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April 12, 2010                    
            Background Video On Illegal Payments to California Judges     WATCH HERE  (6 min)   Download One Pager with links to entire Cable TV Series on Court Corruption     Order DVDs Here   Leslie Dutton and Richard I. Fine 3-10-10 L.A County Central Men's Jail Interview Political Prisoner #1     



  Watch all six video segments and preview below

Preview (4:07 min)   Segment #1 (8 min) Richard Fine Describes the first days of confinement that denied his "due process" rights and his ability to file legal actions on his own behalf   Segment #2 (8 min) Systematic Judicial bribery scheme for past 20 years is described here along with the 2009 California Senate Bill SBX2 11 that provides all California Judges and government officials  retroactive immunity from criminal prosecution for the  bribery scheme.   Segment #3  (8 min) Penal Codes vs "Coercive Confinement" presents conflict for LA County and 70 year old inmate Richard Fine who develops health problems during the year of incarceration. As a "political prisoner" in Los Angeles County Central Men's Jail it takes it toll on him and his family.   Segment #4 (8 min) Inmate Richard Fine describes how the California judicial bribery scheme undermines the Democratic election process. He says County politicians use the budget process to  transfer illegal money to the judges who do the bidding of their political contributors.   Segment #5  (8 min) Richard Fine describes his background and the violent threats and dangers he encountered as a Federal anti-trust prosecutor while serving the DOJ in Washington D.C. on cases  involving such giants as General Motors and OPEC.   Segment #6 (8 min) Fine describes sources and motivation for judicial bribery along with the resulting desctructive impact on American Democracy and his simple solution for correcting the justice system.

Conference Hearing Set for April 23, 2010 

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (top row second from left) has scheduled a U.S. Supreme Court conference hearing for Richard I. Fine's application for a "Stay of Execution" ironically he has never been convicted of a crime but held for over a year in solitary "coercive confinement".

Justice Ginsberg's action comes at the same time as Richard I Fine files a Petition for Writ of Certiorari  to the full  U.S. Supreme Court.

Fine's application was previously denied, without  comments or the signature of Justice Kennedy.   Court observers have expressed concern as to whether or not Justice Kennedy even saw the application.  


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