah is in fact the opposite of a jihad -
an un-Koranic war of intimidation.

* Adamah - Earth (Hebrew)

Haven't made it to this block, either. Adamah is basically the Earth
before Adam, though.

* Monad - God, the first being, the totality of all beings (Greek)
For no apparent reason, Monad is named after a Greek concept instead of
a Hebrew one.