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~t is the purpose of this monograph to consider briefly some of the

human s~!ival ir.plications suggested by ~hevarious principal hj~othesis concernL~ the nature of the phenomena loosely categorized as UFO (1)

1 • pJL1 UFO I S llZS HOAXES: From the ti.i1e "Then hoazea ~;e!'e first

noted L~ history, they were characterized by infrequency of cccurr~ce

. and usually by a considerable restriction of their geographical extent.

Rarely have men of science, lo.'ilile act;ng "i'rithin their professional capacities, perpetrated hoaxes',' The 'fact that UFO phenomenon have been

witnessed all over the wo~ld from ancient times,and by considerable

numbers of reputable scientists st.rongly that u"R) I s are not_.All

in recent times, ~~cate~ rath~r ,

i:;'t'~ t!Joi.. r" ........ d"41IIJI~ItIP'l #

~es. (~)4 I~ anything) the modern trend

is toward increased ~epo~~~; . from all sources. In one three month per-

Led in 1953 (June, July, and Aug-Ilst) ~3H', Force records show 35 sightir.gs vhose n:.ture cC1.':1..i !:ot be detc::.'";1lined ~ 3) If' tJ7C' S; contro.!7 to all

.( 1)_ All fl..ving. sailing or maneuve:'ing aerial objects rlhether glo't'1ing, pulsati.."lg,- or of a constant metalic hue, whose shape is somewhat, circular orcigarish.

(2) k1Zto::ly of a Pl:eno=::!1!on} Jacq:~tes Vallee; E~nr:'- Re;;ner:r Co. Chicc.~o, 1;:$5, P 7-17. (Va.llee ac s deGl·c::!~ in hS-:l'Ono:l:" and Elysics en-a. is

f'·~''''''''''~''i..&.'-:~ .... -Y1s,·, .. -."" .. :.&...0 r~!..~··'~ l.''..~~ ".''''~ q~~r )

__ .t.\'; __ v_. "-u_ ~w~'" '"' .. .,._.I"...... ~...,,,~ w_w,j.J ...

(3) U:l~";ed. States Air ?orce Pl·o~ects Gruc;,:.~c and E1uc'book Re:porJ~s 1-12 (195::"-1953) :;ctic':1al Enve z~i3;Z:."~:!.on CO:~:li·tte~ on ;.crial PliCrio:!ene. . .,l:.shi::Ct.o:1 J:l::~ 19[58. P 216.


~ \

(' /./



-~ .. , .... l·· ... ~~T"'I~~·O"" - hoaxes 07' i .. ',.....,..,A.-:C.:,...- ~,...Q ... ,·C"'!1..._-;,- "1-:cr,

\'.1 ~a....; \..:.~.;..J· __ ... w_.... . '""""' ... _ oW - _._-- _w.~_.~Q ._ -":1 ... "'._ ..... '-J, ~-""' ... -

E.::;~r~~:~io~ of' s.lc.r:linG !Jl"cJ?or~ions ,,:·ro'cl.d c.ppear to be

0.-:',{01 0""': ... .,. _ . -_ ;:J.ol.J.w·


a::. &b·=~rz.;.ticn 1-lo,_lld eeeo ~o have ~er:'Ot1.S i:!:;>licaticns. for nation:;'3

e~ui?ped wit~ nuclae~ toys - and should req~ire ~cdiete end c~reful

st ..... d.;r b~l scientists·.

:2. .ALL ljFO's .ARE EALLOCIEA:'TIOnS: Peop'le, of ccursc ; do hallucinc.te.

AJ.:thou::rh gro~t:ps of peop'l.e halluci!la.ting is rare, it has been known to

happen , l·1achines have th~ir ovn fora of hallucination; the radar) in

parJ~icule.r, ::see S 0' temperature inversions. But a ccnsd dezeo.Ie nuabe r

of: insta..'"lces exist Ln which there. are groups of people an:! a radar or

radars seeing the same thing at the sa.:::e ti!:a; sorueti."'les a person and a gunc~era co~irc each other's:testicony(4).

On occasion, physical

e-.-icience of a circ1r.1stantial nature 'WE.S reported to have been f'ound to

.---- . -

support ~~tnessed sightings (5).

A continuing high percentage of reports

ofunusuel aerial objects ere bei~g reported by people· in responsible


positions in science, government, and i~dust~f.(P). The sum of such

eVidence seems to argue strongly against &11 u70's being hc.llucir~ticns.


( I~ spite of all the evidence to o_ the ~ontr:;.ry, if UFO's d.:i:d turn out tj r." ~.c... ~

a'" ,-

be largely illu~io~~J, the psycholoGical implications for nan would ~

(4) ibid., p 208, 192, 149, 146

(5) Ope .cit., Vallee, p. 70,71, 74.

(6) T:'1e Report on Unidentified Fly:.i.nJ Ob ~~cts, E:1. .... rard. J. R'.lppelt, DouhLeday , l;~i\- Yo:-k 1956. p 242. (Ru:ppelt vas C~ief oi'-tSe :alu~book S~~dy ~t O~~ ~~C.)


:. z:


;~ ~: "


. -SEGRhl--


".. ." r

i'ro:J i'a::-:asy. T'.!le nec;ati ve effect on man r S abili t:r to SiL"!'"V"i y~ Ln an

i!lcreasi~l:r conpkex lTorld. ";{Quld be cOllsic!ero.ble - :::!l<:.~ing it ;""perati ve

t~'l2.t SUC!'). a gro:ling mpair::lent of the human capacf ty for rational j".ldgJ:lent

be subje~ted to'immediate'a~d thorough scientific study - so tnat the illness could be controlled before it reaches epidemic proportions (7).

(For coaaent.s on mass hysteTie. and. UFO "s see SO'L'.I'ce 8 be Lov '\ihich con-

tainsa statement b:," Dr. Robert L. Hall, a socfal, ps:~chologist formerly

\-lith the 1>3 Personnel and Training Re search center and the Program

Direc~;or, Sociolog;y- and ps;rchology, liational Science Foundation.)

3. ALL l,iFO's ARE r~ATlJP..u. PEEliOMEHA: If this h:rpothesis is correct

t~e capability of air 1-Tarning s-jsteos to correctly diagnos~ an attack

situation is open to serious question.

\ .... '1~)a. Ma.ny UFO's have been reported by trained. militar:l observers

to behave like high speed, high performance, hig...'1 altitude rocke ts or


aircraft. The apparezrt solidi t:: and c!'&ft-li!::c shcpe of the ob jects

have often been sub ject to radar con:f'i1"':l8.t:'cn (9)

If such objects can

appear to trained ~ilital"Y Den as rockets or air craft and if s~ch ob~ects


(7) oJ? cit., R"J.~pelt p 237 (D.ltch Liner, .. RO!:1e, Italy)

(8) ~:mposi'UI:l on Unidentifie.d Flying Obj;ects (Second. Session).

July 29, ,1958.

( )'7')j .

cr op . c~t.,

nr 7 ~li~use Co~ittee on Science and. Astronautics).

b.. • ... G .~... 192 _, 49, _, I.~.

s: .I.·oJec" ru....ge, :pp., 'to

" o

,. ""~'-1 ,..

.,t"A_ v __


Such an attitude is an' ope~

in~tita.lcion to




a replice. of t:1e phenoI!ler..a in o!"u.er to pene zratie the "hole" in his

adve~saries' defe~sas

vTo.s this the pur'pose ot' the Lens shaped reentr-,f

ver.icletested by the U.S. Air Force in 1960 and recently featured in

the 'ttlasr:.in;3'ton, D.C. Evenins Star; elated 24 Septe::llber 1968 J :9a[£e A4'?

c. Someti!:les the phencnena appear to defy radar detection and

to cause massive electr~a&netic interference.

Surely it is ve ry m:9orte.nt

to di:3cover the nature of these"objects or plascc,s befcre eny :9rospective

enemy can use their properties to build a device or system to circUD"rent

or jam our air ~ space detection systens - A:ny na;',ion certainly could. u~ea system or ,device to penetrate ene~y uefenses.(ll)


---- _.

SOi:!E; u"FO r s .ABE S3Cfu.""T E...;,.-=trR PROJECTS:

The above r-eferenced

u.s. p..ir Force reentry vehicle and an often publicized Canadf an "saucer"

p::-oject (9) leave little doubt as to the valia.tty of t::is hYl')0t.~1esis.


sc::-- .. rtinized. to ferr~t-o'.!t S1':'::~~ ') 1-Uf.1 l/ a na.tion !~ces t~le very stronc / tl-~

(Undoubtedly; all' UFO's should be careful.ly e:::'~2:;:" (or "frie11·11.:i"") ~=o~ects. Ot~e~·;ise




, c.-::;p _ .... , "')?

_.,0 __ , ..., _"-_.,,).

t ,

\\ .\

p05s:'bili t:~ of bei:1G in't:"'l!d:3.ted. 'b:," a nex SeC:-c't doonsday "\.;~::.::?on.


disco-.er you; it is an old. but :~c.::"clljr inva.lid

r'U.le or th.'UDb, :rtlle;:r" are your J.;cc~ologica.l superiors.

shown us time and again the traGic z-esul.cs. of a confrontation be tween a

technoloGically superior civilization and. a tecnnolo[;icall:r il1i'erior

T':.le ""inferior" is usu.o.llj- su"!)ject to ph:"sic~l conqce sc .

b. Of'ten in the :past, 0. technologicall:' superior people are

also posae seor-s of a mOTo? Yirile cr aJsr~sz;ive cul.tuz'e ,

In a conf'roa-

i::.fe::-io:· to other nations ha .... e sur-..ri ved - have o.:l.in·cained tneir identity


have equzlized the differences be~ween ~~en end ti1eir adversaries.


J~p~nese people have gi~ren us ~~ excellent exeople of the methods requircd

to achieve such-a s~~va1:


(1) full and honest acceptance of the nature of the in-

feriorities separa~ing you from the advantages of the other peoples,

(2) complete national solid.a.ri ty in all positions taken in

dec.ling "\1"1 th the other cuJ:ture,

C3} hiGhly controlled and 1; ·",5 '.:;ed intercourse \o1i th the other \ '<..41 :;ide - dOinS only t!lose actions advarrcagcous to the forei3ner "Thien you Core I ~~~fr· . ( absolu"tcl~~ :forced -to do by circ~stanc~s,


(l~) a correct bu-:, frie~dl~_" a tti t1).c.c to"·rard. t:·~~ O·:h~l·; :p~o:pl:!, I

/ L.. .. ~(f)-:;r~~.( :ZM~S e I~AC/~";ALJ:_ .. ~-;-;~M~~ c-t- I i'~f'ft".:>,{ IfLLE~ r "'1,,,,2.4 .'d~o";',!:~(1;~· y r. '.r";;,,' -e) II It LL '! e ,; C /b ":' II No_: .. c.. ., f:-.J; -r (;.... :¥ q; . .,:! 7"1(.,,,.1 01.1 ~ ~ <"T:. ::~.i r ~::,.,. e :') ;}.4 L '"~,:c.;.:s r.;...£ 1" .. ,914/';;'/," E~rV.-·<"~""E.~iJA""'..!.~~a.,!" v II ,14L.ro_~""&P.1.tffty~ .!.:-'.S'-:f'

~ A,.,·"-IV Q';' 1;":~~I'-"iJC'. MI4,.~ , ':J~/{"~Jl'i'C "Nve~Ti1'(ld~. ~~ ~-. -

I 3 0 y . C. I r , I 77 .. , / ,_" A' __ '"T"_"'" ( I.) J,,/.~ ( ~ ,10.1 • 7:" . ..., )".'.a ~ ,I _I:' ()~ ... '. ~. d:. . : :4£ 1""

: : .. _.

,. .

. ,


" .


, .


0(:.' o.\;

to t11e o~:;hcr' s countr-J to become one of his kin=., or e- .... en to help him in

hi s ,,;ar::; c,gainst other e.dver5~rie s .

(6) Ac.opting 3.S !:l~ny of the.edvantae;es of the opposin,;

people as you can, and dOing it as fast as possible

uhilc still pro-

tecting your ovn identity by molding each ne ...... Jmmiledr;e incre:!!ent into

your o-.rz:. cultural cast.


6. COI-i·lEI1T: Alt-"low-..;h this ~per has hardly exhaus'ted the possible

hYJ?otheses related to t!le u"'FO phenomcna , those neiltioned. above are the

princip3.1 ones presentl:; put f~;;·1a.rd.

All o-r the!!! have serious sur-lival

imp!.~catio:rLS. The final anS'i'er to this tlystery ,\-Till probaoly incl.ude

:!lore than one of the above hypotheses.

Up until this time, the ~eisurely scientific approach has too often


taken precedence in dealing 'iith UFO questions.

If' you are vall:ing along

a fOTe!:it pat!l and someone yells, "rattler" ~·-our rea.ction ,.ould be i:l!!mediate

and def'ensf, ve • You would not take tir.le to specula.te before ycu act. You



~TOuldhate to treat the alarm as if it were a real and im::lediate threa.t to.

Investigc.tion 'Would becoae an intensiye e!lor6ency action -I t'.) isola.te the threat and to determine it's nrecd.se nature - It i'lould be

. -


~eared to developL~ adeq~te uefensive ~easures in a. mir~~ CDOunt of


.. :.:00.

It would seem a little Dore of tais su-~~·ve.l a.ttitude is called for

in de:llins \1:' th the UFO proble:l4"



. ({)'




~end to becone

d,i30ric:1T.e:J .•

~':"""I ..... o


:10 net


_ -

~~ei~ behavi.or .


w _


t~e challenge o~

Sex . of tell beccae s a :_rce.!'-lon; !,~eoccupetion

~':~;.:'. :·f{j

... '.-.~:."


instead o~ eo sec.solln.l madness.

~"- -. ::'

Dc tIle captiYit:l cns=acteristics of modern civilizat:.o!1. cause a

similcT lessenir~ of ~c.n's

aa.e.'Oti ~!C

- ..


0-: b.is h.ealtllJ

o:f his

e:oi~~:t:r to recoGnize rea1.i t:t, of !ris aoili t:,l" to curvt. ".re!

Peri.1O.ps the UFO question mizht even n:a.l:e man u.l1de:,te.!:e s~.;udics ,rhi.:h

could e~able h~' to construct a society which is most co~ducive to

-_.- --:

cOt:lpletely h'Utl2.n bei!l3, healthy in el':aspe:::ts of mind and

bod:- - and nos't i:lporta.nt ab.l,e to rec03lllZe and a.c.a.1?~ to z-eal, envtz-on-

~ental situations.





, ) 7..

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