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Job Description

Family and Community Outreach Coordinator

Lincoln County School District #2

Qualifications: Must hold a Bachelors degree. Degrees preferred: LCSW, School

Psychologist, LPC. Other degrees will be considered.

Time: 20 hours per week

• Conduct interviews with a student, family members, and school personnel

to gather information required to determine parent training needs and to
facilitate appropriate collaboration and interface between school and

• Assist students, teachers, and parents to develop solutions to family and

community factors that influence a student’s capacity or ability to learn.

• Collaborate with education and social services professionals to develop

appropriate agency services for students and their families.

• Plan and conduct monthly school-based outreach committee meetings.

• Home visits to parents of all newborn infants where parent education can
be facilitated through:
o Parent resource kits (providing parents with education/parenting
o Brokering relationships between parents and schools and other
community/state organizations

• Coordinate and when appropriate conduct parent education courses,

workshops, and/or inservice training.

• Collaborate with building principals and school or district-based teams to

identify parents who would be willing and capable of participating in the
school improvement and grant application process.

• Work with school and district administration to determine needed parent

resources, training supplies, and training stipends (stipends for teachers
who conduct parent training and outreach activities)

• Any responsibility, task, or duty as assigned by a building principal,

Director of Special Services, or Superintendent.