O Canary

by Paul Salahuddin Armstrong O canary, Longing escape, Flee your cage, Into Light, Only blessing, O tortured soul. Hatred arises, Not from nothing, Inner torment, Chains of envy, Revulsion, Out to destroy. All beneficial, Beautiful and good. Shutting out, Brings only pain Upon ourself, Loved ones. Illumination, Ever-present. We fail to see Love surrounds, Beloved desires To comfort thee. Spurning love, Tortured self, Why hate when, Love encompasses? Open your soul, to The lover, the one Of pure devotion. Reciprocating love, A thousandfold, Unlimited adulation. Why waste lives, Chasing maya, Wealth, power? Passing away, Ageing, empty, Hollow clay; Hold the seed, Of adoration, Within your inner, Secret heart.