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Ward 7 Safe & Drug-Free Communities Coalition Meeting

January 7, 2016
Suggested Remarks for Deborah Jones

Fiscal Agent Report

Deborah Jones, Executive Dir.

Washington East Foundation

I am happy to report that the Washington East Foundation submitted to SAMHSA, on

December 17, 2015, the corrective action plan, developed jointly by WEF and the
Coalition to address specific deficiencies and concerns, identified by SAMHSA,
involving the Coalitions Drug-Free Community grant.
SAMHSA has acknowledged receipt of the plan and initial review. We now await
SAMHSAs formal response.

Interim Chair Report

Deborah Jones

I want to once again thank all those who attended the Coalitions retreat held on
December 5 at the East River Family Strengthening Collaborative.
Special thanks to Mae Best who hosted the retreat and provided a lovely setting and
delicious luncheon for our event.
The retreat gave us the opportunity to finalize the corrective action plan, a process that
has involved several months of assessment, meetings, engaging a facilitator to
interview and meet with key Coalition leaders and representatives of community
I am proud to say I believe we as a Coalition fully addressed each and every specific
deficiency of concern to SAMHSA, and that we are now positioned to move forward as
a stronger and more inclusive organization. Practically, we have integrated what is
necessary into the 2015-16 Action. Plan as we will talk about later in the meeting.
During the past month we have recruited two new Ward 7 leaders to fill Sector Lead
positions that were either vacant or inactive. Ms. Vickey Nelson, our new Parent Sector
Lead is here tonight. Welcome, Ms. Nelson.

The Reverend Caron A. Gwynn, Rector of St. Timothys Episcopal Church has agreed
to serve as Religious Sector Lead. Rev. Gwynn is out of the country on leave and thus
unable to join us this evening.
One final note. The staff has developed a number of documents to support the
Coalitions capacity building and outreach efforts. These documents will be shared with
you as an addendum to the meeting minutes.