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Web Analytics

Web Analytics

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web analytics, click streaming, web future use, real time data analysis
web analytics, click streaming, web future use, real time data analysis

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Published by: gaurav_mittal on Apr 12, 2010
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Web Analytics


y Web analytics is a quantitative indicator of

behaviour of visitors to a website. y Web analytics involves identification of visitor, analyzing the reason of visit and tracking his/her movement within your website until the time he/she leaves the website.

y Web analytics provides a clear picture of the

performance of a website so that the website owner can devise strategies to maximize acceptability of the website. y Web analytics mainly comes in two flavours in terms of collection of visitors' data.
collecting data from server log file  tagging each webpage with java script And also a combination of the two 

What is Web Analytics
y The study of visitor, navigation, and traffic patterns

to determine the success of a given web site

Data Sources
y Server Logs y Visitor¶s Data y Search Engine Data y Defined Conversion Funnels

Log File Data Capture Methodology: y The traditional way of capturing data for web analytics y Created when a visitor requests for a web page via the URL typed in the browser, the request is served from the web servers, simultaneously the server creates an entry into the web log for the request.

JavaScript Tagging Data Capture Methodology y Visitor types the URL to trigger the request for web page, the web server renders page along with a piece of JavaScript code appended in every page of the site. When the page loads, it executes JavaScript thus sending visitor information to a third party (Web analytics host server). The results are seen via a web interface, which is also real time.

y Both web analytics methods will be able to gather

several other important information, notable among which are as under. - The length of time a visitor spends in seeing a website. - The keyword phrase used to arrive at the website. - The unique IP address and therefore the country from where the visits generated. - The arrival and exit pages.

Logfile vs. Page Tagging:
y Data transfer to and from web server is always

recorded in server's logfile with clockwork precision. y It is possible for a suitable program to extract logfile data and arrange them in a meaningful display. y Web analytics programs - Webalizer, Awstats,

y Between the two web analytics techniques certain

differences exist. - Logfile analysis is usually already available in the server. Page tagging is an outsourced option, which means that visitors' data is captured by provider's remote server. You can view them only in provider's website. Google Analytics and ClickTracks are examples of pagetagging web analytics. - Since page tagging requires javascript to be installed on every webpage, there is always a possibility that some visitors' browsers do not allow the script to run. Not so with logfiles.

- Logfiles enter transfer of all files, including images and scripts, and therefore certain parameters like hits and page views are not as accurate as with pagetagging web analytics. - While logfiles record visits by search engines, page tagging does not. - Logfile web analytics record failed visits too. Page tagging takes a request into account only when a webpage is successfully displayed.

How to Use Web Analytics Effectively
y Determine Needs y Identify Goals y Define Metrics y Collect Data y Record Data y Implement Improvements y Start Again

Step 1: Determine Needs
y Visitor¶s Goals y Businesses¶ Bottom Line

Step 2: Identify Goals
y Key Activities y Website types

- E- Commerce Sites - Content Sites - Lead Generation Sites - Self Service Sites

Step 3: Define Metrics
y Clear y Quantifiable

Step 4: Collect Data
y Log Files y Page Tagging

Step 5: Record Data
y Base Line y Priorities Among Component y Break Down into Smaller Actions

Step 6: Implement Improvement
y Conversions are CRITICAL y A/B /C Testing

- only one variable - Precise process of Diverting Traffic - Significant Change

Step 7: Start Again
y Continuous Monitoring

Benefits of web analytics
y Web analytics is a constantly available feedback from

your visitors. Footprints that they leave in the wake of their visits are a great pointer of relative strength and weakness of your website. y It is only from web analytics that you get to know which keyword phrases are most relevant to your web content, which pages are visited most, length of visits, incoming links, demographic profile of visitors and so on.

Challenges in the Market
1. Scalability 
As data volumes increase, business analysts are becoming overwhelmed trying to understand how it all maps together.

2. Insight-to-effort ratio 
Enterprises are challenged that high-end solutions require so much effort. At the same time, entry-level solutions typically offer little indepth reporting.

3. Aligning the organization to the technology 
Technology is only part of the solution, organizations must coordinate across departmental boundaries to be successful at utilizing web analytics to impact change.

5 Key Areas important for Analytics
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Top Referrers (How are people finding the website?) Content Groups (What content are the visitors most interested in?) Top Paths (Is the navigation through the website effective?) Technical Stats (Is the site optimized and free of errors?) Qualified Visits (by product)

GeoPassage Case Study

Business Overview
y World wide tour company  Customizable planning and booking of travel based on customer interests  Traditional package tours
Destination Theme

GeoPassage Business Challenge
y Measure the effectiveness of expensive search engine

submissions and web banner advertising y Increase return visits to site y Gain a better understanding of what it takes to get visitors to convert to customers y Increase newsletter recipient base

GeoPassage Solution
y Provide information to decision makers out of the

box y Intuitive and easy to use reports y Report on dynamically generated pages y Solution for small to mid sized business with a costeffective solution

GeoPassage Results ±
Measure effectiveness of on-line campaigns

y Determined which search engines resulted in the

most traffic y Measured specific words that generated the most visits 

Optimized keyword selection which provided the most visits

y Concentrate efforts where they have the most

influence y Now a strategic tool for the marketing department

GeoPassage Results ± Increase Return Visits to Site
y Used Top Destination Paths through Site and Top Exit Page  Track route of visitors through the site  Look for strengths to be exploited  Eliminate weaknesses of path navigation y Home page was top exit page  Experiment with layout and organization  Study Most Requested Pages and Top Destination Paths Ù Feature top destination countries on top navigation bar y Increased return visitors by 30 percent y Removed the home page as the top exit page

GeoPassage Results ±

Convert Visitors to Purchasing Customers
y Gain a better understanding of what needs to be

done to convert visitors to customers y Analyze New versus Returning Visitors to determine how many visits it takes for a visitor to book an online adventure y Typical sale is made only after the purchaser has made 4 of 5 visits to the site previously y Increase revenue by converting more visitors

GeoPassage Results ± Increase Newsletter Recipient Base
y Constant deliberation of what to feature y Examined traffic analysis reports  Most Requested pages would show what country or activity was creating the most interest y Featured most requested information in newsletter y 400 percent increase in traffic

Terms that are useful in Web Analytics
Visitors Sessions Pageviews Hits Session Summary Referrals in General Most Popular Search Engines y Search Terms by Engine y Keyword Searches y Internal Keyword Searches
y y y y y y y

‡Top Entrance Pages ‡Top Exit Pages ‡Bounce Rate ‡Length of Session ‡Depth of Session ‡Top Requested Pages ‡Top Downloads ‡Directory Drilldown ‡Browsers/Platforms ‡Geographical Locations

Commercial Tools used for Web Analytics
y ClickTracks y Coremetrics y Google (Google Analytics) y NedStat y Omniture (Sitecatalyst) y SAS (SAS Web Analytics) y Visual Sciences (Real Time Analysis

Platform) y WebTrends

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