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Bryans in Rwanda

January 2016
Thanks for praying!

As the third grade class
was reading Genesis
about Esau acquiring
more wives and how it
wasnt a great idea, one
student piped up and
said, Listen up boysthis part is for you!

Prayer Requests:
-KICS needs building
permits to add onto
our school.
-Pray for kids at KICS
to know Jesus.
-Pray as we continue
in this adventure of
-KICS is looking to
hire lots of new
teachers for 20162017.
-Elias is sleeping at
-Kerry has started
tutoring for a couple
of hours each week
and its going well.

+ The

Big changes ahead at KICS!

There are many exciting changes for KICS

more classrooms in some space that isnt

Is to prepare servant
leaders who impact the
world for Christ by
choosing character
before career, wisdom
beyond scholarship,
service above self, and
a lifestyle of
participation over

ahead. The school is looking to grow and

yet occupied. We eagerly anticipate the

next year theyll add not only a pre-

changes and growth as we depend on

kindergarten class, but another section of

God to help work out all of the logistics

kindergarten and first grade. This will be

that come along with so many changes.

the first step of adding an additional class

KICS has several openings next year for

every year (second grade, then third, and

positions in elementary, secondary, ESL,

so on). This means Douglas will get

and even a librarian is needed. Please

shifted out of his large lower elementary

check out the KICS website for details:

classroom and into a room by the fourth Share this with others

and fifth grades. As soon as KICS gains

who may be interested in serving here!


approval, theyll also start building two


Bryans in Rwanda

January 2016

Friends & Loved Ones,

Thanks for reading. We
appreciate you!
With love,
Douglas, Kerry & Elias


Our Growing Boy!

Elias Emerson Mpano Bryan is

us happier to be around. He smiles,

monkey painting, made for him by

three and a half months old and has

coos, and babbles, which brings us

our dear friend Micki. He laughs and

basically doubled his birth weight.

so much joy. Whether its a blanket,

grins at it while we change his diaper

Were a little late, but he was just

burp cloth, or onesie, he prefers to

or clothes.

given his Kinyarwanda name by our

be holding onto something most of

Our son has also become quite the

friends & workers, Emmanuel and

the time.

celebrity around town. The other

Clementina. They chose Mpano

Books are another of Elias favorites,

day I ran into a shop near our house

which means gift in Kinyarwanda

and he listens intently and stares at

while Douglas and Elias were in the

and we thought it was the perfect fit.

the pictures as we read to him. His

car. Hows your baby? the lady at

Hes been a special gift to us! Elias is

favorite place to be is on the

the bakery asked me. Its special

now sleeping 7-8 hours a night

changing table in his room where his

that he helps us to make connections

(Praise the Lord!!) which makes all of

most cherished pastime is gazing at a

with others. Were thankful for him.

Our Side of the World>>Burundi Crisis

As we live in Rwanda, it is difficult

surrounding countries, including

not to think about our southern

Rwanda. Thousands of people live

neighbor Burundi. Over the past 10

in refugee camps with meager

months or so the political unrest

resources as their country seems to

has escalated leading to an

be torn apart by violence. Please

increase in death and violence.

pray for peace in Burundi and for

Many Burundians have fled to

authentic political stability.

Serving at Kigali International Community School