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Igor Dos Santos Monteiro

Diego White
Habit of Mind Essay
At Blackstone Academy Charter School we have habits of mind which are 14 habits of
mind to demonstrate throughout our time here and outside of school. The five that are most
important for Sophmore are Collaboration, Wellness, Community Engagement, Gratitude
and Humility.
One of the five habit of mind is Community Engagement which is active participation
in school, local, and global communities. This is my weakest habit of mind because I don’t
engage in the community very often. Sometimes I go to the veterans middle school to help out
with the chess program but I don’t do it often due to my schedule. As of this year I’ve planned on
coaching in Project Goal and being an assistant chess coach at Calcutt Middle School. This habit
of mind will impact me in the future because people will think I don’t care about my community
and that really isn’t true. To prove to my community that I care about them I’ve involved myself
and many activities.
Collaboration which is working successfully with others by listening empathically. I
demonstrated this habit of mind this year by working successfully with many different groups on
school projects and presentations. I showed this habit of mind outside of school by working
successfully with my teammates during the game. My team has good chemistry because we’ve
been together for many year and collaboration in our team isn’t a problem. Because we
collaborate so much we have won many championships and made it to finals of the state cup

which we lost 2-1 but kept out head high. This habit of mind will help me in the future by me
being able to work successfully with my coworkers and others in my job. Being able to work
with others is a great skills because you will be more successful and accomplish more.
Wellness which is actively working to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. Focusing on
sleep, nutrition, exercise, and managing stress in an effort to reach peak performance. This is my
best habit of mind because I run almost everyday and play sports. I play soccer year long for a
premier team. I take care of my body extremely well because being in shape is essential for an
athlete like me. This is important in the future because being in shape and healthy prolongs your
life so you can live more years.
Gratitude which is showing appreciation for others and for one’s opportunities. This is
something I’m currently working on because I often forget to thank people for helping me.
Someone who I have the most gratitude for is my advisor because despite me giving him a hard
time he still helps me out. After many months I still haven’t finished my portfolio and he is still
willing to help me finish it. In the future this will help me because by appreciating the help of
others such as teachers or friends can lead to a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Humility which is awareness that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Humbly
acknowledging success while bravely confronting one’s weaknesses and encouraging others who
do the same. This is my weakest one but I’ve been working on this and I have gotten far. Where I
come from I have a lot of pride and people often call me over confident because I think I’m
better at everything but I’m just confident in myself. Since I started dating my current girlfriend
Melanie Tirrell she has showed me that you can’t be good at everything because everyone has
flaws and strengths. Before asking people or teachers for help was not my favorite thing to do

but I know now that I can’t do everything by myself. In the future knowing my weaknesses will
help me improve and become a better person.
Besides the five that are important for Sophomores to develop throughout their year I
think that Self-advocacy, Zest, Grit, Integrity and Optimism are also important because you
use them in a daily basis but most people don’t notice it.
Integrity which is telling the truth to oneself and others through one’s words and actions,
even when it’s difficult. This is an important habit you having it in your life will benefit you
tremendously because people will know you’re a trustworthy person. Being trustworthy can give
you a upper hand in school, jobs and maybe even friendships. If your boss know you’re
trustworthy and believes in you, he might give you a raise or even a promotion because of the
good job and because he knows that you will do the right thing every time. I have improve this
and hopefully continue to improve on this because the consequences can vary but not telling the
truth but some can be harsh. Can vary from being suspended from school or job to going to jail
to losing a friend. I will continue to tell the truth because honesty is one of my biggest pet peeves
especially in friendships because I hate being lied straight to my face.
Zest which is participating enthusiastically and passionately; invigorating others. I
demonstrate this in every class because I’m always happy and making others happy. I participate
in every class even when I don’t understand what the topic is in class that we are learning I still
participate cheerfully. This year what I showed energy and excitement for exhibition night
because I love presenting and interacting with others. Many were nervous but I was extremely
calm and helped other become calmer and many thanked me because they did better on their
presentation. Everyone has strengths and weakness and if I know someone has a weakness I can
help them with I will try because in everything there’s always room for improvement.

Self-Advocacy which is being the director’s of one’s life; demonstrating agency to
become empowered. This is the one that I’m the strongest on because I always speak my mind
even if I’m the only one who supports what I’m saying. Many times in discussions or debates the
teacher poses a question which everyone agrees and I’m always the only one who disagrees and
after I explain why I disagree most people switch sides and support my statement. Another way I
have demonstrated this habit is by advocating for myself when I have missed school so I talk to
teachers and catch up on what I missed on the previous day. This will help me in the future
because if I’m not being treated fairly at my job or anything that I’m doing I will be able to speak
for myself. Many people just go with the flow but if I don’t agree with a statement I will make
sure my opinion is heard even if I’m wrong which is probably why I want to become a lawyer as
a future career.
Optimism which is believing that one’s life, community and world can get better with
effort. I’m an optimistic person because I have been in the lowest of lowest and know I have a
better life and never thought I would be where I am currently. In a great country with an amazing
family and good friends. I’ve only had my sister and brothers who have been by myself my
whole life. I never had the true feeling of living with a full family because my parents were never
there when I was growing up and now that I’m grown up they aren’t together. My family has
split up again but I know one day we will reunite again because without darkness light cannot
shine. I have hopes for the future and always see the bright side of situations because I think
being pessimistic is not the best thing to be. As I always tell people, be grateful of the good in
your life and improve on the negatives.
One of the five above is Grit which is persevering despite difficulties; finishing what is
started and working independently with focus and intensity. This is my favorite habit of mind

because I’m not a person that backs down from a fight. If I want to achieve something I will
work my hardest until I achieve it. An example is this portfolio in which I’m currently working
on. I stayed up nights and had to go through many school days without having a sufficient
amount of sleep because I was working on this all night. After many days I’m finally done after I
finish this assignment of habits of mind. After all the hard work I can finally say I have achieved
what I put my mind to and succeeded my goal. Without Grit I wouldn’t be myself because too
many people call me cocky but it’s because I know I can finish whatever I put my mind to. I’m
just confident in myself and know what I can achieve and if someone says I can’t do something I
will I try my best to achieve whatever they said I couldn’t and prove whoever it is wrong.

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