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Restoring the Republican Brand

1. Goals of Project
After 16 months of planning, this project launched in late December 2013, with the
following goals as priority;

To reverse negative perception of voters of the Republican Party Of Virginia

(RPV) and restore the once strong brand that our party had

To begin to change the leadership of the RPV at all levels to a more centerright philosophy.

To establish a Social Media presence based on this center-right philosophy.

To build an effective grasstops organization capable of accomplishing the

overall mission.

To re-unite our Elected Officials, Party Leaders and Grassroots Activists as

one team, strengthen grassroots support for our elected officials, and increase
involvement by Elected Officials in local, District and State GOP

To build a database to give the mission the necessary information to win and
operate effectively.

2. Targeting
The early decision to target resources to achieve some significant victories in order to build
momentum toward 2016 when every RPV office is up for election was not only
necessary from the standpoint of resources, but has also proven to be an effective means of
dividing the coalition that came together for the wholesale takeover of RPV in 2012.
While most of the District Conventions have not yet been held, there have been some
significant victories that have been achieved through our efforts thus far:
State Central
Ninth District Adam Tolbert handily defeated the Tea Party candidate to become
Ninth District Republican Chairman. Notably, Russ Moulton and E.W. Jackson both
worked in support of Adams opponent (who was likely recruited by Moulton.)
Barbara Tabb was elected to fill a vacancy from the Third District created by the
resignation of one of the Ron Paul leaders
Delegate Jackson Miller replaced Delegate Brenda Pogge (while this positive change
was not a result of our efforts, it is nonetheless important)

Fourth District Larry Nordvig, another Moulton-recruited candidate for District

Chair, bowed out just before the filing deadline, as did Kenny Britt, whom Moulton
had recruited to run against Chesterfield Chair Donald Williams.
Seventh District Linwood Cobb also has a Moulton-recruited opponent. We are
working hard to ensure Linwoods re-election.
Our direct efforts in the Second, Third and Fifth Districts will hopefully be realized
over the next 30 days. We have an excellent opportunity to win these District
Chairmanships, with our candidates in the Second and Fifth Districts well ahead.
Unit Chairs
Campbell County: John Ferguson, a Deputy in the Amherst County Sheriffs
Department, defeated the incumbent chairman who was elected in 2012 in a mass
meeting chaired by Russ Moulton. Elected officials and hundreds of GOP activists
(many of whom has been purged from the committee by Tim or Ricky Boyer) came
together to restore sound leadership to their committee.
Lynchburg: A coalition of longtime conservative activists, led by Wendell Walker,
elected officials (Delegate Scott Garrett especially) and former leadership of the
committee came together behind Zach Martin to defeat incumbent Tea Party activist
and Moulton Fellowship member Doc Troxel. Notably, this was just one of several
efforts in which we worked with Wendell, who is himself being opposed by Vance
Lexington/Rockbridge/Buena Vista Roger Jarrell handily defeated the incumbent
chairman, a close associate of Scott Sayre, Vance Wilkins and Russ Moulton.
Dinwiddie Dean McCray filed to run against incumbent Greg McCammon, closely
associated with the Ron Paul organization. Dean put together such a strong effort,
including support by Lisa Caruso and many other elected officials, that McCammon
decided not to run for re-election.
Franklin County A coalition that included strong support from Del. Poindexter was
able to elect , a strong replacement for Tea Party activist Brad Archer.
Louisa County Graven Craig defeated Ron Paul leader Shelby McCurnin (who ran
against Morton Blackwell in 2012) to pick up this chairmanship.
In a number of units, our team retained the chairmanship in the face of challenges by
the Conservative Fellowship: Virginia Beach, Fauquier County, Suffolk, Newport
News, Caroline County, New Kent County, Warren County and Pulaski County.
3. Network Building
Across Virginia we are assembling a separate organization of 250 plus Grasstops
Republican operatives. These individuals will be the lifeline to all RPV committees and be
capable of providing real time analysis of the local political situation. As well, they will be
key in building committee majorities that are favorable to our team. These operatives will be
the pipeline as well for all available data and to be capable of data enhancement and

4. New Media Team
This Team is being formed and will include bloggers and new media guns to help shape
messaging and build a favorable media perception leading up to and continuing through
2016. This Team will activate other individuals who will respond en masse to blog posts and
comment to diffuse or refute the opposition. By showing a dominant presence in the world
of the blogs and social media we will be able to change the dynamics and strengthen the
message of members of our team, especially Republican legislators and elected officials.
5. Data Acquisition
As our work to recruit members for local unit committees succeeds, we will collect pertinent
data from each Unit Committee in preparation for 2016. These files will be evaluated at the
local level with our Network member/s to enhance the knowledge of all contacts in the file.
This will give our Team the hard number capability needed to win 2016.
6. Enhance Republican Caucus Participation
We need to continue building upon the work of the House and Senate Republican caucuses
to get their members more engaged in encouraging their supports to join and become active
with their unit committees. This is very important not only for 2016, but more importantly
for 2015. We need vibrant local committees in order to win elections for the General
Assembly in 2015 and, in some case, to forestall as many primary challenges as possible.
7. Summary
To summarize, the project so far has rendered great success. The continuation of the goals as
described above with above listed protocols will guarantee a favorable majority in 2016
RPV committees at all levels. This level of majority will insure against unfavorable bylaw
changes or RPV operations. The ability to change the RPV brand and its leadership will
have a significant change to overall donor perception and winning actual elections.