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THE WALRUS FOUNDATION Re. Job Description of the Executive Director of The Walrus Foundation and Publisher of The Walrus The executive director of The Walrus Foundation is responsible for the overall direction of the Foundation as outlined by the board of directors and The Walrus Foundation’s charitable status as described in its successful application to the Canada Revenue Agency. The executive director reports directly to the board of directors, and, as The Walrus magazine is the primary project of the Foundation, the executive director is also the publisher of The Walrus magazine. The executive director/publisher must oversee and provide leadership to the four major departments of The Walrus Foundation. Those departments are editorial and art (the magazine), circulation (the magazine), advertizing and sponsorships (the magazine and Foundation), and Foundation programs (the Foundation). The editor and creative director, circulation director, head of advertising, and The Walrus Foundation programs director report directly to the executive director/ publisher. The executive director/publisher must have deep contacts in business, the media, and the arts; must have strong event marketing and fundraising skills; and must provide the leadership and business direction necessary to ensure financial viability and organizational growth of The Walrus Foundation and The Walrus magazine. Specific Responsibilities: © Produce a three-year strategic business plan that describes how The Walrus Foundation will secure funds from both the private and non- profit sectors, and must manage the plan and engage both the staff and the board of directors in order to reach the Foundation’s long-term objectives and goals. boa ch-20, PS each cet e4 Wok cit pet pene =) rl. ° Is The Walrus Foundation’s and the magazine’s chief financial officer with overall responsibility for expense management and budgeting. © Must work directly with the board of directors in securing patrons of The Walrus Foundation, and must secure a minimum of five patrons of his/her own. Must identify and secure corporate and foundation partners. © Must work directly with the advertising department to secure advertising and business sponsorships resulting in advertising. Must share responsibility for realizing the magazine’s target for 2007 of $1.5 million in advertising revenue; and $1.75 million in 2008. Must work directly with the editor, creative director, and Foundation programs director in building The Walrus brand, develop a public and media relations strategy, and must assist directly in securing press for articles in The Walrus. The executive director/publisher is responsible for the cover of The Walrus and has creative input on the contents of the magazine. Must work with the managing editor of The Walrus and the programs director of the Foundation vis-a-vis programs, day-to-day operations, staff resource management, hiring, and performance reviews. Must delegate to the appropriate staff members responsibilities for website management, internal communication practices, etc. Must ensure that The Walrus Foundation’s activities are in compliance with its charitable status obligations. With the Foundation programs director, must produce an events calendar, manage and/or delegate the management of events, and must secure corporate, media, and foundation sponsorships for events. The executive director/publisher must direct contract negotiations with suppliers (the printer, the fulfillment house, etc.). The executive director/publisher will receive a salary of $150,000 per annum. This salary can be re-negotiated after one full year of employment. — a ae © The executive director/publisher will be subjected to a six-month performance review by a committee of the board of directors. © In the event of termination, the executive director/ publisher will receive four months of full-salary serverance. Chair, Board of Directors The Walrus Foundation Executive Director & Publisher The Walrus Foundation