DTH Editorial Board Application Spring 2011 Name: Year: Major/minors: E-mail: Phone: Hometown: Semesters at DTH

(if applicable): 1. Please list your expected personal or extracurricular commitments, your class schedule for next semester and the times you are available. 2. Why do you want to serve on the editorial board? 3. What has the editorial board done well this semester? What would you like to see to change next semester? 5. How would you describe your political views? Please be more elaborate than just “conservative” or “liberal.” 6. How does original reporting factor into the process of writing editorials? How would you put that into practice? What relevant experience do you have? 7. Please briefly describe your philosophy on how the editorial board should co-exist with the news side of The Daily Tar Heel. 8. Include at least one sample 400-word editorial on a topic of your choice. 9. Are you interested in applying to be the associate opinion editor? 10. Please briefly critique two (2) unsigned editorials from this semester. 11. Any additional comments or concerns for me should be conveyed here. *Individuals planning to run for office or to serve on a campaign in any capacity this year are not eligible. Please e-mail this application to Sarah Frier by 5 p.m. Friday, April 23 at sarahfrier@gmail.com. If you need additional time please let me know.

Thanks! Feel free to email me or call (650.814.1503) if you have any questions.