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In the past years, women have encountered a harsh war against

prejudice; and although many attempts have been made to alleviate

such judgments throughout the years, people today continue to
question the extent of gender equality. In the past, the roles of women
have been limited by the stereotype, as it is widely believed that men
are superior to women. Women had been deterred from having
adequate education and opportunities in careers. Many movements
have emerged from the awareness of the importance to gain an equal
statement to men. In modern age movement, women’s right was still
an interest to people. Feminism and women’s liberal have been formed
to protect women against prejudicial treatment and injustice in
workplaces. Despite the fact that equality has been widely accepted
and much advancement has been made in many fields of life from time
to time, however, traces of gender discrimination between men and
women still remains in today’s society, especially in occupations.
Inevitably, women nowadays still face this ongoing pressure and have
not gained the equality in their careers. Though it seems less apparent
compared to the past, the glass ceiling still maintains confining level of
progression in organizations, setting a quite limited extent of
advancements in their careers. Under the same qualification and
expertise, women likely gain an unequal statement that reflects in less
opportunity to get progress.