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APPENDIX “A” DDITIONAL ANSWE Question 13A Activities 1 OBJE 'S OF THE FOUNDATION The objects of the Foundation are as follows: ‘The objects of the Corporation are: 1 To receive and maintain a fund or funds and to use, apply, give, devote or distribute from time to time all or part of the fund or funds andor the income therefrom for such purposes listed in paragraph 2 as are in law exclusively charitable, including carrying out its own charitable activities and making grants and donations to such organi wsociations, corporations of trusts as are registered charities or qualified donees under the Income Tax Act (Canada). ' 2. The purposes mentioned in paragraph I are as follows: ' (i) The advancement of education by promoting and } publishing a magazine devoted to the dissemination of literary non-fiction and fiction writing of the highest possible quality to the reading public; 7 (ii) The advancement of education by the promotion, publication and dissemination to the public of educational material { ‘on topics within the social sciences, arts and humanities, and J natural sciences disciplines; f (ii) To provide a forum for writing by promoting, supporting, j and publishing good quality works by Canadian authors; ion by promoting the (iv) ‘The advancement of edu in Canad by supporting the education of development of wri editors and critics of literary non fiction and fiction writing through we the establishment and operation of internship programs for editors and critics; (¥) The advancement of education by promoting and | publishing informed and constructive dialogue on matters of current public policy interest among scholars, informed commentators, leaders in the government, business, professio voluntary and arts sectors, and members of the reading public; (vi)._The advancement of education by organizing and holding ‘conferences, seminars and workshops open to interested ‘Participants on social, economic. cultural and historical issues relating to Canada and its roe in the world; and, (vi) The advancement of edvaton through the promotion of 6 tracy nd reading in Canadian youth Ml THE CHARITABLE MISSION OF THE FOUNDATION ‘The Foundations commited to supporting and expanding letersi. writing forthe sake of swing ~ andthe iveral asin Canada by promoting and publishing fiction writing ofa high Iiterary quality and teary nonfiction wring that is factual informative and based on sound research of an appropriate level and nature, and to ensuring that his writing is acessble to and Valued by the reading public ofall aes in Canada. The Foundation's docational mission is thus to provide opportune for Canadian writers and academics o write and publish and for he Canadian reading public to read on mater of public interest and of literary significance ‘The educational objects ofthe Foundation divide into a content or research component and an ‘outreach or communication component ‘The Foundation's content or research interests include: ‘+ Canadian public poticy inthe areas of education, healthcare, the environment, imernational affairs and Canada's position inthe world, governance, immigration, etc; 1+ the social sciences including sociology, anthropology, demographic studies, politics, ‘communications, and the media; ‘+ the humanities and ats including philosophy, history literature, languages, and the plastic and performing ars © the natural sciences; and, ‘© instrumental knowledge and technology. In some instances the Foundation will conduct or support original research, In other instances. the Foundations ffs wll be to rendrensing academic research accessible the reading public. ‘The Foundation’s outreach or communication strategies include: © publication of The Walrus magarine; and, + semi-annual conferences on mates of Canadian public policy: nadian contributors t0 imalism, the © minimum of four workshops per year open to all would-be The Walrus magazine (both veteran and aspiring) on investigative jou Tong-form essay, embedding research in narrative forms, Canada in the world, te; '* twoannual one-day seminars on the media in the modem worlds ‘© annual fietion book prize of $10,000 for best first novel; © annual non-fietion book prize of $10,000 for best work of non-fiction of @ rnon-biographical nature; © “The Walrus Bookshelf,” literary event held annually in 12 Canadian cities for local high school educators, featuring (at each event) four Canadian authors, and distributing {at each event) 2,000 books to be given to graduating high school students as gifts cnt Essay Contest” comprising three prizes - gold © “Walrus Foundation University Stu $1,000; silver, $500; bronze, $250; g two interlocutors on subjects of importance to Canadians’ © twoannual debates fe © editorial, critical and art intemship programs with The Walrus magazine. “The “ideas marketplace” in print and long-form essays in Canada is currently overwhelmingly widely in Canada. ‘The Foundation, therefore. dominated by American periodicals distribut hhas a special commitment to fostering the growth of long-form writing in Canada of a lit non-fiction nature by Canadian writers and academies. It further believes that the “terrain for such research and writing should not be restricted to the local — i... restricted to reflect a back to Canadians; that a tained Canadian perspective has much to offer the world: and ‘Canadian citizens are in need of perspectives on global matters researched and explicated by Jian writers and academies. Therefore the Foundation is committed to sponsoring adeinies pursuing ideas both in Canada and outside of Canada, “The Foundation’s educational mission isto bridge the divide between the university and wider research communities (such as, for example, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research ana meter Institute) on the one hand, and the reading public, on the exher. ‘The Bou tive through various means of outreach and public dissenaination, such as Conferences, seminars, public debates, and, on a monthly basis, publishing the Walrus magazine {deseribed further below), the Per lation will achieve this obj ‘The programs of the Foundation will be overseen by a Program Directo/Editor who will be ‘employed exclusively by the Foundation to formulate and pursue a content and outreach for the Foundation that is determined by the board of dtectors, . a a ae IM GOVERNANCE OF THE FOUNDATION ‘The board of directors of the Foundation will be composed of between ten (10) and fifteen (15) directors. In the first several years ofthe Foundation’s operation, the Foundation’s governance ‘mode! will be a self-perpetuating board. As the governance of the Foundation develops, the board, through its nominations committe, will develop criteria for board membership with a View fo ensuring thatthe board is composed of individuals who are administratively capable of leading the Foundation in the execution of its mission and who are committed to the realization (of the objects of the Foundation. All ofthe following individuals have been approached and have expressed a genuine interest in serving as members ofthe board of directors ofthe Foundation: Earl Berger (business, health management); John Fraser (Master, Massey College, University of Toronto); Marina Glogovac (consultant); Allan Gregg (Strategic Counsel, president); Margaret Grott ihaler (lawyer, Stikeman and Elliot); David Harrison (business); ‘Sandy Houston (executive director, George Cedric Metcalf Foundation); Gorald Lazare (PAD., Univ’ Julian Porter (law: sity of Toronto, teacher); 1, Gowlings); Jack Shapiro (business, retired, Order of Canada); Janet Solberg (researcher) ‘The Foundation will form alliances andl partnerships, on a project or long-term basis, with other registered charities that carry on activities that are the same as or that are similar to the activities Of the Foundation. Depending on the relationships established and other circumstances, in several years time, the other registered charities may seek and be granted representation on the Foundation’s board, In several years time, the board of the Foundation will consider adopting an amendment to the Foundation’s by-1aws to admit o membership of the Foundation members of the general public ho are interested in the objects of the Foundation. However, itis unlikely that public membership will have any voting rights. The Foundation expects to continue the self-perpetuating board model of governance for the long-term. In addition o discharging their fiduciary responsibilities to the foundation the board of directors Of the Foundation will engage in such activities as: ‘deciding on topies for and participants at two annual conferences on matters of Canadian public policy: ws Vv A 1 psog aAp 01 2IqEI98 (Of wep auou ou pur svapogs 241 Jo ware jod “je0s e woyyyryasn pue “uPsafas “ytusueoU 29 ‘19 'mataad“Kesso "2s 4389 Jo 109}U09 a 'se=pH pur sonsst s98s¢] premor suiod {aio se posn 2g isn ssoroeseyS “Poquosop uoyes ‘s94y)er's94|2suIDY9 Ur spud Se 10u Inq paxo}dAD 29 ue> ssarzese4) “200[d so puv auu Jo 2suasw w pu SoarreueK lu pappaquse 2q osje weo nq sy.eus03 panuosaad 2q ueo Susu 2 ‘249 uusojus pus adedua ysnus smuyoyy 247 Us Safar autzedeyy is ‘December 1, 2005) and insisting on certain types of diretion. n addition, and to further ensure thatthe 7030 educational-to-non-educational ratio is achieved and honoured, beginning on subsequent issues) all contributors will Decor 200 and fore Mach 2006 sue anal ere Sanaa teh eats ebeatonl rea Begining on Novebe 7205 a Contibas eadyconrateds ws accep reviews, efor The Wala wie Since education! oar ofthe maps “The rcp ko te ERC sto ensure tat The Ware redone hat its Taedal cence of pata ics adn feel ha he mgazn forwards he Fouts a eeiny pb Osco nats of portant Carian. As foo ovcrad sane psp deve repr sem y th ERC the eter on presuppose sles cy sevtws, cs feng wit the Mach 200 ie (nd on robsetent ure ERC wil have tn deel lve revewing cach a of be ‘magazine rerospectively. B_ Other Activites of the Foundation 1. Conferences and Seminars In November, 2003, the Foundation hosted a one-night conference at Massey College, University of Toronto, The conference tile was “The Current State of Russia” and the leatured speakers were Rodney Irwin (former Canadian ambassador to Russia), David Sater (author of The Rise of the Russian Criminal State) and Paul Webster (author of “Are We Rearming Russia,” a feature length ancle which appeared inthe November/December issue of The Walrus magarine. ‘The Foundation will host similar conferences or seminars several times per year. Conferences themes will be selected by the board of directors ofthe Foundation in consultation withthe Advisory Council and with other individuals selected or approached on an ad hoe basis. Topies curently under consideration include: © "Nature vs. Nurture and the Origin of Emotions” © “Rethinking Multiculturalism in an Age of Mass Migration” © “Parliamentary Democracy and The Charter” + "The “Right” ofIndustilizaion by Developing Economies” + “Visaization and Mathematics: How to Learn a Natural Language” + “il ss Text Bresthsoughs in Canadian Documentary Filmmaking” + “Peopling the North Canadian Sovereignty and Moving Beyond the 49th Paral” + *Wagging the Dog: Canada as an Evolving 2 el z ~onnuuping Woy, pe “Sqo2UF DUEG “SIU YEA “AOUSDY IAA uoqou ‘Joysty wequeg O44 tg jOHEUT][seADHPA ANSIPY WOTUIYOR “UPUDS!AA paAg “UOKE Uayor Bury SEWN) “94 PrEdoR “WE EHY om zeX apn|>ul SioyEods SHOUKDY posodol yessoauoy Jo uy 24) pus {10 uonepsosuo; vIpayy pus KoesroURNG,, —« joaey somnjedioiunyy Bunnsuwoyy, _Stamog 30 wo} ucKoerooungy sa. 30 ssid Kuuey BUUYSHANA JES Pue TOWNE yp, _S2910,\ S919p1E4\ PUE POA UDyOds (@ssignment, conceptual edit, structural edit line edit, pearing in each issue of the magazine. Ii intense ta 85 researchers, outlook editors, fact checkers, and are (Circulation, promotion, newsstand distribution, tc.) copy edit) on numerous articles 18. The interns also gain experience instructed om the publishing side ‘of magazines, ‘Tocomplement the daily training and to ensure Possible, bi-monthly workshops are also pat of Const term) includes: un Por, on of Canals fremont experts on Reto Sruhia Good (fomer editor of Penguin Canad) on editing fetion; Ritatetaneran hee Uneven or rn cmbeddedjoumaist in tag Keith Oatley, Professor of Paychologyat the Laigensty of Toronto and award-winning novelist on ahstocl penpeoteg coat development of character # Keilty, CM Group, on magazine etculat Bernadette Kuncev copy-editing; Ira Basen, Clifford Kraus. New York Times ‘corespondent in