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Title: Historical myth on choosing Emilio Aguinaldo as one of our Philippine Heroes

Revised Thesis Statement: Emilio Aguinaldo should not be considered as one of our Philippine heroes
because he was instrumental in the death of Andres Bonifacio, did not seek justice for General Antonio
Lunas death, and collaborated with the Japanese.
Topic Outline:
I. Historical Context
A. Spanish Colonization of the Philippine Islands
B. Social Classes During the Spanish Period
C. Insurrections and Pocket Rebellions
D. The Rise of the Katipunan
II. Emilio Aguinaldo
A. Biography and Personality
B. Contributions to the country
1. As a Revolutionary
2. As the First President
C. Philippines status under his regime during Spanish and Japanese Occupation
I. Emilio Aguinaldo and Andres Bonifacio
A. Factions in the Katipunan
1. Magdiwang
2. Magdalo
B. Rivalry between Aguinaldo and Bonifacio
C. Andres Bonifacios death
II. Emilio Aguinaldo and General Antonio Luna
A. Emilio Aguinaldos administration
B. American War
1. His beliefs
2. His decisions
C. General Antonio Lunas death
III. Emilio Aguinaldo and the Japanese
A. World War II
B. Allegiance with the Japanese
IV. Conclusion
A. Responsibility in the death of Bonifacio
B. Responsibility in the death of General Antonio Luna
C. Blunders, failures and omissions as a revolutionary leader and first president of the republic