Water Purification

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In this project, we had to purify Sea water, We kept measuring the pH, we used soil .to purify water

First, we had to buy things that w’ll use it for the project. The materials are:distilled water, sea water and some red sand. The tube and the funnel was provided by the Chemistry teacher. Ms. Nashwa and Ms. Jyanthi kept explaining for use about what to do and what will .the Final result should be

Pictures of lab work

Pictures of lab work

Pictures of lab work

Pictures of lab work

Pictures of lab work

Result #1
Take 1 8.2 8.1 8 pH Level 7.9 7.8 7.7 7.6 7.5 Starting PH Trial 1 pH 7.7


mmm“, High pH level, so recognize that the“ .water has a lot of salt in it

Result #2
Take 2 7.8 7.6 pH Level 7.4 7.2 7 6.8 Trial 1 pH Trial 2 pH 7.1 7.7

pH decreases that means the salt in the .water decreases

Graph Combined Data
pH Readings 8.5 8 pH 7.5 7 6.5 S tarting PH Trial 1 pH Trial 2 pH

8.1 7.7 7.1

Discussion of overall result
As we said in trail two, the pH decreased, so in trail one the pH level was high, and in trail two the pH decreased. So the salt in the water decreased, that means the salt became less in the water, so this .method works

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