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1 Action plan to list out concrete & pragmatic actions to meet up with the proposal




SLT SSS School Administration


A: Auditing and bettering

A.1Securing the elementary requisites for

the ICT infrastructure at

educators to use laptops, Projectors, viewers and

laptops to make of


lessons are entertained through ICT media

the school a

Educators are to use

A.2 Critical ICT facilities are given to educators to

A minimum of Rs 100,000 to be

be able to work out pedagogical plans with

funded jointly by the PTA and

students through Project Based Learning

the MoE & HR, TE &SR

A.3 Advocating the cause to implement WIFI in

(alternatively the & HR, TE &SR

school premises with the MoE & HR, TE & SR

plan to provide WIFI coverage to

schools would be a viable option


Any shortage in the

peripheral materials
could be financed by
the PTA.

The WIFI connection

A.4 Securing internet connectivity at school for

and would be borne solely by the

must be outsourced

effective use.

MoE & HR, TE & SR as part of

by the MoE &HR,

National Policy)


B: Engage in a Capacity

B.1 Identify an educator who is knowledgeable in

School Administration in

building effort where both

the expansive use of ICT and s/he will coordinate

collaboration with Computer

Educators have
been surveyed and it

administration and

the initiative as an ICT Planning Coordinator

Science Dept.

is comforting that all

educators enrich their

educators are willing

expertise and

B.2 Colleagues educators are mentored through

(No significant cost involved)

to embrace the

contribution to the school

peer interaction about the essential use of ICT

change of seeing

working environment

tools in classroom situation

ICT media being

used as a leverage

B.3 Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators are

for bettering teaching

invited at school to information about the use of

and learning

Microsoft Office 365 as leverage to better work

obligations of teachers
B.4 Colleagues educators are invited to prepare
lessons based on the use of ICT in classroom
C: Deploy administrative

situation through Project Based Learning

C.1 School administration and project

The school administration with

and pedagogical efforts

implementation committee partners with

the approval of the Zone

the case study par

to network with

excellence centres (schools where ICT has been

Directorate to approve release of

excellence to report

stakeholders and other

implemented to better school curriculum) to share

educators and school leaders to

to policy on the



attend workshop.

effective and efficient

The school becomes

use of resources to
C.2 In service training (INSET) are conducted at

Microsoft Indian Ocean Islands

bring ICT in the

SLT SSS where good practices are shared

Ltd to provide resource persons

school curriculum

amongst the members of the community of

and part sponsor the events (2 in

from a bottom up

practionners and Microsoft Innovative Expert

an academic year)


Estimate cost: Rs 5,000

C.3 School administration and its project

implementation committee proposed to the Zonal
Administration to carry out workshop with schools
in the vicinity to show the way ahead
D: Create visibility

D.1 Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators

The Microsoft Innovative Expert

The school would have

around the school

mentors/ coached colleagues and together they

Educator fulfils the mentorship as

set the example of

initiative and report same

published blogs on a regular basis to advocate for part of the assignment to be able

implementation of a

to further policy dialogue

the use of ICT to broaden and enrich the school

to report on same in the

National Agenda from

and writing.


International fora organised by

ground realities as the

Microsoft Ltd

reform agenda in

D.2 School administration offers to report on the

education is also owned

miles stones through articles published in its

(No significant cost involved

regular trimesterly edition.


by front line users.