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Survival Guide 2010

Survival Guide 2010

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Our team survival guide for the summer 2010 season! Includes practice and meet schedules, contact information, qualification times, pool locations, and tips for having a great season!
Our team survival guide for the summer 2010 season! Includes practice and meet schedules, contact information, qualification times, pool locations, and tips for having a great season!

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Published by: lukemorin on Apr 11, 2010
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Buccaneer Villa North Swim Team: Parent Survival Guide Summer 2010

Pool Phone: 504-302-9634 www.bvnstc.com Barracuda blog: http://bvbarracudas.blogspot.com

Buccaneer Villa Swim Team 2010

Intra-squad meet: June 2nd, 7:30 a.m. (warm-up 7:00 a.m.) @ BVNSTC.

(We will take a short break during the swim meet for a parent meeting.)

After-school practices begin May 17 Morning practice begins May 31
Practice Schedule: Monday-Friday May 17 - May 28, 2010
5:00-6:00p.m. lower) 6:00-7:00 p.m. Upper Division Swimmers (13-18 year old swimmers)

Lower Division Swimmers (12 year old swimmers and

Practice Schedule: Monday-Friday May 31 - July 8, 2009
6:30-8:00 a.m. 8:00-9:00 a.m. 9:00-9:45 a.m. 15-18 Upper Division and 13-14 years old 9-10 and 11-12 years old 8 and under swimmers

Night Practice – TENTATIVE, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:00-7:00 p.m. All Ages
(Practice times for swimmers participating in the will be set by the coach)

Other Important Dates
Water Park/Picture Day League Pizza Party Banquet Thursday, July 1 @BVNSTC Wednesday, July 7 @ BVNSTC Wednesday, July 14 @ BVNSTC


Swim Meet Schedule
June 2: Intra-squad Meet @ BVNST
(7:00a warm-ups, meet begins at 7:30a)

June 7: BVST and Tanglewood @ Huntwyck 14: Tanglewood and Huntwyck @ BVNST 19: “B” League Meet @ Cross Gates (AM – 10-under swimmers, PM – 11-up swimmers) 21: BVST, Tanglewood and Huntwyck @ Pinewood 26: “A” League Meet @ Lakeside (AM – 10-under swimmers, PM – 11-up swimmers) July 9-10: League Championship Meet @ Pinewood (Friday, July 9th – 10-unders, Saturday, July 10th – 11ups)

Huntwyck – 300 Raleigh Dr., Slidell, LA 70460 Cross Gates - Cross Gates Athletic Club, 200 N. Military Road, Slidell, LA Pinewood – 404 Country Club Blvd, Slidell, LA Lakeside – 497 Cumberland, Slidell, LA


Head Coach: Luke Morin
Assistant Coach:

Barracuda Coaches
Coaching Philosophy

• • • • • • • • • •

Have fun. We swim because we have fun doing it! There is no substitute for hard work. Your success depends on how hard you work at it. Every athlete counts. All athletes are treated the same, no matter what! Do your best. If you do your best at anything, you will succeed. Winning is not just being number one. Winning is setting individual goals and then accomplishing those goals. Responsibility is required. We all have to take responsibility for our actions. You have to want it to achieve it. If you want to be successful at something, then you can be successful. Teach first and train second. Focus on teaching the technical aspect of swimming before allowing swimmers to train. Support your team. You must take pride in your team and help make everyone become better individuals. Change is necessary. Change is necessary to create an excellent program. A great program will always be changing to make things better daily.

Tips for Swimmers
1. Eat a little something before practice. Avoid high protein or high fat foods. 2. Drink an entire water bottle during practice to make sure you stay hydrated. 3. If you ever get cramps during practice, you might want to try drinking a sports drink while you work out. 4. Eat a meal when you get home after practice. 5. Drink lots of water after practice too! Avoid drinking soda, or keep it to a minimum.


6. Always remember to wear sunscreen at meets and practice, you don’t want to get burned! 7. Many swimmers like to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and robe to meets, to rest between races. 8. Bring more than one towel for drying off after each race during meets. 9. Don’t forget to bring your goggles and swim cap!!! They are the most commonly forgotten items. 10. Tell parents to bring a chair or blanket to sit on. Move meets have limited seating. They also might want an umbrella or visor. 11. Possible snack ideas during meets: PowerBars, fruit, Gatorade, dry cereal, bagels & cream cheese and WATER!

Notes for Parents
Communication: • Please •
utilize the Barracuda blog at http://BVBarracudas.blogspot.com. You will find useful information regarding practices, meets and other events/activities. All swimmers have folders with their name on it. These are kept at the pool and are available during practices. Flyers and ribbons will be placed in these folders. Please have your swimmers check their folder daily. News/events will be posted on the swim team board at the pool as well as the blog.

Team Suits/Caps: • Team suits for both boys & girls are available through the swim team. • Team members will be given a standard Gators swim cap. Meets:
• See meet schedule. Warm-ups begin at 6:00 a.m. for home meets and 6:30 a.m. at away pools. Please be on time! It is crucial that every swimmer has the time to properly warm-up to prevent injuries and to get the body and mind ready to compete at the highest level. Each swimmer must check-in with their coach before and after the race to receive information about that particular race. Please let the coaches know if you are going to miss a meet.

• •

Attendance at Practice:
Please make sure your child is attending as many workouts as possible every week. To become a great swimmer you must practice.

Relays: • Relay teams will be based upon the fastest swimmers in that age group.
For example, the “A” 200 Freestyle Relay will be made up of the fastest


four freestyle swimmers. The “B” will be made up of the second fastest swimmers and so forth. Coaches normally pick relays teams in advance of the meet at practice.

Meet Entry: • The coaches will help the kids decide which races they will be swimming • •

in. Participant names will be provided for computer entry & card labels. An event and relay sheet will be posted at the pool so the swimmers and parents will know who they are swimming with. The number of events a swimmer may enter is normally three individual and two relays. A swimmer may swim additional events as exhibition depending on space.

Non-members: • If you know of any interested swimmers who would like to swim on our

team but are not members of the pool, we would still love to have them. • The fees for non-members, per family, are: $125.00 (plus a $10 insurance fee). Any further questions please contact head coach Luke Morin (303) 359-9488

The success of our Swim Team depends on you! We need as many volunteers as possible to assist in various positions at each meet. At home meets, opportunities exist in a variety of areas such as set-up, tear-down, timing, concessions, computer input, awards, event heating, as well as officials to run the meet. For away meets, we need people to transport, set-up, and bring home the team tent, as well as timers. Sign-up books are always available and we ask everyone to please help out. This is a combined effort, and we need your help to make each season a success for your child and the team! Your help would be appreciated for any of the following volunteer positions: Timers (home and away meets) – All stopwatches are provided by the team. Please sign up for your desired shift in advance. Stroke and Turn Judges (home and away meets) – Must be very familiar with proper execution of all strokes and turns and have completed the certification class. Heating Shed (home meets) – Ensures swimmers find correct lanes several events prior to start of their event. Helper moves swimmers to starting blocks just before their event begins. Post race numbers to ensure swimmers know when to report for their specific races. 6

Runner (home meets) – Collects timing sheets/cards from all timers for computer entry. Ribbons (home meets) – Place stickers with the swimmers name and time on the ribbons. Concessions (home meets) – Set up food items and work the cash box. Clean up after meet. Set-Up and Take Down (home meets) – Includes set-up and take down of chairs, false start rope, back stroke flags, starters area, PA system, heating & staging area, etc. Set up the morning of meet and take down after meets. Tent Duty (home & away meets) – arranges pick-up, set-up and then return of the team tent to GMSC.

Free Relay: stroke. A relay race consisting of four swimmers usually swimming the crawl

Medley Relay: A relay race consisting of four swimmers, which is swum in the following order: Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Freestyle. Individual Medley: A race swum by a single swimmer, the order of stroke is –Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle. 8 and under, 9/10 and 11/12 years old swim only 25 meters of each of these strokes for a 100 I.M. 13-18 year olds swim 50 meters of each stroke for a 200 I.M. Cards: Pink and blue cards are used to register swimmers for each race. They must be filled out by the swimmers/parents as completely and neatly as possible. These must include the event number, as well as the swimmer’s name, team, and the entry time (if available). Split Times: Special watches allow coaches to obtain a swimmers time on a lap-by lap basis. For example, if an 8 and under child is doing the Individual Medley, a coach may find it beneficial to know how long it took the child to complete each 25 meter increment. Likewise, if a 17-18 year old swimmer is competing in a 200 meter Freestyle race the coach may wish to know the time for each 50 meter distance. Officials: These are parents who volunteer their time to “judge” each swimmer for correctness of strokes and turns, false starts, and other possible disqualifications. There are always several officials on deck, including a starter and referee. They wear white shorts and shirts and will be wearing a blue and white Foothills Swimming Association nametag. If you disagree with an official’s call, please direct your concern


to your child’s coach. through training.

Only a coach may lodge a protest.

All officials have been

League: This term refers to the FSA league championship meet. Swimmers must qualify with “league” times as listed on the qualifying times sheet (provided in this packet). Relay swimmers are not required to have an individual league-qualifying time to compete with their relay. State: This term refers to the Colorado State Swimming Championships. A swimmer must have state-qualifying times to compete in an individual event. Relay swimmers are not required to have an individual state-qualifying time to compete with their relay. Summer Club: A group of swimmers who participate in meets during the summer season. Year-round swimmers such as those from the Foothills Swim Team are not allowed to swim with summer club teams unless they have ceased practicing and competition with their year-round team before May 15th. This does not apply to high school swimmers. Swimming age groups: A swimmers age on May 15 of each season shall determine the age group in which he/she competes during the season. Intrasquad Meets: These are meets with only Green Mountain swimmers present. This is simply to help the swimmers better their times or establish a time in a stroke they have not swum before. The intrasquad meets are staffed by qualified officials who will judge as in any other meet. These meet times also count towards league and state qualifications. There are no relays during these meets.



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