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Alternate Lesson Plan Format BK II & III

Name:Jenna Bauer
School: PATHS
Subject/Topic: Teamwork

Cooperating Teacher:
Grade Level: College
Teaching Model: direct
University Supervisor, Initial Here________

Lesson Date: Nov. 4, 2015

Setting: Small Group
Mentor Teacher, Initial Here________

Teaching Objective (ABCDE):

After a lesson on teamwork, the students will be able to identify at least 5 of 10 features of an effective team member.
Background Information:
-basic understanding of what it means to be a part of a team
-have participated in some sort of a team before
-Inventory of skills worksheet
-case study 1
-case study 2
-computer for slides
Classroom Management/Environment:
-all sitting at table in one group
-can call our answers when I ask, but voices off otherwise
Engagement/Focus (for BKIII, you must focus lesson on student(s) interest):
-Raise your hand if you have ever had a cold freezy pop.
-I am going to tell you a story about freezy popsI worked at a day care, and I was a part of a team. We all had different responsibilities as
members of the team that took care of the children. One day I was supposed to put the snack in the freezer the night before so that the
students would have a nice cold treat the next day when they came in from recess, this was the freezy pops, and I forgot. The next day when
we came to work and went outside, the teachers asked me to go get the freezy pops from the freezer. That is when I realized that I had
forgotten. Due to my mistake the kids didnt have a nice cold freezy pop for snack when they came inside! It is so important to be an
effective team member so that people can rely on you when you have a responsibility.

Student Objective (Today you will be able to___.):

After todays lesson, you will be able to identify different characteristics that can help you be a good team member.
Purpose of the Lesson (This information is important because___.):
It is important that you are a good team member because you will be a part of a team in the work place. You need to be able to work well
with others and contribute to the team to complete a job effectively.
Explanation/Procedures (Relate to prior knowledge; describe what you will teach & model, what the students are to do with you, and what they are to do
independently - I do, We do, You do):
1. Raise your hand if you have been on a team before what team?
2. Someone tell me a characteristic of a good team member (list some on the board)
3. Give each student a worksheet 1, allow a couple minutes to answer with a mentor or independently
4. Give pin of Nearpod presentation and have everyone get to the page!
5. Today were going to talk about 5 characteristics that are crucial to be a good team member.
a. ReliableWhat does this mean?
i. You can be counted on to get the job done
b. An effective communicatorwhat does this mean?
i. You express your thoughts and ideas clearly and directly, with respect for others
c. Cooperative What does this mean?
i. You work with other members of the team to accomplish the job-no matter what
d. Flexible what does this mean?
i. You adapt easily when the team changes direction or youre asked to try something new
e. Respectful What does this mean?
i. Treat other team members with courtesy and consideration-all of the time
6. Guided practice case study
7. Independent case study or with other mentor
Higher Level Questions (must include what you plan to ask the students) :
1. How can you apply these strategies in your practicum setting?
2. How have you seen one of these characteristics in a classmate?
Extension (what will you do to go deeper into this topic):
Students will create a case study with a peer or other mentor that displays a team member using three of the characteristics of a good team
Elaboration (what else might you need to do/say to teach this skill/concept):
Given a role play, the students will read different parts. The role play will have examples of a team member displaying the characteristics of

the team we had discussed. They will be able to see these roles acted out in the role play.
Closure (objective & purpose are restated; address how are you going to include the students in this) :
There are many more characteristics of being a good team member, like you guys told me at the beginning of this lesson. But now you know 5
characteristics of a good team member, and how to use them in your practicum or future jobs!
Assessment (how will you know when the student knows the information or can do the skill youve taught) :
-Case study
-Skills to pay the bills