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I Crime Branch, CFSL experts re-examine the pipeline I Minimum diameter 2 feet 4 inches, maximum 5 feet 6 inches

Police, forensic experts fish out unsinkable facts
EXPRESS NEWSSERVICE CHANDIGARII.AUGUST IS RIME Branch oi the UT Police and a tcnm of CFSI. experts today reexamined the entire incident of woman constable • Jaswinder Kaur's death. She allegedly died of falling into an open manhole near CS1O, Sector 30, on Dakshin Man: on Tuesday night. Her body was later fished out at water works, Phase XI, Mohali. On the orders issued by senior UT Police officials, experts of the Crime Branch, that has been entrusted with the investigation, and CFSL examined the entire sewerage pipeline, through which Jaswinder's body presumably travelled. The forensic experts examined the pipeline at three points—where Jaswinder fell, from where she travelled and from where her body was fished out. The measurements taken by tr»: CFSL experts howed that the minimum diameter of the pipeline was, about 2 feet 4 inches and maximum 5 fee', 6 inches (66 inches). "With this diameter, a man can even walk through the sewerage pipe. It is quite possible that Jaswinder's body travelled with the flow of the water through the pipeline and reached Phasc-XI, Mohali," Crime Branch officials told Newsline. "Though the initial measurements confirm that the body could easily travel

Shocking deal: Cost of a labourer's life is Rs 30,000!
Worker electrocute i, contractor gives wife money and asks to sign on papers, S3 ing that no post-mortem be conducted
VAK1NDERBHAT1A CHANDIGARH, AUGUST l^ HOW inexpensive a life can be? A contractor valued the life of one of his workers, who died of an electric shock while working on the night of August 11, at Rs 30,000. The contractor not only allegedly persuaded the deceased's family not to get his postmortem done, but also asked them to seal their lips. Even after a week has passed since Radhey Shyam (55) died, his wife Sheela is yet to immerse his ashes in a hope to get justice. Radhey Shyam was electrocuted in Palsora, Sector 56, where the Chandigarh Housing Board flats are under construction. His body, which was lying at General Hospital, Sector 16. bore electrocution marks on a shoulder. But neitherthepoiice nor the contractor, Tejasvi Gupta, ever bothered to check thespot.
13 Radhey Shyam died of an electric shock, while working forthe contractor. • Nertherthe contractor nor the police everbotheTed to find out how he died. • D i d he come in contact with a live wire? • T h e contractor said he might have fallen over the search light, Can a person succumb loan electric shock received from a search light? j W h y didn't the police take any action when it was clearly evident from the body that he succumbed to an electric shock?


A view of the drain junction at Se<-*:r 23 through which the body travelled. (Right) Chandigarh Police and CFSL experts reconstructing the path the body travelled up to the Mohali water works on Thursday. Vikram Joy through the pipe, but tiie axwe~get the drawings ui the pipeline from ihe Public Works Department tomorrow. We will be probing all the aspects of the case," said Inspector KIP Singh, in charge of the Crime Branch. According to the officials. Municipal Corporation Junior Engineer and Chandigarh Police personnel reached the Mohali water works, and blocked the water's path by lowering the watergates. They finally fished out her body when it reached there. Jaswinder allegedly fell in the manhole at around 8.30 pm and the MC officials and policemen reached water works at around midnight. The body was finally fished out at around 1.20 am. "ItwastheMCofficialswho informed the Chandigarh Police that the body will reach Mohali water works and they f
• Diameter of the sewerage pipeline is between 2 feet 4 indiosand5feet6inches . (at exit point). •Strong wate/ current in the pipeline, especially during the evening hours, can easily sweep away any object coming in its way. • N o relative of the deceased gave statement saying that she could have been killed. • T h e MC officials blocked the watergates at Mohali water works and saw the body coming, which they fished out.

Sheela with her husband's ashes and her son with Rs 30,000. Express photo Gupta said, "I did not check it. He might have died of an electric shock from a search light." According to his family members, Gupta did not let them get his post-mortem done. learful Sheela said, "I am illiterate. I did not know

what post-mortem means. The contractor scared me that the'doctors will cut my husband into pieces an-i I will not receive his full body, and if I want it in a single piece, I should sign some papers a n d refuse the • CONTINUED ON PAGE2

Dr Kaura tries to commit suicide
As per information, a sweeper mopped the washroom of Kaura's barrack with DR Deepak Kaura tried to phenyl at around 4.15 am. Afcommit suicide by consuming ter he left, Kaura look a cloth phenyl in his barrack this and mopped the floor again and squeezed the morning. He phenyl-laced cloth in was rushed to a glass and consumed GMCH, Secit. Then, he raised the tor 32, where alarm that he has doctors said he consumed phenyl. was out of danger as the •'We rushed him to phenyl was diGMCH-32, thinking lute. He was that it might be fatal, Dr Deepak Kaura booked but when the doccharges of attempt to commit tors examined him, it was found that the pheny! content suicide. EXPRESS NEWS SERVICE CHANDIGARH. AUGUST 18 in his body was not much and his condition was out of danger. He has been kept under observation for a day and is likely to be discharged tomorrow," said one of the investigating officials. The local court here had rejected his bail application yesterday. Kaura was arrested on charges of murdering his wife Dr Babita Kaura. However, the Crime Branch failed to collect any evidence to substantiate the murder charges and charged him with abetmenttosuicide.

ily to ty.

should immediately block the water's path there," KIP Singh added. Jaswinder's husband Gurnam Singh, her relatives and a few close friends were called to the Crime Branch office in Sector 11 this evening for

questioning, which was on till the filing of this report. Inspector Singh told mediapersons that they would try to reconstruct the entire incident with the help of a dummy, if needed. The officials of the Public Works Department said the

water current was very high during the evening hours and any object coming in its way would have been easily washed away, The postmortem report also mentioned that shedied of drowning and asphyxiation and also suffered a head injury.

Charging your mobile can leave you charged up at PGI
PHONEY DEAL IA PGI shop charges Rs 10 to charge cellphone battery for an hour, Rs 5 for half-an-hour CLASSROOM VS REALITY: GAP MAY GET BRIDGED P2 MDC plots:No bail-out deal will burn hole in HUDA's hefty pocket P3 TEHELKA: 'MY STATEMENT RE-WRITTEN' P4 PatialaSP suspends ASI, constable P5
NEELAMSHARMA CHANDIGARH. AUGUST 18 Rs lOfor an hour and Rs 5 for half-anhour. Though no advertisement ornotice informing the customer about this unique service ispasted at oraround this STD shop, but Jai Luxumi shop no 10 is fast becoming (in)famous among the hordes of anxious people visiting PGI ^^ everyday who, caught in their ^r own problems, do not W ^ v spare a thought or r MM even mind this "innovative fleecing". "Ithinkthisis thconly shop that charges money forgetting the mobile batteries recharged. Nowhere :lse have I comeacross this practice. Even if one is carrying a mobile charger,findinga spure electricity point on PGI premises is not easy, unless one has taken a private room. I think the authorities here must think about installing some recharging machinesso that the patient'satteridantsaiv not harassed for such a small thing,'" says mi attendant accompanyinga paiient from Hisiir.

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HIS one of a kind entrepreneurship: make a killing by lettingPGI patients andaUgndants charge their mobile phonto.._ '-".sn't ring a bell, read on. You are making endless calls to your concerned relatives from your lone mobile phone at PostGraduate Institute (PGI)hereandsud• denly battery of your set conks. Sceingyou fretting for an immediate i recharge, everyone would direct you to Jai Luxumi STD shop at PGI'sShopping Centre.


Pure Crepe Printed Suit Dupattas

This shop is making quick bucks by charging the needy customers who need an urgent recharge. _ When this correspondent, posing as a customer, went to this shop, the unabashed shopkeeper uttered the rate list:

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