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The New Guide to

Harmony with LEGO® bricks
the best way to remember jazz changes


Conrad Cork

®LEGO is a registered trade mark belonging to the LEGO group and is used here
by special permission

so that you can use the great music on it to help improve your playing. 1997. 1998. the Playalong has been 're-mastered' by dubbing the best copy we could find of the tape onto a digital recorder. but still really usable. LEICESTER. and making some attempt to clean it up. Printed by in the UK by De Montfort University Leicester Printing Unit .uk Originally published 1985 Revised and extended edition 1988 Revised and extended edition 1990 Revised and extended edition first published 1996 Reprinted 1996 (twice). However. as well as things like automatic repeating of sections. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means.tadleyewing. if you are prepared to put up with a few technical imperfections.Copyright © Conrad Cork 1985-1996 The right of Conrad Cork to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by him in accordance with the Copyright. We had hoped to record a new CD version but this has so far not proved possible. Just give us your postal address and we will send it to you! What has happened is that. 2003 This revised edition first published 2004 Editorial/production supervision and interior design: Alison Cork All rights reserved. although the original masters were accidentally damaged some years 2002. LE2 8PB. Notice to all readers of this book The Harmony with LEGO Bricks Playalong is now formally out of print. 1999 (twice). and with the advantage of instant access to any track. All rights reserved ISBN 0 9515795 3 3 Published by: Tadley Ewing Publications 47 Belvoir Drive. Fax + (44) (0) 116 283 9664 Email info@tadleyewing. 2001. without permission in writing from the publisher. Not perfect. You are free to copy and distribute this material as you wish. the original Playalong can be yours in a CD version. UK Phone + (44) (0) 116 283 Web site www. Designs and Patents Act 1988.

In loving memory of Lionel Grigson .


For this reason. I have never been concerned with finding new tunes to play.but that the tune must serve to hold the chords and variations together. the tune should serve as a vehicle for musical variations . Barry Harris.and that the ultimate goal is to have as much freedom from the harmonic. . I often feel that I could play and record the same tunes over and over and still come up with fresh variations.I feel that in improvisation. in his liner notes to The Real Lee Konitz The more ways you have of thinking about music. Lee Konitz. melodic and rhythmic restrictions of the tune as possible . the more things you have to play in your solos.