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I believe that advocacy is the active promotion of a social cause that tackles the

issue by actively working with communities and key stakeholders to bring about
changes in policy, process, practice, and attitudes. The goal of advocacy is to
ensure that rights of disadvantaged communities are recognised and realised.
The aim of advocacy is to also actively support disadvantaged people by
involving them in the process of planning and policy making.
Having worked for socio-spiritual and environmental organizations that have
championed the cause of holistic and sustainable development, I believe that all
development and all advocacy has to be participatory. Having studied
development communication and ICTs, I realise that trickle down development
doesnt work and that we need bottom up strategies for advocating the right
kind of development. This involves embracing participatory development
techniques and supporting ownership of the processes involved.
In simple words and personally, it means supporting the right cause in the right
manner to achieve the right results.