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Rachel Michelle Miller

885 Spalding Dr. Sandy Springs, GA 30328

770-393-3305 (home)
770-557-5198 (cell)

North Springs Charter High School (NSCHS), Sandy Springs, GA: 2012-Present
Current GPA: 101.674
SAT super-score: Reading 710, Math 700, Writing 720
AP exams: Calculus AB (5), Physics (4), Biology (4), Language and Composition (4),
Computer Science (4)
TOTAL SERVICE HOURS FROM 6/1/2012 THROUGH 1/18/2016: 1,106.5 Hours
Spanish National Honor Society (10, 11, 12), Secretary (12)
Total Volunteer Hours: 30
National Beta Club (11, 12), Vice President (12)
Total Volunteer Hours: 40
National Honor Society (11, 12)
Total Volunteer Hours: 30
Thespian Society (11, 12), Tech Liaison (12)
Theatre Involvement (9, 10, 11, 12)
Director (Precipice)
Student Technical Director (Crossroads)
Set Designer (Crossroads)
Props Designer (9 to 5 and Hedda Gabler)
Deck Chief (Crossroads and Hedda Gabler)
Assistant Scenic Designer (Eurydice and Midsummer Nights Dream)
Assistant Stage Manager (Cartoon and Evelyn Evelyn)
Costumed Techie (Cartoon)
Running Crew (Odd Couple, Miss Saigon, Ruthless, and 9 to 5)
Carpenter (Eurydice, Midsummer Nights Dream, 9 to 5, Crossroads, and Hedda Gabler)
Responsibilities include designing, directing, coordinating between designers, moving
scenery on and off stage, arranging props, cleaning up after scenes, building, painting,
taping curtains, communicating on headset, and coming on stage to scream as a costumed
I have learned the importance of communication and trust, because you have to
communicate to be able to safely accomplish dangerous tasks, and you must trust that the
other technicians will carry out their part of the procedure.
Total Hours: 904
Knit Knacks (10)
Co-president and Co-founder
Purpose is to teach other students how to knit.

I have learned how to be an effective leader and to work with my co-president to come up
with solutions to any problems that may arise.
Technology Student Association (8, 10)
Secretary (10) and President (8)
Purpose is to learn to use technology in the modern day. We will be going to
competitions to enrich our knowledge of technology.
I have learned the importance of communication, because when there is a lack of
communication, there is a lack of productivity.
Los Nios Primero (9, 10, 11, 12)
Teen Volunteer (9,10), Lead Teen Volunteer (11, 12)
Teen Ambassador (10)
This program is designed to help 3-6 year olds whose first language is Spanish by
preparing them for school. The teen volunteer acts as an assistant teacher for the four
week camp, and again acts as an assistant teacher in Continuemos, the continuation of
Los Nios throughout the school year.
Through this program I discovered the joy of witnessing and sharing in the
accomplishments of the young children as they learned new skills.
Summer Hours: 449.5
Continuemos Hours: 76
Total Volunteer Hours: 525.5
St. Jude Catholic Church Catechist (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)
Assistant (7), Catechist (8, 9, 10), Lead Catechist (11, 12)
The role of the catechist, as a religious formation leader, is to guide young children to
Christ in a Montessori type approach.
Currently trained as a Level I and Level II catechist. Each certification requires
completion of a 90 hour training course.
This program allowed me the opportunity to guide children to a greater relationship with
Pre-High School Hours: 202
High School Hours: 288
Total Volunteer Hours: 258
St. Jude Catholic Church Lector (9, 10, 11, 12)
The role of the lector is to read the Word of God from the ambo at the front of church.
This has given me the opportunity to improve my public speaking skills.
Total Volunteer Hours: 33
St. Jude Catholic Church Eucharistic Minister (12)
The role of the Eucharistic Minister is to serve the body and blood of Christ.
I chose to become a Eucharistic Minister to further my participation in the celebration of
the Mass.
Total Volunteer Hours: 9.5
St. Jude Catholic Church Vacation Bible School Volunteer (12)
The role of the teen volunteer is to assist the catechist in the faith room during the one
week summer program.

Total Volunteer Hours: 20

St. Jude Catholic Church Confirmation Teen Leader (11)
The role of the teen leader is to help prepare other teens for Confirmation by facilitating
discussions and providing support to the small group assigned to you.
Total Volunteer Hours: 19
Mission Trip to Nicaragua (10)
My role as a missionary was to work side by side the locals to dig ditches and lay pipes to
bring water to the small community of La Chuscada. The only way to communicate was
to use Spanish, so I became a translator for many of my fellow missionaries who did not
speak Spanish. We broke the record and laid over 2,200 feet of pipe in three days. We
also visited an orphanage for children with disabilities.
Total Volunteer Hours: 112
North Springs Junior Varsity Girls Soccer (9, 10)
North Springs Varsity Girls Soccer (11)
Babysitting approximately 150 hours (9,10,11)
AP Scholar with Distinction (12)
GA Certificate of Merit Scholar (11)
Super Honor Roll (9, 10, 11)
Highest overall numerical grade for all AP Calculus students at NSCHS (11)
Highest overall numerical grade for all Spanish III students at NSCHS (10)
Highest overall numerical grade for all Spanish II students at NSCHS (9)
Georgia Right to Life Oratory Contest State Runner-Up (11)
GHP school nomination for Biology, Theatre, and Spanish (11)
GHP school nomination for Spanish (10)
North Springs Charter High School Reflections school level winner for Photography and
Visual Arts (10)
North Springs Charter High School Reflections school level winner for Literature,
Photography, Film, Visual Arts (9)
North Fulton Council PTA Reflections Honorable Mention for Literature (The Day I Met
My Sister) and Film (Spectacular Science) (9)
Fulton County Technology Fair Second Place for Internet Design (North Springs in a
Nutshell) (9)
2014 2015 Theatre Maggies award for Best Props Design (11)
2014 2015 Theatre Maggies award for Best Junior Techie (11)
2013-2014 - Theatre nomination for "Best Bit Role" (10)
2013-2014 - Theatre nomination for "Best Sophomore Techie" (10)
2012-2013 - Theatre nomination for "Best Freshman Techie" (9)