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Mining Man media release

Mining Man media release

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Published by Michael Gorey
Perth girl Angela Nathan will launch the website MeetAMiningMan.com.au on May 30.
Perth girl Angela Nathan will launch the website MeetAMiningMan.com.au on May 30.

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Published by: Michael Gorey on May 15, 2008
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On 30 May 2008, Perth girl Angela Nathan will launch the innovative website MeetAMiningMan.com.

au The vision behind Meet a Mining Man is to increase the likelihood of successful, happy relationships in WA within the current resources boom. The aim of the website is to provide a link between single men working on a fly in, fly out (FIFO) roster and single local women who are aware and accepting of the FIFO lifestyle. Mining Men There are around 54,000 mining employees in Western Australia; many working on FIFO contracts and taxing work rosters. The mining industry encompasses a vast and varied range of job roles and is perceived as an attractive industry to prospective employees as it pays well. However, research shows that working conditions can affect the lifestyle of miners, as well as their personal relationships. According to research conducted by Nick Keown in 2005, many male mine workers surveyed were concerned by personal health issues including emotional changes, social isolation and relationship problems. Long hours and time away form home can impact negatively on relationships at home. For many men working on a FIFO roster, meeting a partner in their limited time at home can be a challenge. For the purpose of the website, “Mining Man” encompasses any single male working on a FIFO roster within WA in the mining or resources sectors. This includes mines, rigs, etcetera. Single Women Angela’s idea to link mining men with single Perth women comes from discussions with a range of local women who often feel ‘smothered’ in relationships and value their freedom and independence. A recent report by KPMG showed that, in every age group between 29 and 55, women now outnumber men. The hardest hit was the generation in their 30s, where there were 20,000 more women than men. With the changing demographics and the supposed ‘man drought’, KPMG found that a new single culture amongst Australian women has evolved. Women are becoming more independent, with increasing emphasis on their careers and personal consumer decisions, such as property purchases. MeetAMiningMan.Com.au Angela believes that online dating offers a great alternative to the pub/club scene and is a relatively quick and refined process for both men and women.

Through Meet a Mining Man, single men with limited time to invest in seeking relationships can find women who are understanding of their FIFO schedules. Similarly, women who want the security of a relationship without sacrificing their freedom can do a simple online search for suitable and available men. The Meet a Mining Man website will be launching on May 30. From May 19, Meet a Mining Man will invite males and females to register on a temporary ‘PreLaunch’ site to receive a One Month Free Trial.
For more information, please contact Angela Nathan on: Email: admin@meetaminingman.com.au Phone: 0406 122 431

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