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Sprouts Business Plan

Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
Management Plan 6
Legal Form of Business.6
Management Team..6
Operations Plan.7
Weekly Operations Plan .7
Labor Schedule..8
Vehicle Information..9
Vehicle Exterior...9
Vehicle Interior..10
Industry and Target Markey Analysis Summary11
Competition & New Entrants .11
Target Market.11
Critical Success Factors .12
Financial Obligation.13
Weekly Expenses/Budget.14
Initial Loan15
Weekly Food Invoice16-18
Marketing Plan.19

Executive Summary
Legal Name of the Business:
Sprouts Food Truck

Legal Address:

70 Varick St. NY, NY 10013


Sole Ownership; BTNA

Mission Statement:

To provide healthy and affordable

food to NYC residents and workers at the
convenience of a food truck


Just for the health of it

Operations Plan:
Sprouts will open 5 days a week
serving lunch and dinner each day, from



Food Truck

Prep Kitchen

Management Plan
Legal Form of Business
The business will become a member of the New York City Food Truck
Association by April 2015. The business will be owned and operated equally
among its four owners Amanda Conover (25%), Nicole Ramos (25%), Rebecca
Tonnessen (25%) and Tanvi Dalal (25%).
Management Team
Amanda Conover and Nicole Ramos will be the head chefs for
Sprouts. Amanda Conover is an experienced chef who has worked all over
the tri-state area ranging from diners to private restaurants. She received
her culinary degree from International Culinary Center in NY, NY. She was
recently the head chef at Green Place, a health deli in Brooklyn, NY. She
is excited to collaborate and bring her experience to Sprouts
Nicole Ramos is a natural born chef. She went to school for business,
however switched to culinary school during her first year. Because she has
Celiac Disease, she loves to create delicious and healthy gluten-free
Rebecca Tonnessen and Tanvi Dalal will be in charge of the
management and the marketing aspect. Rebecca Tonnessen received a BA
in Business Management from Rutgers University. She has been the comanager for Hansel and Griddle in New Brunswick for the past two years
and has learned a lot about the food industry business. She is a vegan
herself and enjoys healthy foods.
Tanvi Dalal received her BA in Marketing and Communications from
Columbia University. She interned and then served as a marketing assistant
for NBC Studious in New York, NY. She is extremely skilled with the
numerous marketing techniques as well as the numerous social media
Both ladies will also double as truck workers.

Operations Plan
Weekly Operations Plan
Operations efficiently will be crucial for the success of
Sprouts. All of our breads will be baked in the warehouse daily.
Sprouts has a unique partnership with Wholesale Greenmarket in
Brooklyn, NY in which every morning produce will be delivered to the
warehouse and then disturbed for the menu. All other inventory will be
obtained weekly from Costco.
Sprout staff will cost of two workers on the truck and one prep
worker. The prep worker will begin at 4am and work till 12pm. The two
truck workers will work from 10am-8pm. The menu will remain constant
throughout the duration of the day. At 3pm however, the truck will
close to have a designated clean hour. The food truck will be stored at
Casablanca Comissary at Hunts Point in the Bronx. The truck will be
open for the following regular business hours:

Sprouts Weekly Serving Hours

Thurs Fri
11am- 11am- 11am- 11am3pm



Our main strategic selling location is the LMCC Kent Space in Hudson
Square and on weekends Sprouts will be making appearances at
street festivals such as Grand Central Spring Block Party, Foley Square
Park Fair, etc.
Hired prep worker will be trained with head chef/worker for the
first week before the truck debuts. The prep worker will essentially
learn how to make each and every recipe from starch and be held
responsible to do so once the truck debuts. Co-manager/ worker on
truck will allow be trained with prep worker on the numerous recipes
and meals, however will not be held responsible to know how to
prepare each dish. That worker will only have knowledge of the recipes
in order to provide assistance to chef on truck. His or her main
obligation will be however to hand payments on the truck, management
of the business, and customer service inquiries.

Labor Schedule

Vehicle Information
As the truck operates during daylight hours, natural light provides most
of the ambiance. The outside of truck is visible and a menu is surrounded by a
frame of round bulbs that can be lit at twilight for emphasis. The lightbulbs are
of a sustainable source, all from GreenHome whose lightbulbs use significantly
less energy than traditional bulbs. The indoor lighting is all sustainable and
environmentally friendly as well, with lights over working stations for optimal
visibility. Over the stove and prep areas there are low energy LED panel lights.
Where customers place their orders, there are LED tube lights lining the top of
the window. A long tube light runs down the middle of the ceiling inside the
truck as well for use when it gets darker.
Vehicle Exterior
The Sprouts food truck is an allergy and eco-friendly food truck; therefore the
exterior of the truck will be a pale emerald green color with a lighter green
door. The service window will be painted in baby pink, with a maroon awning
and outline around it, to create a contrast against the truck itself. Between the
service window and the door, we will have the name Sprouts, written across
in cursive handwriting, in the lighter green shade of the door, with a cartoon
Brussels sprout towards the end. On the bottom left of the service window,
there will be a cluster of cartoon vegetables and fruits such as broccoli and
tomatoes. On the other side of the food truck, will be our tag line, in baby
pink, that reads Just for the health of it! This would represent our idea
behind a healthy, allergy friendly food truck, to our customers and encourage
them to stop by. On the top of the food truck, there will be three vents to
dissipate steam.
Vehicle Interior
he interior of the Sprouts food truck is a kitchen stocked with eco-friendly
commercial kitchen equipment. When the food truck is open, the kitchen is
busy and lively. Sustainable, allergy-friendly foods will be cooked to order,
making customers and employees happy. The truck is built with sustainable
materials and the kitchen equipment is energy efficient. The standard
aluminum diamond plate flooring and quilted stainless steel walls and ceiling
provide a professional and functional feel. There is, of course, a three sink
system with a hand washing sink and a steam table. Next to this there is a soda
bin with a drop down cutting board shelf for extra surface space. The lighting is
bright and the bulbs are covered and locked in to prevent breakage. Some
equipment in the food truck are a four burner stove oven, a 48 flat grill, a
braising skillet, and a 48 sandwich preparation station. The kitchen is divided
into different zones based on allergies. Separate gluten free, soy free, and
dairy free zones will ensure that no cross contamination occurs.
Sprouts goal is to provide a unique, allergy and environmentally friendly
eating experience for its customers. With this in mind, all utensils and take out
containers are made from biodegradable materials. Take out containers,
napkins, and plates are made from recycled paper. The disposable utensils are
made of a biodegradable and compostable wooden material that is durable and

Seating is available for customers in the pull-out section of the food

truck directly adjacent to the kitchen. There are three tables, each with
a bench that seats about two to three people for a total of twelve to
eighteen spaces. The staff is matching in fun and casual uniforms. The
light pink V-necks employees wear have the Sprouts logo on the sleeve
and tagline on the back. Dark pants are worn with white sneakers.


Industry and Target Market Analysis

Competition & New Entrants
Our three major competitors will be three popular restaurants in Soho,
NYC- Balthazar, Isola and Spring Street Natural. Although Balthazar is on the
more expensive side, as prices for entrees range from $25-$50, it is an extremely
popular restaurant amongst locals and tourists, as they are known for their
healthy seafood dishes and steak. A few examples of the popular entrees offered
are homemade shrimp linguine, seared organic salmon, steak au poivre and duck
confit. Their meals are light, healthy and organic. Their service is great- waiters
are friendly, attentive and helpful. Isola is another popular restaurant, known
for its supreme Italian food. Although it is not as expensive as Balthazar, entre
prices range from $19- $30. Popular items are the house made pastas, Cesar
salad and tuna with watermelon. It is best known for its beautiful dcor, with
chandeliers, candles, high ceilings made of glass, twinkling lights and a
combination of wood and marble. It is said to be one of the most beautiful
restaurants in NYC. Service is quick and efficient. Spring Street Natural is a
restaurant located in the heart of Soho. It aims to serve fresh, healthy cuisine at
affordable prices to locals and tourists. Their philosophy is to serve whole
natural foods that are minimally processed and most dishes are made from
natural organic ingredients. Their salads and entrees range from $9- $20. Popular
dishes are the Mayan eggs, goat cheese ravioli, roasted eggplant and roasted
beets and ricotta. The servers are knowledgeable and efficient. Although
Balthazar and Isola are popular restaurants that would serve as strong
competitors, Spring Street Natural would most likely be our biggest competitor
as they serve fresh, healthy food at very affordable prices. Compared to
Balthazar and Isola, Sprouts will serve delicious, allergy friendly food at
reasonable prices. As Sprouts is a food truck, service will be quick and efficient,
as there would be a shorter waiting period. It will serve great food on the go, for
those who do not have the time to sit down and dine.
Target Market
Our target market is health and environmentally conscious and/or has food
allergies, aversions, or restrictions. People motivated by health and inspired by
fresh ingredients will find Sprouts to be the perfect quick bite destination.
Millennials, those born between 1980 and the mid-2000s, are the more educated
than young adults before 1980 and thus are likely to take an interest in the
environment and health and be more aware of allergies. Millennials are the
largest, most diverse generation in the U.S. population and are characterized as
open minded. The target market is also relatively well off financially.
Age: 18-34
Tourists can also visit Sprouts. The lot is in close proximity to numerous hotels
ranging from luxurious to simple and casual settings. There are more than 60
hotels within a 1-mile radius. Prices range from $32 a night to $400 a night,
however the average cost per night is $150. The closest hotel is 0.09 miles away
from the lot. In addition, Sprouts is a two-minute walk to St. Johns Park,
where family can relax and enjoy the area. In addition, families can attend the
New York City Fire Museum, which is only a six minute walk from the lot. Last,
but not least the location is near many shopping stores including Concepts NYC,
which is a popular shoe store.


Critical Success Point

Our customers themselves will embody our target market:
the millennials. Our customers will not have to travel very far to
consume delicious and healthy meals. The location is ideal for
college students and essentially young adults working in the
media related field; media production thrives in Soho and in
Tribeca, which is nearby. Students from the Metropolitan College
of New York and the Adelphi University-Manhattan Center only
have to walk for one minute to arrive at Sprouts. NYU students
can take a 6-minute subway, Fashion Institute of Technology can
take a 9-minute subway ride, PACE University Students can take a
10-minute subway ride, and students from Parsons The New
School for Design can take a 12-minute subway ride to arrive to
the lot. The subway lines that student take are the 1 train and
the A, C, E that all stop at the Canal St. Station. Thus, college
students have the opportunity to eat a cheap, healthy meal with
minimal travel time. Employers in the media fields do not have a
far commute as well. Workers from Horizon Media INC, New York
Media LLC and New York Magazine only have to walk one minute
to enjoy the flavors of Sprouts. Workers from the Tribeca
Cinemas only have a two-minute commute.
While our competitors are close to our location, they do
not serve the same demographic we are seeking. Isola in
particular is a very popular restaurant, only a half-mile away
from our location, but the food they serve is not conscious to
alternative diets or allergies. Both New York Magazine and the
Metropolitan College of New York are a minute walk away from
our location, and MCNY in particular fits into our age
demographic. The community page on MCNYs website offers
many vegetarian, health-conscious, and diverse restaurant
recommendations already, thus our truck would be a fantastic

Median Age

32 years old

Average Income


Percentage with Bachelors 72%

to it. It is

Closest Competitor

Isola- 0.5 miles

Closest Company

New York Media LLC

Closest College

Metropolitan College of New York


Financial Obligation
Summary Statement of Income
Name of Restaurant: Sprout
Description of Period Covered by Statement: Monthly



Total Sales


Total Cost of Sales
Gross Profit
Salaries and Wages
Employee Benefits
Direct Operating Expenses
Cleaning Supplies
General and Administrative Expenses
Repairs and Maintenance
Occupancy Costs
Loan Payment
Kitchen Rent
Total Operating Expenses
Operating Income














Income Before Income Taxes


Income Taxes








Weekly Expenses/Budget


Initial Bank Loan

Loan Expenses
**Initial Expenses:
Mobile Food Vending Permit:
Mobile Vendors License





Weekly Food Invoice




Marketing Plan
To establish Sprouts Food Truck as a unique and exciting place to eat,
where customers can count on quality, safe, and delicious options for their
Marketing Mix and Associated Costs
We will promote our business using the following mix of methods:
1. On site promotion: The food truck itself will be colorful and eyecatching for the consumer to become excited by. Our mission of good, safe
food will be made clear on our truck and give away materials. During high
foot traffic times we will give out free samples of small items to entice
customers to purchase.
2. Social Media Sites: Social media will allow use to update our customers
daily in an interactive and popular platform. Through our Twitter and
Instagram, we will update our customers on our location, menu specials,
deals, and more. This is entirely free. Tips, facts, and specials will be
found on our sites. We surveyed students in the dining hall and the top
social media platforms being utilized were Instagram and Twitter, so we
decided to streamline our sites and just utilize these. We also feel that
these sites are better for minute-to-minute updates, which are essential
for our always moving and improving food truck.
3. NYC Food Truck Association: The NYC Food Truck Association is an
advocacy group for food trucks in New York City. Their goal is to promote
community-oriented behavior that ensures food trucks are operating
properly and can feed people good quality food. Being a part of this
organization gives legitimacy to our food truck, enhances marketing
opportunities, and makes permit and zoning issues easier to figure out.
The cost is $99 a month.


Sprouts Inc.