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Surgery exam



Radioactive iodine is given in lung mets with which tumour : papillary
Complications of blood transfusion except : hypokalemia
Psammoma bodies in : papillary thyroid Ca
Hepatic hemangioma correct: biopsy usually not done
Long sequale complication of DVT: stasis ulcer
The earliest sign of DVT: edema
MEN 2b components are ////
Myalgia, arthralgia, with calcium 12 . all correct except: high myoglobin /
high PTH/ high Ca in urine/ pit adenoma
9. Kidney stone + abd pain , tx : parathyroidectomy
10.Discharge in Rt mandible angles : branchial cyst
11.So2al 3n intraductal papilloma
12.Concerning Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid all of the following are true
a) Can be reliably diagnosed using fine needle aspiration cytology
B) Is almost always unifocal
13.Crystalloid solution : ringer lactate
14.Hepatocellular CA except: mostly in forth decade
15.Most common hernia in female: indirect inguinal
16.False about hernias: umbilical hernia must be treated as soon as possible
17.Bulging mass inferiolateral relation to pubic tubercle: femoral hernia
18.Q about wound healing stages: 3n el maturation eshizyhek
19.Burn degrees Q
20.All need blood screen for transfusion except: Plt transfusion
21.Complication of pelvic fracture: hemorrhage aw sciatic N injury
22.The earliest complication of central line is : pneumothorax
23.Most common anal fistula type: intersphincteric

About papillary th CA: exposure to radiation in childhood 39.Most pt with appendicitis have: anorexia 44.Cramping lower abdominal pain + massive blood loss: diverticulosis 36.Man treated for pneumonia for 12 days then developed diarrhea and hematochezia .2 questions about anal fissure & abscess .Carbuncle false : treated with ATB 32. the cause : C.Gastric cancer : male more than F 38.About parotid tumour do : core biopsy 35.All supply the thyroid except: internal carotid 26.Which indicate malignancy of parotid tumour: facial weakness 34.FAP screening with colonoscopy ?? 48.Tracheostomy : increase dead space 30.About inguinal canal except: ilioingunal nerve is posterior to spermatic cord 29.Q about colon Ca differences between Rt & lt 45.daily Nutritional requirement for a 70 kg man : a) b) c) d) e) 35-40 k cal/kg/day 1-2 gm nitrogen/ day 15 gm protein/ day 35 mmol k+ /day 1500 ml/IV fluids/ day 43. difficle 31.Meckel's except: presented in the messentric border 41.24.Blood supply to parathyroid: inferior thyroid A 25.Cholangitis tx 28.Causes of hypercalcemia except: hyperthyroid 42.Severe abdominal bleeding : you have to identify the site of bleeding 37.Ulcerative colitis: surgical treatment with anastomosis 40.2nd degree hemorrhoidectomy: tx conservative 47.Surgery to salivary gland then developed drooling: the affected nerve is superficial marginal branch of mandibular 33.TPN indications 27.False tx of anal fissure: lateral external sphincteretomy 46.

Most common risk factor for intestinal ischemia: AF aw IHD ! 66. b. The paraesophageal hernia is one in which the esophagus. all the above a and c only 68.Pheochromocytoma the best : metanephrine 59.Hypersplenism except: NL bone marrow 51. c.About postsplenectomy vaccines except: meningiococci give long term prev 53. Sliding hernia is usually symptomatic and associated with reflux.Pt with ER+. esophagogastric junction and proximal stomach move into the chest. e. Indications of isotope thyroid scan are a.Pyloric stenosis: hypokalemic hypochloremic dehydration 61. measuring the size of the goiter prior to treatment.The best investigation for adrenal : CT scan ???? 58. you do : open the wound 57. LN +ve : give radio + chemo + tamoxifen 63.Choledocal cyst : increase risk for CA 60.Portal HTN except: if pressure >5 54.Postsplenectomy complications except: low PLT 52.49.One is true regarding the hiatus hernia: a. d.One is surgical complication : diabetic coma 67. The most common herniation through the diaphragm is throughthe esophageal hiatus b. Her –ve.Conjucated hyperbilirubin: low urine urobillinogen 55.Hydatid cyst except: albendazole not mode of treatment 50.Phylloid tumour so2aaal 64. c.Investigation for acute cholecystitis: U/S 56.Pt did thyroidectomy presented with neck swelling & SOB . d. Sliding hernia is one in which the greater curvature of the stomach rotate into the chest. identifying nodules and determining if they are "hot" or "cold". locating thyroid tissue outside the neck.All causes nipple discharge except : mondor Dz 65.The most common likely risk factor for breast Ca: atypical hyperplasia 62. .

71. hyperglycemic coma. Which does not predispose to Carcinoma of stomach? a) Low fat and protein diet b) Salted meat and fish c) Low Nitrate consumption 70. 73. Examination revealed stage 4 hemorrhoids. His hemoglobin was 10 g/dl.s sac. d-a hernia having a viscous part of its sac wall. c) Vigorous Attempts at reduction of incarcerated hernia may result in reduction en masse with progression to obstruction and strangulation. The commonest complication of total parenteral nutrition is: a) Hyperosmolar. b) Metabolic acidosis. which of the following statements is not true: a) All incarcerated herniae are surgical emergencies and always require urgent surgical intervention.69. b) Attempt at reduction of incarcerated hernia is considered generally safe. c-a hernia that reaches scrotum. Sliding inguinal hernia is a-a hernia that contains omentum in it.non-ketotic. b-a hernia that is easy reducible. 72. c) Thrombosis of the central vein used . Concerning incarcerated inguinal hernia. d) Catheter related sepsis. A 60 year old male patient presented with bleeding per rectum. The next most important step in the management is: .

The following are indications for laparotomy in abdominal trauma except : a) Intrahepatic heamatoma b) Persistant shock c) Eviceration d) Uncontrolled heamorhage e) Gun shot wounds 76. diffuse tenderness and no guarding. 75. Double contrast Barium enema. Deep Venous thrombosis is best diagnosed by : a) 121 fibrinogen b) CT scan c) Venogran d) Physical examination e) Doppler ultrasonography . Hemorrhoidectomy. Urgent colonoscopy. Colonoscopy Rubber band ligation of the hemorrhoids. Examination reveals a distended abdomen . a) b) c) d) e) 74.vomiting and constipation for 4 days. Urgent upper GI endoscopy. A 55-year old woman is admitted with colicky left sided abdominal pain . Injection sclerotherapy of the hemorrhoids. In second degree burn all are true except : a) Blistering is diagnostic sign b) Escarotomy is needed c) Usually is very painful d) If more than 20% hospitalization is needed e) Reflex ileus is a known complication 77. Initial management includes arranging the following: Immediate laparotomy. Intravenous fluids and nasogastric aspiration and analgesia.a) b) c) d) e) Bulk laxatives.

parameters used to assess nutritional status include all except: a. d) Hypovolaemia. c) bacterial peritonitis incidence is increased and is secondary type in most cases. Regarding the location of gastric ulcers the most common affected part of the stomach is: a) Lesser curvature b) Antrum c) Pyloric channel d) Proximal stomach 81. Chest wall circumference . all the following are TRUE Except: a) portal vein thrombosis is a common predisposing factor. Triceps skin fold thickness c. c) Oliguria. 79. Serum albumin b. b) Metabolic alkalosis. b) peritoneal fluid aspirate is usually transudate. 80. d) associated splenomegally is common. About ascites in advanced liver disease. e) Severe dehydration. Hand grip strength e. e) the initial treatment is restriction of salt intake and with diuretics.78. white cell account d. Small bowel obstruction often results in: (all correct except one) a) Hyperkalaemia.

The following are features of thyrotoxicosis except: a) Weight gain. 84. b) It ranges from ( 3 to 15). d. d) Useful for pupils evaluation. Glasgow coma scale all the following are true except: a) Used for evaluation of comatose patient. Pallor Pain Parasthesia Impalpable Peripheral pulses e. c. Swelling 83. c) Useful for neurological follow up. b) Palpitations. b. The classical picture of Acute arterial embolism include All the following except: a. e) Best motor response given 6 point. c) Proximal myopathy.82. e) Pretibial myxoedema Malath Sarhan . d) Increased skin pigmentation.