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Define job satisfaction and job performance. Does job satisfaction contribute
to job performance? Or does job performance lead to job satisfaction? In other
words, critically examine the relationship between job satisfaction and job

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2.What is job satisfaction?
3.Ways of attaining job satisfaction
4.What is job performance?
5. Other ways of attaining maximum job
6.Relationship between job satisfaction
and performance



Today as well as in the past,a problem that every business

organization has to address is how to increase the productivity or
the performance of the Organization. Different business
organizations have done researches in order to find a solution
(Brody, 1945).The solution that they have come up in the end was
that, employees of the business should be motivated for the
employees to perform well. This in return will allow the
organization to gain the maximum output.This indicates that there
is a positive relationship existing between job satisfaction and job
performance. The purpose of this report is to critically analyze this
existing relationship between job satisfaction and job


What is

job satisfaction?

satisfaction is defined as "the extent to which people like

(satisfaction) or dislike (dissatisfaction) their jobs" (Spector, 1997,

p. 2)

There are two types of job satisfaction that can be identified

according to the dual-factor theory of job satisfaction (Herzberg,
Mausner, Peterson & Capwell, 1957). These two types are
discussed below.
1. Intrinsic job satisfaction

This is the satisfactionthan an employee could gain from

the tasks he performs or rather the job he/she is assigned to

2. Extrinsic job satisfaction

This is the satisfaction that an employee gains from salary
and other benefits associated with the job.

When intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfaction isachieved, we can

say that the employee hasachieved job satisfaction. There are
various factors that influence job satisfaction. Few of those factors
are as follows;
1. Job expectation
When a worker is recruited to complete a certain task, both
organization and the employee has expectations from each other,
but what affects the job satisfaction is the expectation of the
worker from the organization. The worker will expect certain
things from the organization such as health coverage, bonuses
etc. if these expectations are met they will be satisfied with their

job which would motivate them to be efficient and effective in

performing their job.

2. Job environment
When there is a pleasant working environment in the
organization, for an example,a friendly environment where
everyone is treated equally and open to ideas and suggestions of
the employee, workers will feel less stressed and would be in a
mindset to work in an efficient manner, which would lead to job
satisfaction. This will allow the organizations to gain a better

3. Job security
If the organization is not stable, the workers will start to worry
about their job security. This would ultimately decrease the
efficiency of the employee. Its the responsibility of the
organization to ensure the job security of the workers and ensure
job satisfaction

3.Ways of attaining job satisfaction.

There are factors which has a huge impact on the job satisfaction,
both personal factors and organizational factors. These factors are
discussed below.

Organizational factors

1. Financial rewards
Organization can help the employees to gain job satisfaction
by rewarding them financially. For an example, increase in
salary, bonuses etc. Giving the employees recognition for a
job well done will also motivate them and hence will lead to
job satisfaction.

2. Opportunities for advancement

If the work done by an employee is recognized by the
organization and is rewarded and is offered more responsibilities

and authority, (for an example - a promotion) the worker would be

satisfied with the job.

3. Maintain a strong and meaning full working

When engaging in work at the work place the workers should
maintain a good meaning full relationship with each other, when
the employees work as team to achieve goals and objectives of
the organization. When employees feel like they are being part of
something greater workers will get satisfaction

Personal Factors

1. Self-awareness
The employee should be aware about his/her weaknesses
and strengths and try to minimize his/her weaknesses and use
his/her strengths for their advantage in the work place, to get the
job done easily. This will give job satisfaction to the employee.

2. Positive attitude

The worker should have a positive attitude about the job. If

the employee is not positive about the work assigned the worker
will never be satisfied about the job so its important have a
positive attitude in the work place

3. Find a purpose
When the work assigned to the employee is not interesting,
the employee should find a way to make it interesting. In other
words, the employee should try to find a purpose to do the job.
When the employee find the job interesting, the employee will be
satisfied with the job

4.What is job performance?

Job performance is typically conceptualized as actions and
behaviors that are under the control of the individual that
contribute to the goals of theorganization, (Rotundo & Sackett,
2002, p. 66).

Sometimes an employee might not have a proper understanding

about his/her job and hence, the employee might not be able to
perform the assigned task well, so it is necessary to have a

complete understanding about the job that have being assigned

to the worker, so he could perform well. There are several factors
that affect the job performances of the employee. One of the
factors is motivation.If the organization has to take necessary
actions to motivate its employees. They could do this by means of
financial rewards or by recognition. If the employees are well
motivated, they will perform well in the business. Another factor is
the commitment of the employees. If they are not giving their
best to the job, the organization should create a suitable
environment for the employees to be committed to the work and
through this job performance can be increased.

Other Ways of attaining job
1. Stop multitasking
It is important that an employee should focus on a single
task without doing few tasks as it could decrease the productivity
or the performance.Therefore it is the responsibility of the

organization not give a huge work load to the employee that

cannot be handled
2. Avoid distractions
When the employee is in the work place, the focus should
only be on the task that the employee is assigned to do. So the
worker can perform well in an organization. It is the responsibility
of the organization to create a suitable environment for
employees to work without any distractions.

3. Set goals/targets
When a goal or a target is set, the employees will be
determined to achieve those set goals and objectives. Since the
employee is determined, the performance will increase, and as a
result, the organization will beable to achieve the organizational
goals and objectives.

4. Training
Training the employees is another way of attaining job
performance. It is important that the employee has a good
knowledge about the task the worker should complete. When the

employee has a good knowledge about the job that he/she is

assigned, the performance of the work done will be increased.

5. Team work
It is important to learn to work as a team in a work place,
since it would help to divide the work load assigned and it would
also help to get new ideas to get the work done in an effective
and an efficient manner.

5.Relationship between job satisfaction and job


In earlier days researchers believed that the relationship between

job satisfaction and job performance as a myth.But after more
than 300 years,researchers finally came into a conclusion that
theres a strong relationship between job satisfaction and job
performance (Brody, 1945). What the researchers found was
organizations with employees who are satisfied with the jobs have
better performances than the organizations with employees who
are not satisfied with the jobs assigned to them.There is no
certain conclusions yet introduced regarding the fact that job

performance lead to job satisfaction or job satisfaction leads to

job performance . Many researchers have argue over this
problem. 5 models can be identified regarding this matter.

Model 1 This model explains that job satisfaction leads to job

performance this is one of the oldest specifications as stated by
G. Strauss (1968).

Model 2 This model explains that job performance leads to job

satisfaction. This model was introduced byLawler andPorter

Model 3 This model explains that job performance and job

satisfaction are reciprocally related

Model 4 This model explains the Relationship between Job

Satisfaction and
Job Performance Is Spurious

Model 5 -TheRelationship Between Job Satisfaction and Job

Performance Is Moderated by Other Variables.

These models are created using different theories created by

different researches in order to understand the relationship
between job satisfaction and job performance.

Cummings (1970) presented three major points of view regarding

the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance.
Satisfaction causes performance, Performance causes
satisfaction, rewards causes both job satisfaction and job
performance are the three points of view presented by him. All of
these relationships are supported by many researchers.
Mirvis and Lawer (1977) stated in their research that there exists
a relationship between job satisfaction and performance. Smith
and Cranny (1968) came in to a conclusion regarding this views
through a comprehensive literature review. They stated that
satisfaction is positively co-related with performance, effort,
commitment and intention.Further studies should be conducted
regarding this relationship.

Although there were doubts in the past,by reviewing the
researches, it is clear that job satisfactions leads to job
performance. Even though job performance is an outcome of a
successful organization,when the employees are satisfied with
their jobs they will respond to their responsibilities. This will lead
to increased job performance. The organization should always

listen to their employees, since the employees are the blood of

the business organization without them the organization would
not survive.

Throughout this analysis, we mainly looked upon the factors that

could help an organization to get improved job performance
through taking the necessary actions to increase the job
satisfaction of the employees. We could conclude that, the
success of an organization depends on the employees. So when
the employees are satisfied with their jobs, it will lead to better

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