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GV 1785 .D5 F42 2009

Bowlt, John E. Tregulova, Zel§fira Rosticher, Nathalie Buckland, Gail Pettibon, Raymond Halsall, Francis Jansen, Julia O'Connor, Tony Noever, Peter Sturken, Marita Bergdoll, Barry Krogh, Peter

A feast of wonders: Sergei Diaghilev and the Ballets russes Who shot rock & roll: a photographic history, 1955Sir Drone [DVD] Rediscovering aesthetics: transdisciplinary voices from art history, philosophy, and art practice Global Lab: art as a message, Asia and Europe 1500-1700 Practices of looking: an introduction to visual culture Bauhaus 1919-1933: workshops for modernity The DAM book: digital asset management for photographers

ML 3534 .B83 2009 ML 3534 .S57 2009 N 66 .R44 2009

N 72 .G55 A4 2009 N 72 .S6 S78 2009 N 332 .G33 B496 2009 N 440 .K76 2009 N 559 .D4 D44 2006 N 625 .A62 N49 2009 N 863.5 .A8 2009 N 5216 .T4 B74 2009 N 6260 .G75 2009 v.1 N 6260 .G75 2009 v.2 N 6260 .G75 2009 v.3

Denver Art Museum Defying gravity [DVD] Newark Museum Gleissner, Stephen Brettell, Richard R. Bloom, Jonathan Blair, Sheila Bloom, Jonathan Blair, Sheila Bloom, Jonathan Blair, Sheila Newark Museum: selected works Wichita Art Museum: 75 years of American art From the private collections of Texas European art, ancient to modern The Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture The Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture The Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture

N 5220 .V6 H47 2009 N 6465 .S9 F33 2009 N 6488.5 .P358 2007 N 6490.4 .A4813 V.4

Sasaki, Megumi Facos, Michelle Albright-Knox Art Gallery Shugaar, Anthony Stroud, Timothy Di Lallo, Emanuela Evans, David Tillman, Susan Wye, Deborah Burns, Sarah

Herb and Dorothy [DVD] Symbolist Art in Context The Panza Collection: an experience of color and light Art of the twentieth century: 1969-1999, Neo-avant-gardes, postmodern and global art Appropriation Artists' Editions for Parkett: 200 Art Works 25 Years / 1984-2009 American art to 1900: a documentary history

N 6494 .A66 A67 2009 N 6494 .M8 P27 2009 N 6505 .B87 2009 N 6496 .N43 Y68 2009 N 6505 .S36 2009

New Museum (N.Y.) Younger than Jesus: The Generation Book Româan, Dulce Marâia American Selections from the Oliver-Smith, Kerry Samuel P. Harn Collection of Art Southall, Thomas W. Eklund, Douglas Shannon, Joshua The Pictures Generation, 1974-1984 The disappearance of objects: New York Art and the rise of the postmodern city

N 6512.5 .P53 E38 2009 N 6512.5 .P65 S53 2009

N 6530 .C2 L33 2010 N 6536 .B438 2009 N 6537 .C66 H68 2009 N 6537 .F56 W44 2009

Anderson, Susan M. Collecting California: selections from Laguna Art Museum Rose, Aaron Leonard, Joshua Hoving, Kirsten A. McCollum, Allan Johanson, Chris Kim, Byron Fletcher, Harrell Beautiful Losers [DVD] Joseph Cornell and astronomy: a case for the stars Harrell Fletcher: Where I Lived, and What I Lived for

N 6537 .G65 A4 2009 retrospective N 6537 .J56 A4 2009 N 6537 .L5 R69 2009 N 6537 .P5735 A4 2009 N 6537 .R87 D4 2009 N 6537 .T45 A4 2009 N 6537 .W28 A4 2009 N 6537 .T78 A4 2009 N 6538 .A4 O88 2009 N 6538 .N5 G76 2008 N 6549 .T4325 A4 2009 N 6853 .B57 A4 2009 N 6853 .C45 A4 2009

Gorky, Arshile Johanson, Chris Nelson, Arty Bader, Graham Pondick, Rona Ruscha, Edward Nash, Steven A. Warhol, Andy Turrell, James Ostrowitz, Judith Grove, Jeffrey D. Terris, Reece Bonnard, Pierre Rishel, Joseph J. Sachs, Katherine Bernstein, Roberta Câezanne, Paul Câezanne, Paul Duchamp, Marcel

Arshile Gorky: a Chris Johanson: Totalities Roy Lichtenstein Rona Pondick: the metamorphosis of an object Ed Ruscha: catalogue raisonnâe of the paintings. Vol. 4, 1988-1992 Wayne Thiebaud: 70 years of painting Andy Warhol: the last decade James Turrell: Geometrie des Lichts = geometry of light Interventions: Native American art for far-flung territories After 1968: contemporary artists and the civil rights legacy Reece Terris: ought apartment Pierre Bonnard: the late still lifes and interiors Câezanne and beyond

N 6853 .C45 A4 2009 N 6853 .D8 M5 2009 N 6853 .G34 A4 2009

Câezanne and American Modernism Marcel Duchamp: Works, Writings, Interviews

Gauguin, Paul Gauguin: The Breakthrough Thomson, Belinda into Modernity Lemonedes, Heather

N 6853 .P5 A4 2009 N 6923 .C54 A4 2009 N 6953 .D57 A4 2009 N 7073 .M8 A4 2009 N 7089 .G6 A4 2009

Juszczak, Agnieszka Greenberg Fisher, Susan Clemente, Francesco Walcott, Derek

Picasso and the allure of language Francesco Clemente: Three Rainbows

Fabre, Gladys C. Van Doesburg & the international avant-garde: constructing a new world Clarke, Jay A. Becoming Edvard Munch: influence, anxiety, and myth

Arvidsson, Kristoffer Upp med rullgardinerna!: Werner, Jeff konsten i Gèoteborg under 1960-och 1970-talet = Open the shades!: art in Gothenburg during the 1960s and 1970s Jackson, Anna Jaffer, Amin Till, Barry Maharaja: the splendour of India's royal courts Edo: arts of Japan's last shogun age = art japonais de l'áere des derniers shoguns Modern Korean Artists

N 7301 .M33 2009 N 7353.5 .T45 2009

N 7365.6 .M63 2009 N 7432.5 .A78 O8

Han®guk Kukche Kyoryu Chaedan

Backlund, Staffan Annan konst: konsten èar ett Hèakansson, Borghild mystrium = Other art [art's mystrious [sic]] Murase, Miyeko Sasse, Julie Handlin, Emily Russell, Lindsay Walker, Roslyn A. Karraker, D. Gene Through the seasons: Japanese art in nature Trouble in Paradise: examining discord between nature and society The Arts of Africa at the Dallas Museum of Art Looking at European frames: a guide to terms, styles, and techniques

N 7650 .M87 2009 N 7650 .T768 2009

N 7380.5 .D36 2009 N 8551 .E85 K37 2009

N 6953 .G63 A3 2009 [AV] Gogh, Vincent Van N 6953 .G63 A3 2009 v.1 N 6953 .G63 A3 2009 v.2 N 6953 .G63 A3 2009 v.3 N 6953 .G63 A3 2009 v.4 N 6953 .G63 A3 2009 v.5 N 6953 .G63 A3 2009 v.6 NA 4145 .T49 K9 2009 NB 237 .C28 A4 2008 NB 237 .T7 A4 2009 NB 1255 .A357 K34 2009 Gogh, Vincent Van Gogh, Vincent Van Gogh, Vincent Van Gogh, Vincent Van Gogh, Vincent Van Gogh, Vincent Van Krèuger, Sylvie Hill, Rachel Calder, Alexander Hileman, Kristen

Vincent Van Gogh: the letters Vincent Van Gogh: the letters Vincent Van Gogh: the letters Vincent Van Gogh: the letters Vincent Van Gogh: the letters Vincent Van Gogh: the letters Vincent Van Gogh: the letters Textile Architecture Alexander Calder: the Paris years, 1926-1933 Anne Truitt: Perception and Reflection

Kahan, Leonard Surfaces: color, substances, and Page, Donna ritual applications on African sculpture Imperato, Pascal J. Baron, Franðcoise Les tombeaux des ducs de Bourgogne: crâeation, destruction, restauration The Thaw Collection of Master Drawings: Acquisitions Since 2002 Pen and Parchment: drawing in the Middle Ages

NB 1803 .F7 B37 2009

NC 31 .T44 T493 2009

Eitel, Rhoda Bailey, Colin J. Holcomb, Melanie

NC 70 .H66 2009 NC 735 .R624 2009 NC 961.6 .F73 2009

Rockman, Deborah A. Drawing Essentials: a guide to drawing from observation Frank, Jane Science fiction and fantasy artists of the twentieth century: a biographical dictionary There’s nothing funny about design

NC 997 .B285 2009

Barringer, David

NC 998.4 .I58 2009 NC 1730 .C37 2009 NC 1849 .L3 C874 2009 ND 195 .T37 2009 ND 217 .B35 2009 ND 237 .E15 B73 2009 ND 237 .G97 M2 2009 ND 237 .L29 H55 2009 ND 237 .O5 A4 2009

Maeda, John Lent, John A. Cushing, Lincoln Darling, Michael

In/visible: graphic data revealed Cartooning in Africa Agitate! Educate! Organize! American Labor Posters Target Practice: painting under attack, 1949-1978

Balken, Debra Bricker After many springs: regionalism, Modernism, & the Midwest Braddock, Alan C. Memphis Brooks Museum of Art Hills, Patricia Moss, Karen Thomas Eakins and the Cultures of Modernity Carl Gutherz: poetic vision and academic ideals Painting Harlem Modern: the art of Jacob Lawrence Illumination: the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, Agnes Pelton, Agnes Martin, and Florence Miller Pierce

ND 237 .R83 H83 2009

Hudson, Suzanne Perling Robert Ryman: used paint Kenny Scharf Kehinde Wiley: the world stage: Brazil = O estagio do mundo Harry Widman: image, myth, and modernism Turner to Cezanne: masterpieces from the Davies collection, National Museum Wales

ND 237 .S42127 M37 2009 Marshall, Richard ND 237 .W6465 A4 2009 ND 237 .W65 H85 2009 ND 457 .F35 2009 Wiley, Kehinde Widman, Harry Fairclough, Oliver

ND 497 .G65 A4 2009 ND 553 .M7 T3

Brown, Peter Ogden Walter Goodman’s The Printseller’s Window Temkin, Ann Claude Monet: Water Lilies

ND 588 .A34 A4 2009 ND 623 .C9 A4 2009 ND 623 .M687 A4 2009 ND 623 .T86 A4 2009

Barragan, Luis Crivelli, Carlo Fergonzi, Flavio Deimling, Barbara Nolan, John M. Strehlke, Carl B. Szafran, Yvonne Barnett, Vivian E. Zeng, Fanzhi Benjamin, Roger Han®guk Kukche Kyoryu Chaedan Cline, Jeffery Knospe, William Tsujimura, Shiråo Brèandle, Christian Formaânek, Verena Lynas, Dave

Josef Albers: Homage to the Square Crivelli e Brera Morandi: master of modern still life Discovering a Pre-Renaissance Master: Tommaso del Mazza

ND 699 .K3 A4 2009 ND 1049 .Z49 A4 2009 ND 1105 .P37 B46 2009 NK 1073.6 .A1 M37 2009 NK 1071 .K376 2009 NK 4210 .T78 A4 2009 NK 1530 .E94 2009 NK 4210 .L97 A4 2009 NK 4568.6 .A1 R69 2009

Kandinsky Zeng Fanzhi Icons of the Desert: Early Aboriginal Paintings from Papunya Masters of Traditional Korean Handicrafts Arts of Imperial Japan Clay’s life through fire clarifies Everything design: the collections of the Museum fèur Gestaltung Zèurich A Handful of Clay

Kim, Yæong-wæon Royal Ceramics of Goryeo Dynasty Kang, Kyæong-nam Yi, Ae-ryæong Kwak, Tong-sæok Hampson, Corey Schey, Aaron Yood, James Newport, Mark Higgins, Hannah Blown Away: International Glass of the 21st Century Mark Newport: super heroes in action The Grid Book

NK 5110.5 .B56 A4 2009

NK 8898 .N49 A4 2009 NK 1570 .H54 2009 NK 9900.7 .K6 U75 2009

Kungnip Munhwajae Korean Traditional Pattern

PN 1995.9 .E96 A44 2009 N 5220 .S5 A4 2009 SB 470 .H35 W54 2009

Yæon®guso (Korea) Cook, Benjamin Alfred Leslie [DVD] Jones, Adam Chiego, William J. Tom Slick: International Art Collector Barilleaux, Renâe P. Gragg, Randy Ross, Janice Beardsley, John Where the Revolution Began: Lawrence and Anna Halprin and the Reinvention of Public Space

TR 140 .G6545 A4 2009

Gonzâalez Palma, L. A Silent Unity of Gazes: the photographic vision of Luis Gonzâalez Palma Morris, Rosalind C. Photographies East: the camera and its histories in East and Southeast Asia Gefter, Philip Evans, Walker Photography after Frank Walker Evans and the Picture Postcard

TR 183 .P4825 2009 TR 185 .G44 2009 TR 647 .E9 2009 TR 647 .H473 A4 2009 TR 647 .J65 TR 647 .M315 2009a TR 647 .M56 2009 TR 647 .O94 A4 2009 TR 647 .R38 2009 TR 650 .R47 2009 TR 681 .M4 W55 2009 TR 653 .W43 2009 TR 820 .R6 R6

Bartels, Kathleen S. Anthony Hernandez Wall, Jeff Johnson, Eirik Arnold, Grant Moholy-Nagy, Lâaszlâo Martineau, Paul Man Ray Respini, Eva Wiley, Kehinde Welty, Eudora Rodger, George Sawdust Mountain Scott McFarland Moholy-Nagy: the photograms: catalogue raisonnâe Paul Outerbridge: Command Performance Trees + Flowers – Insects Animals Into the Sunset: photography’s image of the American West Black light Eudora Welty as photographer George Rodger: on the road 1940-1949: from the diaries of a

TT 23 .C56 2009 Z 251 .A6 T34 2009 ND 588 .P67 P65 2009 N 6537 .C28 A4 2009 N 6549 .L4836 A4 2009 N 6521 .A61595 A4 2009 ND 6853 .M154 G64 2009 TR 656 .R473 2009

Halper, Vicki Douglas, Diane Boutros, Mourad Polke, Sigmar Cave, Nick Lewis, Mark Umberger, Leslie Patterson, Tom Gohr, Siegfried Rexer, Lyle

photographer and adventurer Choosing craft: the artist’s viewpoint Talking about Arabic Sigmar Polke: Achsenzeit = Axial age Nick Cave: meet me at the center of the Earth Mark Lewis – Cold Morning American Story Magritte: Attempting the Impossible The Edge of Vision

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