Yesterday, investigators with our Special Victims Unit – Crimes Against Children Section laid additional
charges against one of our former members in relation to sexual offences against children. This
investigation began on November 3, 2015, when allegations of a recent sexual offence against a child
were brought to our attention. Immediate action was taken by our investigators and as a result Donald
Clark, 65, was arrested, charged and his employment as a retiree working in our fleet department was
immediately terminated.
I directed that the charges laid against Mr. Clark be publicized to ensure that there were no further
victims. Shortly after the case was publicized, additional victims came forward, prompting our Special
Victims Unit to launch a thorough investigation of Mr. Clark’s personal and employment history, which
spans nearly 40 years.
Yesterday, Mr. Clark was arrested once again and charged with further criminal offences in relation to
historical incidents of sexual assault involving children.
Let me be clear, York Regional Police will not tolerate any behaviour that victimizes the most vulnerable
members of our community, our children. Our ongoing investigation and charges clearly demonstrate that
there is no statute of limitations to sexual offences and that every person, regardless of their
employment, shall be held accountable for their actions.
We are extremely disappointed that someone who had taken an oath to protect our community is
charged with such serious criminal offences. Our members work tirelessly to serve and protect one of
Canada’s safest communities and anything that may erode the trust that we have built, no matter how
long ago, is not and will never be taken lightly. We take great pride in our sworn duty to serve and protect
all members in our community and as such I strongly encourage anyone that may have been victimized
by Mr. Clark to please come forward and report the incident to our investigators.

Chief Eric Jolliffe
February 3, 2016